Gravity Free Energy Generator

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Gravity Free Energy Generator
Gravity Free Energy Generator
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eXtremeDR: I've seen a working gravity based device without any kind of impetus - one push and it keeps accelerating. As long as you use a static axis there is not way to make a working gravity device because the forces will always equal and cancel each other out.

Sal sean: How is it possible to be this stupid?

Keith Jones: Gravity Free Energy Generator:

Gregory Duvall: HAHA! AlainHubert is right, watch the trees in the backround. they jump on each film edit.

Casey Kittel: it's weird how many videos like this exist.
question #1:
how long does it operate for? - you can watch the damn thing slow down!
question #2:
how come so many of these videos don't even bother to explain f_ing anything? at least he tries to explain what is going on with his contraption.
unfortunately it's painfully obvious - these guys - while often well intentioned - don't understand how to frame basic scientific principles.
please people, at least explain what you are trying accomplish and then state if you think you accomplished anything ---- before wasting everyones time. just say, weather it works or not. give some numbers. time it. try for crepes sake. it's frustrating to know there are probably solutions and to see video after video of failed attempts. just say it's not yet working up front!!!! please. I beg of you all. I'm not saying not to be proud, but don't try to sell us a load of crap. be respectful to others time. 
and maybe most of all - stop plugin your contraptions into batteries and outlets and saying they are over unity. I don't want to hear that anymore. not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying it lowers the probability even lower than zero. 

AlainHubert: Not only is this contraption fake, not mention ugly, but you can actually see it slow down and suddenly speed back up again with each badly done video edit cuts... This is ridiculously bad. lol !
But what scares me the most is that, up to now, 158 people actually believe this bullcrap ! 
I have a message for those suckers: I have a bridge to sell you, get in touch with me ! 

randomlettersqzkebkw: the lies you tell

corrythew: lol didn't give any numbers , to prove it works ...more power out , than in

perexime pere: we live on a perpetual motion machine planet, is there some gas engine moving the earth

Yasser Sarraj: how many watts does this produce ?

Micr0chiP: So many volts/amps are you pulling from it AFTER powering the engine to rotate it ?
My guess would be in the negatives.

Eb Emerson: Simple and genial.
Idea of perpetuum mobile is to get more from less. Small motor little energy for work and large lever is genial for working.Always get more for almost nothing.

Alter Kater: Can I heat my house with that?

Brandon Franklin: Good day Towtops,

     May I recommend AVS Video Converter for the next splice job you do. You can minimize those obvious jolts in your footage there where one clip is joined to the other and make your spliced video practically SEAMLESS. Best converter I've ever used. Oh, and make sure to kill all other processes running on your machine using the task manager to maximize your processors' resources for usage by AVS only. You'll have people believing your hoaxes in no time.
     Now, if you want to see a rotor that may actually have some scientifically backed potential, search youtube for "Skinner gravity replication". Interesting stuff.

Patrick Hansen: You loose energy to friction and drag.

You loose efficiency by having a propeller drag the arm around instead of mounting a motor directly on the center shaft.

A toy dc motor is hardly what i would call energy efficient, loss of energy there.

This is a hoax, nothing more.

Even if you lost zero energy to drag, had zero friction and a 100% efficient electric motor, with a propeller so efficient that it would equal a mechanical connection, then whatever energy you gain by having gravity pull the heavier end, you loose by having to lift it up again.

It did however sound like both ends had equal mass, in which case gravity won't do any work, since it's pulling down on one end just as hard as the force required to push the other end up, generating no extra energy.

vin mar: How long before it stops if it stopped? can u share with me the specs please?

Yon Kromis: Can you contact me on Facebook

libra8a: There is an edit every time it is about to stop.

Vern Oldham: I like the part at 0:36 where the trees jump in the background due to an edit.  There is no perpetual motion and never will be.

PixelSmith: To be able to 'generate' energy, you will have to be able to create energy, not just maintain it. So if your device was to be able generate energy, I should keep on accelerating. so yeah.
Gravity Free Energy Generator 5 out of 5

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Gravity Free Energy Generator