Gravity Free Energy Generator

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Gravity Free Energy Generator
Gravity Free Energy Generator
Free Energy Gravity Generator-Motor-Besplatna Energija(Perpetuum Mobile)
Free Energy Gravity Generator-Motor-Besplatna Energija(Perpetuum Mobile)
solid state free energy generator schematics diagram
solid state free energy generator schematics diagram

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MrFreddiew1: If there is no external power and only the power generated from the spindle, then this is quite a nifty device..and a good idea.


Vern Oldham: I like the part at 0:36 where the trees jump in the background due to an edit. There is no perpetual motion and never will be.

vin mar: How long before it stops if it stopped? can u share with me the specs please?

Jessi Ryder: Many people try to build the Free energy Generator Most of them failed as they didn't have good plans The Only one I saw to make it work- An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago To see the design on his blog - Search Google for: *Top Magnetic Generator*

Patrick Hansen: You loose energy to friction and drag. You loose efficiency by having a propeller drag the arm around instead of mounting a motor directly on the center shaft. A toy dc motor is hardly what i would call energy efficient, loss of energy there. This is a hoax, nothing more. Even if you lost zero energy to drag, had zero friction and a 100% efficient electric motor, with a propeller so efficient that it would equal a mechanical connection, then whatever energy you gain by having gravity pull the heavier end, you loose by having to lift it up again. It did however sound like both ends had equal mass, in which case gravity won't do any work, since it's pulling down on one end just as hard as the force required to push the other end up, generating no extra energy.

Yon Kromis: Can you contact me on Facebook

Jack Thompson: I can produce 10 watts when i put in 50!! Yay me!!

laserdice: Gravity will pull on both the arms causing them to stop. The only thing powering your rotating contraption are the batteries you put in those toy airplanes. This has to be the silliest "free energy generator" I've ever seen.

Niall Wildwoode: Oh, good grief...another BS idea. Is there any honesty anywhere in Youtube?

PixelSmith: To be able to 'generate' energy, you will have to be able to create energy, not just maintain it. So if your device was to be able generate energy, I should keep on accelerating. so yeah.

rbtmdl: It runs down after awhile, doesn't it. You don't have a load on it, either, right?

goku21youtub: ohh i see the troll parade is already here , you guys get payed for this ? 

libra8a: There is an edit every time it is about to stop.

datastorm: Spell correction: Atheism

purelyprimitives: Cool idea! Why not add an additional prop at the other end?

lordexio: Hi Towtops, What is the power output of this device?

ElGatoLoco698: Hmm, I don't buy it.

Mitchell Gibson: Have you checked it with a scope for a back emf spike? If there is maybe you could use is it to charge a capacitor or a bank of them?

SAsgarters: It's not an opinion, it's a fact. And you know what they say about facts: You're not entitled to your own.

towtops: You speak in vague generalities. You can not give me any specific reasons my device will not work.

PJ: Ever heard the expression "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? There's no such thing as gravitational energy. However, lift a ball off the ground, that ball now posess an amount of potential gravitational energy because it wants to return to the ground. If you drop the ball and harvest 100% of the energy from it's movement, that energy is exactly proportional to the energy needed to lift it in the first place. It's a zero sum game. Claims in the video are nonsense, no energy is produced

dude123456789100LN: Pretty smart, brah! I like it.

PJ: Actually no, it's not a false dilemma. It's either or. We know allready that the claims made in the video are erroneous, yet the person behind them still insists on them being correct. This leaves two possibilities; he's either misinformed or a fradulent sharlatan. If you tock the time to read the comments you'd notice there are several viewers pointing out the discrepancies in the video, it appears to be spliced in an attempt to deceive the viewer. So it leans towards him being a sharlatan.

SAsgarters: Tapped? Is that supposed to be a metaphor for something?

Joseph Malovich: Your energy could have been spent towards something that works, like a wind turbine. You sir are a moron.

PJ: Excellent! You agree with the fact that newtons laws and the laws of thermodynamics apply to the contraption in the video. The idiot who made it claims his spinning piece of wood violates those very laws. Remind us, what's your problem again? Logically you don't seem to have one. Could it be that you wait for others to neglect to mention obvious things like newtons laws not applying to objects at relativistic speed and then see your chance to nit pick at that comment. Pathetic.

EGGINFOOLS: Why do you think the video creators never post responses on their own vids?

Mitchell Gibson: Also, what is your coil configuration? Have you wound bifilar coils to try and pick up secondary induction?

Crazy!: keyword "conversion", i'm not arguing the point that gravity is a zero sum game but this device isn't proportional, its slowing each cycle.

SAsgarters: But.. you can't.

realisoph: Where is the generator in this? How is it supposed to be based on gravity? This makes no sense whatsoever.

