Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)

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Dir VZ: What in the freak did you just say?

Apollomasque: How exactly did you make the spoon. Did you just carve it out of wood with your dremel. Also, I'm not making a statement in my previous sentence. The question mark key on my keyboard is not working.

Mad Fish Jr: how about the british version.... you empty a coke can, fill it with vodka, put a rope in so its half in half out and close the lip so you light the rope and throw it :). its cheap and easy

Like a boss-be a boss: I do that with a smoke bomb outside

Aj_Austin99101#: make a mp40 or m3

TheGoodGuy3003: Nice!

schnouttz: go to an airport and plant it in someones luggage :D

Caruthers: you are one mean mother freaker :)

kasper pedersen: was the pineable grenade a danish thing ? somebody said it to me

Lordgodisgood7: Looks good can tell u put time in it

MegaVinylshaker: 1:13 AHHH WERE ALL FINISHED!!!! ...wait...

stutheafroman: looks real to me dude.

beeftech94: can you post some dimensions too in the description?

beeftech94: you should have made an instructable for this!

adamloveselement: Wow man you did an amazing job with it. It must've taken forever. Mad props for it dude.

NicR94: @mikemoakley420 i never made a how to video on an M1. but no im not giving away anything. all the guns i have that are a year old are broken and stripped apart for the metal parts to build new guns. i hope to build a few Garands to sell though

Mike Rockafella: i saw ur video on how to make the m1 thr wouldent be any way to mail it to me ......lmao but the gun is dooooppppeeeeee and u should def make another movie cuz thos r dope as hell. but u dont got any guns ur tryen ta give away cuz i wanna make a move word war 2 would have to be the best war and a ill movie

NicR94: @mikemoakley420 i will be making a BAR sometime this summer. because i have a excellent condition 1942 dated BAR belt that i bought off a friend i love that belt but it makes me look smaller than i already am when i where it. and i have no clue how to make a revolver lol

Mike Rockafella: yo u shood make a ww2 BAR or tipe 100 cuz iv watched all ur vids and thos r tha only 1ns u dnt got plus ur guns r dope nnd it would b tight im maken a 357 magnum out of 4ply if u can give me som ideas on how to make it look as dope as ur guns hit me up

NicR94: @bikinglobster97 i beleive i do sometimes. by the end i get over excited and tend to rush things. but over the summer ill have all the time i need. no parents bothering me while im out in the garage. ill get up at 6:30 and work til 10 at night on guns. but the ones i make durring the school year come out a little odd or ugly. but im glad you like my stuff! my plans are finish my springfield, make a M1919 30 cal. and a M1 Carbine
Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade) 5 out of 5

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Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)