Late 1950's Magnavox Console Tube Type Record Player

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Late `50s MCM Magnavox FM 16.1 AM-FM Tube Table Top Radio
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1960's Magnavox Console Radio/Phono
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1954 Magnavox plays some oldies

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tough213: Hello Retrochad I was wondering how much power a tube amp can handle a t full volue before it becomes distorted .I want to purchase a fixer amp with tubes but want to get some ideas what I need to look for in the way of quality .I have a solid state amp but I really enjoy the tube sound better thank you for your time and all the best keep up the great work

retrochad: @craig1974 You are is not original. The switch broke on the original changer and SouthJK substituted in a later model changer.

craig1974: That changer does not look to be the original, and looks like its from the solid state era.

Patrick Saxon: Magnavox also made electronic organs too! I would fear of any electronic instrument in a barn as small animals could get inside and damage the circuits inside. I bought a late model Wurlitzter Total Tone deluxe spinet and a small animal urinated on the circuit boards, corroding it as the organ must had been in a barn.

moscowandy: I wonder what was that song name playing? )) nice record player !

retrochad: This Magnavox was one a friend and I were working on and he let me have it.

puupydoger: Hi Retrochad I like some of your organ like keyboards and I have seen other people on youtube have this same Magnavox record player. I'd like to know where you got this record player thank you!

retrochad: I would probably not connect the negative leads to the can of the old cap but make those connections on a terminal strip along with the wiring which connected to the old can (do not connect these terminals to the chassis ground) That way the old filter cap can will not remain "hot" with a direct power line connection.

retrochad: Yes they are...7025 is a low-noise version of the 12AX7 but they are otherwise the same. Best of luck on the repairs!

retrochad: When I did this, I actually re-used an old electrolytic can cap which was still working and insulated it with electrical tape (I think the can is "hot")....however this was a long time ago and I would really recommend using all new capacitors...sometimes you can spread the locations of the caps out around the chassis to save room. Also the new ones are pretty small...just dont allow the can to contact the chassis as the "hot" common neutral from the power supply is isolated from the chassis.

kyletae: This is the best. I have a mangavox phonograph that is from the 1960's I believe. I'm having troubles keeping it in actual motion. It keeps dying on me and slowly spinning to a stop. Any suggestions?

retrochad: This actually had a transformerless power supply originally but I got a transformer from a Heathkit power supply and was able to re-wire it as a 120 volt isolation transformer.

Maxxarcade: That looks like the same Magnavox that is pictured on the album cover of REO Speedwagon "High Infidelity". Cool. Looks like the original power transformer burned up at some point and was replaced with a universal type.

Jason: OH ok. I can hear Jim Ed Brown in there now. Thanks!

CassetteMaster: That one is working! The sound is very good and full.

Jason: Yeah. That's a late 60s changer with EV cartridge. What's the song playing? "Mariah... Mariah..."? Sounds awesome.
Late 1950's Magnavox console tube type record player 5 out of 5

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Late 1950's Magnavox console tube type record player