Kimber Solo Carry

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Kimber Solo Carry
Kimber Solo Carry
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John Crowder: A good friend bought one of these a year or so ago and it is a true POS. It has already been back to Kimber once and still will not run a full mag of premium 147 Gr. ammo without jamming. Crap gun for gold price. Hard to get hundreds of "break-in" rounds through it when it won't shoot the first mag you put in it. He will ship it back again and has bought a Springfield XD Defender as a RELIABLE carry gun.

Paul Simmons: Kimber recommended heavier, premium ammo for this model but being that I like to see how my guns work, or possibly don't work, I bought some 115g econo Wally-World, the cheapest 9mm that Federal was packaging for plinking. I put 4 boxes through my Solo without any problems or hiccups.
Maybe I got the one Solo that works correctly but I also see videos of wives, girlfriends, and sisters shooting these and, invariably, they're mostly limp-wristing the guns. It comes down to grip technique, period!
I've kept the Solo loaded with some of the Golden Sabers and have never thought twice about the reliability factor. They're good guns, but not for the novice who's going to put half a box through it and then toss it in the glove box of the car, right next to the air gauge and AAA card.

D Black: Would Sig 200 gr be too much, not safe for a .45?

robalan57: There are a lot of used ones for sale.

silenceisconsent: Sorry I won't buy Kimber...they are made i NY state where they violate your 2nd amendment rights...check out "safe act" in New York

Gustav Fraser: How can a extensive brand not be able to take 115 grain it sounds like a snobbish pees of crap must think consumer's are real dumb rather get a cz,vz,50 cal,, even fits huge hands

Nicholas Roy: There’s a lot of commotion about breaking in a Kimber and why this is the case, etc. the Kimber has tighter tolerances. These tighter tolerances lead to a longer life for the pistol. And, improved aim. So, you pay a little on the front end for an improvement in quality and longevity over the life of the gun. To be clear, my .380 micro needed like 75 rounds and after that, it was smooth. My custom II never had an issue out of the box.

But it comes down to the machining tolerances. If you can’t sacrifice 50 rounds, or 1/2 a trip to the range for a break in, then don’t buy the gun. But, to talk about that facet as “unreliable” or an “unnecessary” cost is ridiculous. I know plenty of people who buy a new gun and blow 100 rounds on just getting acclimated, familiar with aiming, holster draw, and recoil. It’s just like buying a new car. You familiarize yourself with your purchase before running high performance. New shoes, curing a cast iron skillet, threading a new rod and reel... why is a pistol any different? Seriously.

Sorry, rant over

Steve Cunningham: I was at an all day tactical training class with 22 people and 2 people had Kimbers. Both Kimbers failed to the point that the shooters couldn't finish the class. No other guns failed. What else do you need to know...

amircle205: Do a kimber super carry custom 45acp

Donn Greenwald: I've had three Kimbers,that were PRETTY guns,but,every one was a jamomatic!I've had one Colt officer model that was also not reliable.My Wilson Combat Light Wieght Commander has been flawless!,eats anything,no malfunctions.These were all in .45 not 9mm
It seems when you get into a sub 4" 1911,especially in. 45,you run into reliability issues.I like the smallest and lightest in .45,and the only RELIABLE possiblility in a 1911,seems to be a Nighthawk,which you can get in a lightwieght with a 3.8" barrell,but then I'm in in the 3-4 thousand dollar guns again? I'm thinking of a Glock 30s,small ,light,and in .45,and I assume reliable? What do you think,does anyone make a 3.5" ,light wieght 1911,in .45,that you would trust your life with?I would get another Kimber,they fit the bill,but if it didnt function,again,I'd feel stupid, again? Love you channel,thanks.

lars kuno Andersen: many guns actually want hotter ammo. a good example is the hi-point. it is my observation

Trevor Larson: Cz P-01 never worry again.

Randall Fisher: When I see your generic S&W I say aww thats nice,looks like every other gun.When I see a Kimber,I say wow thas a pretty gun.

deweigle: This gun is a beast to shoot. I am a seasoned shooter and had two friends of mine shoot the Solo and it FTE constantly. I was determined it was the gun. The gunsmith fired it flawlessly and all three of us were limp wristing and we never limp wristed any other guns. This gun takes a firm hand. Since I have made adjustments to my grip, no problems. Great gun to shoot and very good EDC weapon.

Oe Downing: Good job..

Land sales: Had for two years now, only issue was a one bad mag. replaced and all works fine.

Roy Young: Would you buy one

Brad Wray: I have the PM9 and a friend has the Solo and very little difference, but I think personally the Kahr has not quite as sharp recoil. Love them both. The Kahr CW .45 is a very nice carry .45 as well.

Kim Davis: I'm glad he mentioned about the finger pain. My P238 Sig causes me finger pain after only a few magazines. I learned less finger on the trigger or 1st pad was a must too, this may ring true for the M4 or M16's (never had a problem while in military) but for pistols I'm not sure anymore. I'm gonna start trying with more of my finger through the guard and see if it makes a difference, I think it'll make a positive difference.

scott smith: What's the best 1911 sub compact 45
Kimber Solo Carry 5 out of 5

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Kimber Solo Carry