Gravity Free Energy Generator

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Gravity Free Energy Generator
Gravity Free Energy Generator
Free energy. gravity. generator 6 .Viostefanesti1
Free energy. gravity. generator 6 .Viostefanesti1
Evolution of Perpetual Motion. WORKING Free Energy Generator
Evolution of Perpetual Motion. WORKING Free Energy Generator
Quantum Gravity Generator free Energy REAL
Quantum Gravity Generator free Energy REAL
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Free Energy Thrust Kinetic Generator Small Power Plant

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valveman12: There is no gain here. There is only loss. Hook that up to a generator and you will get less power than it took to run the airplane. Much Less.

mwm2929: Study Leonardo DaVinci's machines. Then study Nicola Tesla's machines. Now put the 2 together. We are stuck in the stone age it seems with people reinventing the wheel. Let's get serious!

ScorpioX: OK let me say the rest before I complete watching the video.... "This little input energy" is taken from the machine itself + outer source, so this machine is only wasting energy.

philippe herman (fipili): weeral 93 kakkers die denken dat ze de slimsten van de hoop zijn

Carmel Pule': Well, come on, the real energy source is a battery at the centre, or else an invisible wind which treats all that as a turbine, or else an invisible man, to add to the mystique!

Martins Arkadijs: smells like bs

Andree Vanguilder: do it yourself , go to inplix page and learn how .

kiith10: Another quack, unfortunately he's got more likes than dislikes, so... kind of sad. BTW, i tried to modify HIS ratio to something more golden but I only have one vote.

Alex Manzanero: terrible and what does this have to do with the golden ratio or means yes absolutely nothing pure jibberish

Alex Manzanero: You got that right, small changes in the center will not provide the volts nor the amps required for that high torque model airplane engine youhave got a definite fail and also you are trying to fool a lot of people


Del Styen: Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator
Most of them failed as they didn't have good plans
The Only one I saw to make it work-
An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago
To see the design on his blog - Search Google for: "Top Magnetic Generator"

Ede Márton: It was looped...

Raul youtube: Eres un genio, acabas de dar el primer paso a la energía casi gratis para una casa.
conectas un mini generador solar en el centro y la energía viaja a la hélice, lo que hace girar el molino.. solo con la energía del sol puedes mantener una pequeña granja... Muchas gracias genio. you are the best

eXtremeDR: I've seen a working gravity based device without any kind of impetus - one push and it keeps accelerating. As long as you use a static axis there is not way to make a working gravity device because the forces will always equal and cancel each other out.

Sean Dali: How is it possible to be this stupid?

Gregory Duvall: HAHA! AlainHubert is right, watch the trees in the backround. they jump on each film edit.

Casey Kittel: it's weird how many videos like this exist.
question #1:
how long does it operate for? - you can watch the damn thing slow down!
question #2:
how come so many of these videos don't even bother to explain f_ing anything? at least he tries to explain what is going on with his contraption.
unfortunately it's painfully obvious - these guys - while often well intentioned - don't understand how to frame basic scientific principles.
please people, at least explain what you are trying accomplish and then state if you think you accomplished anything ---- before wasting everyones time. just say, weather it works or not. give some numbers. time it. try for crepes sake. it's frustrating to know there are probably solutions and to see video after video of failed attempts. just say it's not yet working up front!!!! please. I beg of you all. I'm not saying not to be proud, but don't try to sell us a load of crap. be respectful to others time. 
and maybe most of all - stop plugin your contraptions into batteries and outlets and saying they are over unity. I don't want to hear that anymore. not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying it lowers the probability even lower than zero. 

AlainHubert: Not only is this contraption fake, not mention ugly, but you can actually see it slow down and suddenly speed back up again with each badly done video edit cuts... This is ridiculously bad. lol !
But what scares me the most is that, up to now, 158 people actually believe this bullcrap ! 
I have a message for those suckers: I have a bridge to sell you, get in touch with me ! 
Gravity Free Energy Generator 5 out of 5

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Gravity Free Energy Generator