POWERMATE 1500 Watt Generator With Problem

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POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem
POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem
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Tom Reyes: I have a generator just like yours. (1) Change the capacitor, that might help. They go bad after a while. Also, (2) your grinder might be too much for that little generator. I believe it only rated for 12 amps. Grinder may draw more than 12. I use this generator for lighting and smaller electrical uses.. I wish my small on/off light worked like yours... Good luck and thanks for posting.

LestonDr: There is no voltage regulator... Current is limited by a 4.7uF capacitor. All capacitors age over time and should be replaced as part of maintenance. Part of the observation in your video, the voltage is not instantaneous as the limiting capacitor needs time to charge with the new load.
The voltage will drop as well as the frequency with the increase load. With a 900+ watt load mine drops to 110v at 58 hertz. Not to hateful for what you have.
The capacitor appears to be proprietary and made out of inobtanium on intra-galactic back order (not available). For about $10 you can buy a start capacitor 4.7uF 300+ volt 5%. I extended the wires outside the case and mounted it under the fuel tank.
Good Luck.

Mark Hartman: It could be a bad voltage regulator or a diode in the voltage rail. I'm having problems getting mine to run at all because of the spark plug.

CUDDLES52: sounds like a automatic voltage regulator (avr) or a capacitor that's blown

MrCinimod93: governor not speeding it up maby ? but you would think it would suck down the rpm

Salvadorloera93: man i have the same geni and i have carburator problems i took apart the carb and left it on carb cleaner over night will see how it goes it was working fine for like 17 straight hours but it ran out of gas over night and thats when start to have problems with but i only pay 90 bucks for it so ill just have it as a project

jeremy lee: on our farm we got a cat back up generator and that things nice but it is not portabale it stays in one place and it ppowers everything

automan1223: You also have an extension cord which will drop voltage for every foot you have between load and generator. use at least a 12 gauge or heavier heavy duty cord no more than 25' long to run any demanding loads. Remote work sites that use such a low output generator are good for charging batteries, lighting, small electrical loads like drills or small circular saws. less than 7.5 inches.

automan1223: A powermate 1500 is only surge, its more like 1200 continuous. Which means 10 amps output at 120 volts. Volts times amps equals watts. Now here is the rub. There are many factors that influence output. You are not going to have 120 volts at 10 amps. you will be lucky to have 100 volts like you have. Electric motors use twice the rated wattage. Lights, chargers, other such loads can survive on 2 pole cheap gen sets. Fluroescent lights may flicker due to number of poles in generator and harmonics.

Kenny Honse: Slow recovery after grinder removed means AVR, capacitor problem or loose/corroded wire from cap or AVR to field.

uvman707: @carrabec99 I find there is nothing wrong with the generator or brushes. Use an analog voltmeter, you will find the voltage reading is stable. Some digital multimeters (especially cheap ones) can give erroneous readings caused by harmonics produced by the generator. I have had the same problem with mine, a 4000 watt unit. I found it was the cheap digital meter was the problem. I got a better meter and it checks out good.

BurtBartlow: Sounds to me like some sort of carb/voltage regulation issue. Most generators have a linkage to open the throttle when they sense a load on the alternator. Doesn' t sound like yours is kicking in.

Mr.Weezbad: i have one just like it i'll check it and see with similar tools.

BlanchProductions: i got one of these, tore it down and it still wont work, its in pieces then i realized the air thingers by the piston were stuck shut

JHx86: it might have a loose shaft on the generator or its an inverter generator with a bad board, or it may have a bad capacitor if it has one, or you may just be going over the load limit.

Erick Ondich: Does it only have the voltage drop with inductive loads?

Scott Lichtsinn: speed needs to increase with load, governor isn't working right.

suchfunstuff: It's working fine. The voltage drop is normal, considering it being a smaller unit. The governor could be bumped a little higher though, so it's at least a constant 110 under load. Won't matter if only used for power tools though.

Matthew Brown: The same thing happened to me my UK generator should produce 230v at 50Hz and it was at like 190v so what i did is i got a P3 Kill a watt (multimeter would work fine) and plugged in a 500 watt floodlight i looked at the voltage reading and turned the screw clockwise until it read 230v - 49.6Hz and it worked a charm.

Matthew Brown: would recommend taking a look at the governor. see if there is any springs missing. PLus if u can find the voltage screw thing where you turn it and it increase the rpm and voltage you should try and adjust that.
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POWERMATE 1500 watt Generator with problem