Gravity Free Energy Generator

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Free Energy Gravity motor ( better than solar energy. radiant energy. wind energy or solar panels )
Free Energy Gravity motor ( better than solar energy. radiant energy. wind energy or solar panels )
🌌 Quantum Gravity Generator free Energy REAL
🌌 Quantum Gravity Generator free Energy REAL
Flywheel Free Energy Generator
Flywheel Free Energy Generator
Electromagnetic generator 10 kW Free energy device
Electromagnetic generator 10 kW Free energy device
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Zero Point Energy Generator Demo

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AVM3798: Friction will make it stop

Cafe Lopez: I saw it. It is a fake

A. B.: Nice video edit at 36 seconds in fake ass video!

Asd .sy: انا بشك بهالحكي

IroneGuy: the amount of people that completely ignore the explanation of the contraption, and jump to the conclusion that it is fake is freaking ridiculous

Zenek Blues: czy żaden pedał nie rozumie znaczenia słowa FREE ?????????????????????????????

jhanthony2: I can't believe you still have this video on YouTube. Have you no shame at all? This looks like something dreamed up by an eighth-grader.

Domenic Datti: Spin a large heavy flywheel with a high mass object that pulls a chain and you've got something. You essentially transfer the force of gravity into the flywheel the same way the motor is cranking it. Kinda just like a grandfather clock... watch Mr Teslonian if you want to see what I mean.

valveman12: There is no gain here. There is only loss. Hook that up to a generator and you will get less power than it took to run the airplane. Much Less.

Aut0exec_bat: Study Leonardo DaVinci's machines. Then study Nicola Tesla's machines. Now put the 2 together. We are stuck in the stone age it seems with people reinventing the wheel. Let's get serious!

ScorpioX`: OK let me say the rest before I complete watching the video.... "This little input energy" is taken from the machine itself + outer source, so this machine is only wasting energy.

philippe herman: weeral 93 kakkers die denken dat ze de slimsten van de hoop zijn

Carmel Pule': Well, come on, the real energy source is a battery at the centre, or else an invisible wind which treats all that as a turbine, or else an invisible man, to add to the mystique!

Martins Ebike: smells like bs

Andree Vanguilder: do it yourself , go to inplix page and learn how .

kiith10: Another quack, unfortunately he's got more likes than dislikes, so... kind of sad. BTW, i tried to modify HIS ratio to something more golden but I only have one vote.

Alex Manzanero: terrible and what does this have to do with the golden ratio or means yes absolutely nothing pure jibberish

Alex Manzanero: You got that right, small changes in the center will not provide the volts nor the amps required for that high torque model airplane engine youhave got a definite fail and also you are trying to fool a lot of people


Del Styen: Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator
Most of them failed as they didn't have good plans
The Only one I saw to make it work-
An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago
To see the design on his blog - Search Google for: "Top Magnetic Generator"
Gravity Free Energy Generator 5 out of 5

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Gravity Free Energy Generator