Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)

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Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)
Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)
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connor rukas: U should make a claymore

Matt Stone: A cop see's that without the Blue strip painted on it, your in deep crap.... It's happened to me...

NicR94: yeah thats true. this actualy hasnt ever been off my property :P

Apollomasque: How exactly did you make the spoon. Did you just carve it out of wood with your dremel. Also, I'm not making a statement in my previous sentence. The question mark key on my keyboard is not working.

jestertheork: i like it

bigredonedday: cool i like it whre can i get toggle switchy thingys

NicR94: yeah ive seen those at like army surplus stores but i wanted one that didnt have a hole in the bottom. becauase the real one s have holes and if you cover those holes it is a BIG FELONY! so i just made one

T3CHB3N: You should try some more modern guns because you've obviously mastered the world war 2 era of weaponry. Love your vids you've really inspired me and i think you've probably inspired others to.

NicR94: yeah i get pretty pissed off. i punched a wooden fence with screws in it and i messed up my knuckles. it was 2 months ago and its still scarred and pink. blood was gushing man it hurt after my adrenaline went down

Mad Fish Jr: how about the british version.... you empty a coke can, fill it with vodka, put a rope in so its half in half out and close the lip so you light the rope and throw it :). its cheap and easy

Aj_Austin99101#: make a mp40 or m3

EggsBenedictBob: hey awsome vids dude, i love builden differant things. i used to b into the bows and other wepons and stuff too, but now im getting into like furniture (boring?lol) but i still make weps every once and a while. anyway, maybe u could check out my vids? there not wepons or anything, but watev. -Dan

NicR94: well it wasnt easy. and you need some good quality tools, plus it takes such a long time. idk about tutorial. sorry but im posting a tutorial on how to make my new version of a pen airsoft gun soon. either today or tomarrow

stutheafroman: looks real to me dude.

adamloveselement: Wow man you did an amazing job with it. It must've taken forever. Mad props for it dude.

HuskyAleks: woah looks real good job man =) oh btw make an energy sword >=D lololol jk i love your vids keep em comin ^^

Toxic Rage: no mine come's off

NicR94: there is a timed fuse inside that ignites when the spoon leave the grenade

xXMOTOXPYROXx: can u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (lol) make a vid on how to make this!?!?!?! i rated 5 stars and subscribed. ive been trying to make a working smokebomb version of one of these forever!!!!! (: oh and..... PLEASE!? (:

Cian Ocarroll: the suff you make and the devostion to your stuff is amizing and it realy pays off

demonx242: i will send you a vid when it is finished im planning for it to be the wire stock version with a removable clip and sliding bolt.

dragonboy424: once agian great job dude! big fan of ur work!

NicR94: cause that will be smart?

demonx242: i love ur creations in actually trying to make an m1 arbine........i used to build with cardboard but you inspired me to use wood.

TheGoodGuy3003: Nice!

NicR94: yeah it does. ive redone some of my old stuff and it looks 5 times better than it was

NicR94: yeah but this way was cheaper. and those surplus grenade spoons are welded on i beleive

papergman34: dude you make your weapons sooo realistic. im just wondering but whats your next creation gonna be?

Mike Rockafella: yo u shood make a ww2 BAR or tipe 100 cuz iv watched all ur vids and thos r tha only 1ns u dnt got plus ur guns r dope nnd it would b tight im maken a 357 magnum out of 4ply if u can give me som ideas on how to make it look as dope as ur guns hit me up

kasper pedersen: was the pineable grenade a danish thing ? somebody said it to me

Paul Krzysz: how would he do it? tennis ball painted blue with some orange paint?

NicR94: umn.. well i want to make a springfield M1903. but right now im grounded from the garage tools. so i really cant make a whole lot. but i have time to make videos. ill make like 3 videos soon

NicR94: @mikemoakley420 i never made a how to video on an M1. but no im not giving away anything. all the guns i have that are a year old are broken and stripped apart for the metal parts to build new guns. i hope to build a few Garands to sell though

frogjezz: @mikemoakley420 "the only ones he doesn't have" Are you freaking serious? There's thousands of guns he hasn't got/made.

NicR94: sweet! yeah cardboard is very useful and easy but using wood is a real challenge! good luck

Lordgodisgood7: Looks good can tell u put time in it

videofreakmanic123: you are one mean mother freaker :)

RedLakeNation2009: dude that so freakin tight u should make a vid on how to make it....

thatgamerdude616: cool

beeftech94: can you post some dimensions too in the description?

Ironwoodownr: cool i have a real pineapple grenade but theres no powder in it

alle1ausser1dir: Whats with your left hand??? You had a fight?? Haha good vid looks nice

NicR94: yeah if you skip 3 videos starting from the beginning my voice changes. i think its funny! thanks for watching my videos you should subscribe im planning on starting another M1 Garand soon. it will look like my M14 but better functions

luger188: nice very nice well done

NicR94: yeah i could trick em unless they get a good glance at it. then ill be on the floor with a bullet rattling around in my head

xJarlanx: Make a Kar98k!

Like a boss-be a boss: I do that with a smoke bomb outside

NicR94: they should have it at a hardware store.. its called a dry wall toggle or sumthing like that.

ShadowElement101095: It looks just like the real thing! You always make awsome stuff. I'm glad I subscribed to you!

NicR94: umn? idk if you call 1911 grips a creation. well right now im trying to make a easier version of the pen gun
Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade) 4.4 out of 5

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Homemade MKII Frag Grenade (Pineapple Grenade)