F150 Heater Core Part 1

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F150 Heater Core part 1
F150 Heater Core part 1
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1998 Ford F150 Heater Core And Evaporator Core Replacement - Additional Help And Information
1998 Ford F150 Heater Core And Evaporator Core Replacement - Additional Help And Information
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Jake Payne (The Heater Core Guy): Heers a 98 F150.. https://youtu.be/-VqTstROMhQ

Nastasha Webb: This was my first major mechanical job so I had no idea what I was doing but thanks to this video I was able to go threw it pretty easily and saved $900

Eduardo Delamora: I jst did mine :) 10hrs lol thank u

decm67: ive done many fords ,,,,expidetion,,f150 f250,,,navigator,,,,,,,,i remove colum ,,dash,,,etc,,,remove top cover of heater box,,,,,then cut h/c pipes with cable cutter or zizwheel hack saw etc,,,gives me room to remove hoses under hood and protect fittings so i can reinstall on h/c,,,if they dont brake apart,,,,also replace blend door with updated door,,,,i can do this complete 4hrs,,,,,,the f150  in about 3hr....

mattaniahs: i am having the hardest time pushing the hose back onto the new core pipes... what am i doing wrong?

Robert Parker: I had one in my old Mustang, it was so hard I connected the in and return hoses together and left it without heat! I just now remembered I sold it that way one summer and never even thought to mention it!! Oh well, that was 20+ years ago, I bet they figured it out by now though I feel a bit bad about it now. Honest oversight, sorry.

Santiago Razo: What's the name of the tool he used for the Quick connect ..?...

Salvatore Basile: thank u so much for the video.. I had this replaced by a mechanic 4 years ago. not to my surprise some bolts were missing.. but anyway..two years ago (my fault) I had a leak not from core but from motor and I left water in it not to leak everywhere.. well the winter came and I forgot and the whole system froze and cracked block.. I replaced motor and found heater core blew up..winter is here again and until I saw your video I did not want to do this 7 hour job...but  I have removed my core with no fuss or stress in less then an hour just to find my blend door was cracked.. heading to store and I should have it back together in less then 2 hours.. awesome video... ps I am by myself and I should have it all don't from start to finish in less then 3 hours total work and theres not that many screws and bolts maybe about 50 total....all easy to get to...thanks again.....

Shawn Simpson: I sure appreciate the time and trouble it took to make this video. Only 999 nuts bolts and screws to go. Wish me luck! :D

Angel Lopez: Very good and fast thank you.

466htrd: Cool videos (1, 2, and 3) for a pain in the ass job!  My luck, I would forget to put something back together and have to backtrack the procedure to find it.

Ricky Layhe: saved me a ton of time!!!! Great video

greg123ca: followed his instruction to the letter. worked like a charm. Thanks for the series.

Thunder Lightning: Is the 2002 / F150 4.6  heater core replacement the same as your videos 3 part series

beeper302: Perfect video, you saved me at least 800 if not more, Granted it took me 13 hours but I have never attempted to do this type of work on a vehicle. Thank You again for this,,,,,

witchdoc1: I just wanna thank you for posting this video...!!!  You are a "GREAT" teacher and I thank you..! I've saved myself lots of cash annd now have heat again..!

John Sevein: If you wait until you have the dash and the top of the heater box off you can take a cutting wheel and cut off the heater core tubes from the inside and not have to fight getting the "Quick Connects" loose.

Odet Smook: its ridiculous how you have to take off everything .

Mark A.: Do you have a video how to change out the heater core on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport? Are there any short cuts you can give me on this? I was told the whole dash has to come out.

Jason Larson: My Heater Core went out. Gotta love that "maple syrup" smell when it arrives. UGH! I have 314,000 miles on my 2000 F-150. The AC works fine. Is it a good idea to replace the evaporator core too? I will be doing the job myself.
F150 Heater Core part 1 5 out of 5

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F150 Heater Core part 1