DJI Phantom, Turbo Ace X830 Or Gaui 500 Quadrocopter Review

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DJI Phantom. Turbo Ace X830 or Gaui 500 quadrocopter review
DJI Phantom. Turbo Ace X830 or Gaui 500 quadrocopter review
Gaui 500X Quadcopter Review
Gaui 500X Quadcopter Review
Review: DJI Phantom 2 Vision what's new?  features and flight demo.
Review: DJI Phantom 2 Vision what's new? features and flight demo.
DJI Phantom Review
DJI Phantom Review

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Capt Eric Bergeron: Nice video mate, thumbs up. Cheers from the IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

arensel84: It's great to know what business is good and who's crooked through a simple Google search. We're not far away from a completely transparent market. To all the "business " (usually it's one guy or a few partners) working online, you better wise up or ONE savvy consumer will destroy your rep in a second!

WhoaNellyJake: Nice video. Thanks, it helped me better understand what I would like in my first copter.

Rick N: Well made video.
I had to turn the sound down, could not handle the repetitious background "music".

lexxi1200: Good

Randall Kelnhofer: outstanding

Luis Cañamar - MediaBros: can the x830 carry dslrs?

WichitaMule: This is a very well done video demonstration of two interesting Quad Copters. Thank you for this, and you've helped me make up my mind which one to purchase. I'm fairly certain it's going to be the Turbo Ace X-830

Bruce Wallin: Interesting perspective for comparison of the DJI Phantom & the X830.  The information you put out is defiantly slanted to the X-830. Example is the attempt to show the limits of the DJI Phantom for growth and no mention of the DJI Phantom 2 with the Zenmuse Customized H3-2D and H3-3D Gimbal Support. Next is the complete ignoring of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision with Camera remote-control by DJI VISION APP & the Range Extender increases Wi-Fi distance to 300m. Also the package includes a HD Video Recording (1080/p30 or 1080/60i) camera.  Then next model that you ignored is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. That is a closer and fairer comparison to the X-830 in that the Vision+ has a 3-axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal, max 700m Wi-Fi Connection and a 14 Megapixels/1080p camera. Both DJI Phantom 2 Vision have the capability to upgrade the gimbals and cameras. Needless to say not a fair comparison. Makes one question you skill set & honesty.   

John Clarke: Forget the Flags I Just think that for a comparison this was ONE BIG ADD
their was not One good point made about the Phantom and barley a word about the Gaui which was I believe the first Multirotor to hit the market and deserves respect for this point alone,and that Add sorry presentation also never brought up anything but opinions as far as I believe not one rational fact was brought to bare.
just a bit too amature for me to give you money!.HobbyKing is the Hobbiest your research and build....
Fly Safe Fly Hard FlyHeaps

Delbert williams: Hoi can I get those motors at and price Tony

keith8880: this might be a dumb question but i'll ask anyway, is there any way to get live video from these helicopters if they aren't already stream live?

Bond James Bond: The DJI Phantom isn't that good. In fact, a fews months ago, one landed in my backyard from who knows where. After that incident, I started to do some research and discovered that many people had found rogue DJI Phantoms which appeared to have failed return to home function. 

I would have been more than happy to return the DJI Phantom with GOPro Hero 3 to its rightful owner if I ever discovered who he or she is which is like finding a needle in a hay stack. 

David: You are just talking down on the phantom whitch means you don't like it...

Josef: So you are saying that the DJI cannot support a gimbal and that the propellers will fly off. That is amazing.

Why is it when you say a word that ends with th, you say F and when you say a word that begins with th, you say D?

Kevin Morrison: Was looking at some of your parts but not sure you are a company to deal with. I normally have to search hard to find the bad about a company but when all I do is type your name in Google and your site comes up first but you share a page with ALL the other links about a customer you screwed over. Thing is I checked a few of these and you obviously don't even care because not a one is posted to by you to do any damage control! RED FLAG!!! Gotta love the internet...;)

Young J. Choi: BTW, How do you rate about ARdrone? Thanks for the demos.

Christopher Hemmerling: You forgot to mention that the Phantom has self-locking nuts for it's blades. Though the X830 does have keyed motors, and one would think that is best, I'm sure there's a mod out there to fix that :-) They also have about the same wobble that you mentioned on the DJI copter. Just sayin.

Eric White: I'm looking for a quad that will give me a range of 1km to 2km, fpv, gps, camera mount/gimbal and at least 20 plus minutes of flight time any suggestions?

Richard's World Traveler: Can these carry a VHS camcorder? 
DJI Phantom, Turbo Ace X830 or Gaui 500 quadrocopter review 5 out of 5

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DJI Phantom, Turbo Ace X830 or Gaui 500 quadrocopter review