PJ: You have broken the first commandment of argumentation again. This time it's the ad Hominem fallacy. Relying on logical fallacies renders your comment void and null. You're obviously questioning our understanding of the laws of thermodynamics and that's excellent. However, if you claim they are wrong you must also accept the responsibility of supplying evidence in support of your own claims, otherwise all you have is mindless babble.

PJ: Wrong. I don't rely on logical fallacies. I oppose any argument based on them. Meanwhile you're prattling on about semantics. Seeing as you don't have anything worthwhile to say regarding the meaningless drivel in the video I wish you the best of luck with your fantasies.

WilbyInebriated: furthermore, your "argument" is a logical fallacy known as a strawman... as i never claimed newton's "laws" didn't apply. you should know better seeing as how you have been lecturing others about what logical fallacies are... or maybe it's just that in addition to being pretentious, you are a hypocrite. *rolls eyes*

PJ: This video is a perfect example of why it's so important to teach basic physics in school. Anyone with atleast a rudimentary understanding of newtons laws and the first three laws of thermodynamics know why the claims in this video is complete and utter nonsense. No free energy is generated by this device. It actually consumes more energy than it puts out. The guy behind the video is either a misinformed fool or a charlatan looking to deceive people.

PJ: It isn't. The guy is a fradulent sharlatan and a fool. He's heard the term 'golden ratio' and probably thought it sounded cool. The video is a fake, it's edited to give the illusion of the contraption spinning on it's own for an extended period of time. However, this does not stop bubblebrained bambies to believe in the nonsensical drivel in the video. Just read some of the comments below, they're filled with "liberal" interpretations of physical reality.

Jesus Guerra: Did you have to compensate for the weight of the plane at one tip? Try putting a cluster of LED lights at other end so power generation can be put to work. Or something along those lines.

Hulla Dek: Come on just think a bit. The weight needs the same energy to go up as it wins going down. Then u have air resistance,bearing friction. It will stop. It might be it will go a long time but it will stop. And u never get energy out of this, if u do it will stop fast.

WilbyInebriated: regarding your "creator"... do you have a single shred of extant material evidence and/or a logical proof to present for its existence? and since you do not (hint: that is why it is called 'faith'...) why is it that you think your asinine claims hold anymore gravitas or authority than a 3 year old assuring us his imaginary friend is real and is gonna 'get us' if we don't have blind faith in it as well?

SOPM2007: It is clear to see that the device slows down quickly and then, suddenly, has its original speed again. The video is cut, look at the palm tree at 0:36 in the background!

DoctorFastest: I don't say you claim it or infer it (you don't), I said one of your statements *implies* it (it does - the statement that entropy can never increase; you might have backed off this claim now). Sunlight is an energy source. If it does not also count as a 'harnessing mechanism', whatever that means, then photovoltaic cells are a counterexample to your claim that you need a harnessing mechanism. Because they increase entropy, and all they need is the sun.

EvenStar303: You are what is called a left brain prisoner. You are incapable of understanding higher logic that comes from utilizing both hemispheres in harmonized manner. I don't waste my time with people like you. You're hopeless. No need to reply!

WilbyInebriated: but gravitational potential ENERGY is... which is what he is attempting to exploit.

WilbyInebriated: yes you have. youtube artifacts are not "clear signs". have you seen this device in person? that's a rhetorical question... i know you have not. you are the one arguing semantics in a lame attempt to not admit to your own logical fallacies. furthermore, i never claimed semantics would violate the second law of thermodynamics... nice attempt at another strawman though. *rolls eyes again* epic fail again my pretentious young grasshopper.

PJ: Aww, again with the semantics. As if semantics could win a discussion about physical reality, how do you think that's going to turn out? Lets say he's just misinformed. It has been made abundantly clear to him where he is misinformed. on several occason by multiple people. Yet he clings to his fantasy and erroneous claims. This makes him a fool. However, the video is DELIBERATLY edited to give the illusion of something that isn't actually happening. This makes him a sharlatan.

xrayrep: Why do you call this device "free energy" when you need batteries to power the airplane propeller? The arm looks to be slowing down, and you stop the video before the arm stops rotating, and I'm sure that you don't want viewers to see your device stopping! Just like the thousands of other "free energy" ideas on YouTube, this one is just as BOGUS. It CANNOT work without an external power source. Gravity is NOT a power source.

EvenStar303: You're flaming idiot!!!

DoctorFastest: You haven't said why life couldn't have a harnessing mechanism, so you haven't posed much of a problem for life. For example, I was pointing out that you must agree that photovoltaics have a harnessing mechanism (else, you're saying they're impossible). Another example is glow-in-the-dark materials. These also locally decrease in entropy, so must have a 'harnessing mechanism'. "Entropy can't increase without an energy source and harnessing mechanism" - yeah, sure. But not a problem! :)

SAsgarters: What's with the vagueness?
Gravity Free Energy Generator 4.2 out of 5

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Gravity Free Energy Generator