Pokemon: Dawn Of Darkness MMORPG PDoD

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Gaming with Charizard: how do you download pokemon dawn of darkness

TwIzTiD Marc: ahhh they need new videos this game is so sweet

sickbailey21: just google the name of this for the updated website guys, game's come a long way!

athul vincent: Cool

Grimseethe JRS: Can't really get into, its not good enough yet, has many, many flaws.
If they remove the lockout timer from gyms and take away Pokémon natures or gives us the option to change the nature of a Pokémon in game otherwise you raise Pokémon that are not powerful and are not good enough to compete against others.

Flamo353: I made my pokemon game in like an hour, I can put the game online whenever I want. This is really nothing special, if anything it's a perfect example of slow programming. I dont know if your uncle realizes that he can use programs designed to steal graphics from roms but if he doesn't, let him know so he can speed crap up.

Lucas daily: vao se foder

Lucas daily: freak you

Shyradder: for 1 spam and 2 maybe its because of roms

Magma: Seems legit. But my Norton says 'Setup.exe is not safe and has been removed'

Mimikyu: Did the site die? I want to download it but can't. :/

japonska2009: Is the main site down? getting service unavailable in 4 days now :/ i would like to donwload it >__<

Drawn Together Episodes: /watch?v=6hQGHT1j0Cs&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D6hQGHT1j0Cs

Recklessx69xTactics: is this game safe to download?

Kutlik: Really?

Rick Rodenbusch: Can i get an abra

Sakurai VA [German CreepyPasta|Fandubs]: heil lw mein freund :))

Sophie H.: *am rechten Ohr kratz*

Chris: LW APP ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

MCinferior: Lw app for the win . PuZzle , dieser Schlingel :'D
Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness MMORPG PDoD 5 out of 5

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Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness MMORPG PDoD