F150 Heater Core Part 1

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Ohio's Last Rockstar: Just did this job.
My driverside dash was a little different. The unit that connects the lights was a little different. I had a hidden bolt that I couldnt get to. I had to cut out the plastic framing to get to the screw that held it in. Also this guy doesnt mention the sockets. Your main socket will be a 9/32. Youll also need a 10mm and 13mm. Other then that it wasnt too bad. I put it all back together and i have a dim area on my speedometer. So be careful when re attaching. Its November and now the wife and kids have heat. Thanks realfixesrealfast!

Sim Tech: This is the absolute WORST way to do this. This procedure is done merely to discourage you from doing this yourself. He probably remove at least 5p screws you would be an idiot to remove. And then he never shows how to remove the headlight switch (different n different models) and there is a screen on the far left that is impossible to remove using this procedure. If you can't remove this one screw then this entire procedure is impossible. You can pull the dash by removing just a few bolts and screws. This guy is clueless and could never make a living in a real shop.

thelaibon: Thanks for these videos. I changed my heater core by following this 3-part series. I am grateful! My only criticism, if any, was that you weren't as specific about taking the remainder of the dashboard out as you were in the rest of the videos. Even if you briefly showed or pointed out each screw, that extra 2-3 minutes would have helped. In any case, thank you!!!

Luke Grant: saw your quick fix on a ford Taurus. Thinking it will work for a 2002 Ranger also. Will it? Do you have an evaporator and heater core replacement video for a 2002 Ranger? Thanks

Mortimer Bigsby: wish I found these videos before I started doing the same thing on my 97 expedition. best videos for this process I've watched.

Christopher Ganster: I have same 98 f150 and heat stopped working. I am getting little heat even after flushing system and changing thermostat. Heater hoses are both hot and there is no leakage so I suspect the blend door. Great video, I appreciate it and will do this soon because WINTER IS COMING!

Imwatchingyounow: Easy disconnect of heater lines no tool required. Leave them for last. If you look at part 3 of this video you can see the heater core  in the box  is far enough in the box that you can see the metal feed  lines of the core. Just cut these  and  pull them through the firewall into the engine compartment. The disconnect is now real easy to undo. You also don't have to cut the foam to remove the core the cut lines slide right through it.  The new core will slide right through the core openings in the foam.   Wait till after you install the core to install the quick disconnect fittings, o-rings and spacers from the engine compartment side.

chrome180: Excellent video. Thank you for posting it, it was extremely helpful!

Jake Payne: You dont really take all those connectors aloose do ya?

Cody Harney: @realfixesrealfast I recently done this. and it seems like by me disconnecting the bulk head connecter it messed with like reseting the fuel something and my tranny doesn't shift right now. Any idea why? Never had a problem with my transmission before the fuel problem worked itself out.

hansejas000: When replacing the heater core, Is it necessary to remove the bulkhead connectors on a 2008 F-150?

Jake Payne: Heers a 98 F150.. https://youtu.be/-VqTstROMhQ

Nastasha Webb: This was my first major mechanical job so I had no idea what I was doing but thanks to this video I was able to go threw it pretty easily and saved $900

Eduardo Delamora: I jst did mine :) 10hrs lol thank u

decm67: ive done many fords ,,,,expidetion,,f150 f250,,,navigator,,,,,,,,i remove colum ,,dash,,,etc,,,remove top cover of heater box,,,,,then cut h/c pipes with cable cutter or zizwheel hack saw etc,,,gives me room to remove hoses under hood and protect fittings so i can reinstall on h/c,,,if they dont brake apart,,,,also replace blend door with updated door,,,,i can do this complete 4hrs,,,,,,the f150  in about 3hr....

mattaniah: i am having the hardest time pushing the hose back onto the new core pipes... what am i doing wrong?

Robert Parker: I had one in my old Mustang, it was so hard I connected the in and return hoses together and left it without heat! I just now remembered I sold it that way one summer and never even thought to mention it!! Oh well, that was 20+ years ago, I bet they figured it out by now though I feel a bit bad about it now. Honest oversight, sorry.

Santiago Razo: What's the name of the tool he used for the Quick connect ..?...

Salvatore Basile: thank u so much for the video.. I had this replaced by a mechanic 4 years ago. not to my surprise some bolts were missing.. but anyway..two years ago (my fault) I had a leak not from core but from motor and I left water in it not to leak everywhere.. well the winter came and I forgot and the whole system froze and cracked block.. I replaced motor and found heater core blew up..winter is here again and until I saw your video I did not want to do this 7 hour job...but  I have removed my core with no fuss or stress in less then an hour just to find my blend door was cracked.. heading to store and I should have it back together in less then 2 hours.. awesome video... ps I am by myself and I should have it all don't from start to finish in less then 3 hours total work and theres not that many screws and bolts maybe about 50 total....all easy to get to...thanks again.....

Shawn Simpson: I sure appreciate the time and trouble it took to make this video. Only 999 nuts bolts and screws to go. Wish me luck! :D
F150 Heater Core part 1 5 out of 5

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F150 Heater Core part 1