How To Link An Xbox 360 Or A Ps3 To An LCD Monitor

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How To Link An Xbox 360 or a Ps3 To an LCD Monitor
How To Link An Xbox 360 or a Ps3 To an LCD Monitor
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How To: Setup your ps3 or xbox to a monitor with sound
How To: Setup your ps3 or xbox to a monitor with sound

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Christian Delossantos: i did this with my ps3 and my monitor is a hpx20led and i did resset it and all but it wont open it just turns black pls help me pls pls!

Saul Hardie: I did this setup on my Xbox 360 and it worked fine, but I did it on my ps3 and my monitor just said "out of range"! HELP PLEASE!!

fakechineasephones: can this be done with a vga monitor

TopTubeE: Xbox sucks!

Severi Pääkkönen: will this work on older xbox with no hdmi ? ?

Karim Daoud: How to tell if my monitor is HDCP enabled here's my monitor model # Acer AL1917W please help

TWCHEX: For just video because i have astros can i buy a VGA to hdmi adapter thing thing the dvi

The2dudesandacamera: @aidenwhite2008 you can but you don't get a good quallity like i think 480 output but dvi should give better

KILLERGUN2711000: hey i got one question could i go to the internet while doing this. i did this earlier but kinda different connection my box from my computer to my lcd tv it worked i could go to the internet but i couldnt record me playing 360 from the computer could i reocrd my self playing black ops from a recording system like snagit or any other

Ulysses Ochoa: where did you get this peace at 0:23

hotfrecklykid: i used this a xbox 360 to vga converter to plug my xbox360 to my HP x20LED monitor but the display i get has these small little gray lines running thru it although its barely noticeable i want to knw if it can be avoided using this method?

Graham Rodig: @AdzProductions so would i have to get a seperate chord for sound?

JDAVIDLITTLE: i hooked up hdmi cable and sound isn't working... what do?

AdzProductions: @smokeman213 I do not think so as VGA only carries only video!

Graham Rodig: hey i got a headset for my computer. could i just hook up the VGA chord and get sound through my headset?

ardew0999: maybe if i buy lcd monitor and the other stuff and then sundenly its not working What should i buy plss reply

Sl1ce23: How do I switch display modes on my monitor?

Jo Ho: @mebich1 thank you so much dude i''ve been pondering this for a while and i haven't tried it yet thanks so much

Firebolt: @mebich1 the monitor is just the display , it's almost the same as a Tv. As long as you're able to connect the HDMI , ... cable in the monitor , you don't need a computer. You can also do this with a laptop ( wich has HDMI input )

Firebolt: so if you already got an hdmi input in your pc , are you then able to just connect it directly into your xbox... or do you really need the DVI to HDMI adapter ??
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How To Link An Xbox 360 or a Ps3 To an LCD Monitor