Gravity Free Energy Generator

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Solar Fluxman: I guess you need the money from YouTube, so it's hard to blame you. But really, can't people come up with stuff that is uplifting for us all, and not just adding to the scientific ignorance in our nation? Every commenter seems to know that this is fake and bad editing. You can easily see that every time it slows down, an edit is made or the scene cuts to a new scene. I'll bet that if you think about it, you could show us something in your life that is real, and would be of interest.

Mountkosiosko: Ther

Esoteric Audiophile: Can you drop the "ON" duty cycle on the small electric motor, say to 25%? Powers itself on, only on the lift for example? Then stores energy with a voltage multiplier to super CAPS. Also, add at least tripple the COILS by making the center core larger!

But you would have to work on the overall mechanical spin efficiency as well... I can see potential in this... Great concept! Congrats! It's 2017, new technologies can now aid this design to harvest true energy! MY OPINION...

Hot Japan Rock Bands Yes: Lmao.

Stefan Bahanov: Why this fake device i so freakin noisy? :)

AVM3798: Friction will make it stop

Cafe Lopez: I saw it. It is a fake

A. B.: Nice video edit at 36 seconds in fake ass video!

Asd .sy: انا بشك بهالحكي

IroneGuy: the amount of people that completely ignore the explanation of the contraption, and jump to the conclusion that it is fake is freaking ridiculous

Zenek Blues: czy żaden pedał nie rozumie znaczenia słowa FREE ?????????????????????????????

jhanthony2: I can't believe you still have this video on YouTube. Have you no shame at all? This looks like something dreamed up by an eighth-grader.

Domenic Datti: Spin a large heavy flywheel with a high mass object that pulls a chain and you've got something. You essentially transfer the force of gravity into the flywheel the same way the motor is cranking it. Kinda just like a grandfather clock... watch Mr Teslonian if you want to see what I mean.

valveman12: There is no gain here. There is only loss. Hook that up to a generator and you will get less power than it took to run the airplane. Much Less.

Aut0exec_bat: Study Leonardo DaVinci's machines. Then study Nicola Tesla's machines. Now put the 2 together. We are stuck in the stone age it seems with people reinventing the wheel. Let's get serious!

ScorpioX`: OK let me say the rest before I complete watching the video.... "This little input energy" is taken from the machine itself + outer source, so this machine is only wasting energy.

philippe herman: weeral 93 kakkers die denken dat ze de slimsten van de hoop zijn

Carmel Pule': Well, come on, the real energy source is a battery at the centre, or else an invisible wind which treats all that as a turbine, or else an invisible man, to add to the mystique!

Martins Ebike: smells like bs

Andree Vanguilder: do it yourself , go to inplix page and learn how .
Gravity Free Energy Generator 5 out of 5

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Gravity Free Energy Generator