POWERMATE 1500 Watt Generator With Problem

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POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem
POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem
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LynolsOffice: Maybe there is something wrong with the voltage regulator...

conan6868: Start up watts on grinder might be higher than 1000?

robshomeimprovements: Did you ever get this thing fixed?

suchfunstuff: Anything with a few hundred watt rating. I use a hand drill set to constant speed.

jay15kz: well if you fix it it will be a handy dandy tool to have around

JHx86: it might have a loose shaft on the generator or its an inverter generator with a bad board, or it may have a bad capacitor if it has one, or you may just be going over the load limit.

stihl04491: the grinder might just pull 2 much current. its a rather small generator, you might need a bigger one to run shop tools.

uvman707: @carrabec99 I find there is nothing wrong with the generator or brushes. Use an analog voltmeter, you will find the voltage reading is stable. Some digital multimeters (especially cheap ones) can give erroneous readings caused by harmonics produced by the generator. I have had the same problem with mine, a 4000 watt unit. I found it was the cheap digital meter was the problem. I got a better meter and it checks out good.

MrCinimod93 .: governor not speeding it up maby ? but you would think it would suck down the rpm

FastN Furious: is it fixed now???

FastN Furious: did u send this viedeo to dave??

Jeremy Baumgart: It looks like a governor issue. The voltage is determined by the rpm so if the rpm drops due to load so will the voltage.

Salvadorloera93: man i have the same geni and i have carburator problems i took apart the carb and left it on carb cleaner over night will see how it goes it was working fine for like 17 straight hours but it ran out of gas over night and thats when start to have problems with but i only pay 90 bucks for it so ill just have it as a project

suchfunstuff: It's working fine. The voltage drop is normal, considering it being a smaller unit. The governor could be bumped a little higher though, so it's at least a constant 110 under load. Won't matter if only used for power tools though.

Matthew Poole: seems like the brushes like one person said below or maybe even the windings im not sure somethings worn out and is not producing 1500 watts in the generator

Matthew Brown: The same thing happened to me my UK generator should produce 230v at 50Hz and it was at like 190v so what i did is i got a P3 Kill a watt (multimeter would work fine) and plugged in a 500 watt floodlight i looked at the voltage reading and turned the screw clockwise until it read 230v - 49.6Hz and it worked a charm.

krawlr: Get a bigger generator. Specs on generators these days deceptive. I would go at least double the rating of your biggest starting load. No such thing as too big with a gas generator. Use the little one for lighting.

BurtBartlow: Sounds to me like some sort of carb/voltage regulation issue. Most generators have a linkage to open the throttle when they sense a load on the alternator. Doesn' t sound like yours is kicking in.

zmandt1993: i know wat the problem is, when you increase the lode on the genorater the engen needs to put more gas into the engine to ceep the (R.P.M)'s up. but because the thing is so old you might have 3 problems.,,,#1 your carberator needs to be clened out ,,,#2 your cilinder has been damiged,,,#3 you need to tweek the govener. for more info contact me at my chanol,,,Zmandt1993 forgive the bad spelling

Mr.Weezbad: i have one just like it i'll check it and see with similar tools.

automan1223: A powermate 1500 is only surge, its more like 1200 continuous. Which means 10 amps output at 120 volts. Volts times amps equals watts. Now here is the rub. There are many factors that influence output. You are not going to have 120 volts at 10 amps. you will be lucky to have 100 volts like you have. Electric motors use twice the rated wattage. Lights, chargers, other such loads can survive on 2 pole cheap gen sets. Fluroescent lights may flicker due to number of poles in generator and harmonics.

automan1223: You also have an extension cord which will drop voltage for every foot you have between load and generator. use at least a 12 gauge or heavier heavy duty cord no more than 25' long to run any demanding loads. Remote work sites that use such a low output generator are good for charging batteries, lighting, small electrical loads like drills or small circular saws. less than 7.5 inches.

jay15kz: well i can't remember what it is called but the thing that is supposed to move the throttle could be bust for some reason oh i just remembered it's a AVR automatic voltage regulator hope this helps

jay15kz: the engine should speed up when you turn on something on the throttle might be stuck or something like that

wheely132: i have one like yours. it runs geat, first pull every time.

LynolsOffice: Hmmmm... What would you recommend I use as a load to set the governor with?

LynolsOffice: I think your right. Fortunately I have a larger 5,500 watt generator, it just isn't very portable. But it does handle things like power tools well.

wassahilden: i would check out the governor. See if you can rev it up by hand

LynolsOffice: Nothings changed. No one had any ideas.

LynolsOffice: You're good with the fans! It's a Wizard made by Bersted Mfg. Got it from the dump.

chsvt90: I think it's normal. My own generator puts at idle 219V out (49Hz) and with a 500W load somthing arround 205-209V and 45Hz. It's a 1200W generator. I live in germany so we use 220-230 Volts and 50Hz.

suchfunstuff: I think what you are seeing is normal. The governor is compensating for the load. However the governor is set a bit too low to maintain the proper voltage. I have had generators come to me set incorrectly at the factory. Normally I plug in something with a light load as a ballast, then set the governor so that the generator produces around 125V. This keeps the voltage at an acceptable level, even with a full-rated load (105V being on the low side).

Scott Lichtsinn: speed needs to increase with load, governor isn't working right.

carrabec99: needs a muffler and probably new brushes on the generator

Matthew Brown: would recommend taking a look at the governor. see if there is any springs missing. PLus if u can find the voltage screw thing where you turn it and it increase the rpm and voltage you should try and adjust that.

LynolsOffice: Yeah, that's what I thought it was supossed to do. I checked the throttle, you can move it by hand.

jeremy lee: on our farm we got a cat back up generator and that things nice but it is not portabale it stays in one place and it ppowers everything

LynolsOffice: This grinder has a running wattage of about 900 to 1000 watts, but like you say the startup wattage might be higher. But even so, shouldn't the voltage come back up after the initial drop when the grinder starts?

Muh794: I live in Pakistan & i bought 10hp power mate generator.This generator is very brilliant it runs 1.5 ton AC.Love power mate hope it works for longtime.

LynolsOffice: It should be able to pull it. The grinder is 1,000 watts, and the light bulb is 100.

Kenny Honse: Slow recovery after grinder removed means AVR, capacitor problem or loose/corroded wire from cap or AVR to field.

Erick Ondich: Does it only have the voltage drop with inductive loads?

Mark Hartman: It could be a bad voltage regulator or a diode in the voltage rail. I'm having problems getting mine to run at all because of the spark plug.

LynolsOffice: I had the grinder plugged int directly, and the light is built in to the end of a 15' cord. I'll have to fool around with it this weekend and try different tools.

CUDDLES52: sounds like a automatic voltage regulator (avr) or a capacitor that's blown

Godofwarmike: i would think the starting watts on the grinder may be higher than the generators 1500 limit. and untill the grinder gets up to full speed its going to use more watts. have you tried using other things on it? such as many lights, tv, fridge and see what it does. most grinders have a startup watt of around 2000 and a running watt of 800 - 1200

1944johndeerel: well it runs good atleast! and nice little bersted made fan!

LynolsOffice: The muffler is solid, and this is actually a pretty quiet machine. Now, If it were brushes, wouldn't it put out the wrong voltage all the time? I really would like to get this generator running well.

BlanchProductions: i got one of these, tore it down and it still wont work, its in pieces then i realized the air thingers by the piston were stuck shut
POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem 4.4 out of 5

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POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem