How To Make An Easy Moonshine Mash Recipe Part 1.

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Kenny Colwell: Seriously!!!

DAY IN THE PARK: yes that is beer Mash

1 *: wont work right....yeast cant eat starchy corn meal. youll make likker from the sugar but corn meals a waste without "lase"

Terrell Diaz: you can also use corn syrup in your recipe i did some research on this recipe good video..

Timothy Mitlchel: you did not break the corn meals starch down into sugars,, you do not know how to make Mash let alone moonshine you made sugar shine with a bit of corn flavoring and not that much to even waste the corn meal.. people like you give making moonshine a bad name and bad shine.

Jonathan David: lbs? 1 lb sugar = 2 cups, 1 lb cornmeal = 2.67, or 2 1/2 cups. A balloon with several pin holes in it is a cheap substitute for an airlock that I tried before getting airlocks. Some worked, some didn't. I learned from experience to always put the jug in a big plastic tub, so when it explodes out the top from being overfilled, it won't make a horrible smelly mess. Cornmeal probably does need to be cooked a bit, and then cooled before adding yeast.

Huey huang: What drunken people

stoloveje: ok thank you

stoloveje: SO in total you used 1 gal of distilled water???

Chris Greenland: stupid music

Emily Gregory: what can u use instead of the airlock?

Kevin Gainey: Corn meal is optional. Hardly does anything in this recipe. Yeast eats sugar to get at the oxygen in it. If the starch in the corn meal is not malted into sugar then it's only a witness to the process and not a participant. Yeast eats sugar. The space that the corn meal takes up would be better utilized with diammonium phosphate (yeast nutrient).

George Hawat: No reason to call him an idiot. Listen bro u need to break the corn starch down by heating it and adding some sort of malt or Amylase heat the corn to about 150° and add amylase stir at that temp till it breaks down back to liquid then let cool to about 100° add water sugar warm to dissolve the sugar. Activate your yeast at 95° with sugar and water add to the corn stir and let it do it's thing

Nathan Houston: I've used this recipe and it does work. I've cut my product in half and it still burns. Only change I recommend is boiling your corn meal to break it down. Then add the sugar to the hot water to desolve it well. Wait till the temp is back below 90 and add your yeast.

Reverend Ken: Go back to shine school child, what a waste.

Jason Zelinka: Awsome !

william sheppard: ur an idot dude. u have no idea wut ur doing. all ur doing is makeing a sugar shine. u need to add amylase enzyme to the cornmeal to convert the starches to sugar. all ur doing is wasting that cornmeal. it dus nothing unless u had the enzyme. u r an idot.

Kyle: Ha also laughing at no amylase enzyme. Mmm rotten corn meal mash

GADJITMAN7: ive used this method , and yes its very strong , if you keep it at the 170-175 degree range it should be good with out all the water vapor , the alchohol and water boil off at different temps .

gedion4000: lol...i was just gonna comment on that.
How to make an easy Moonshine Mash recipe part 1. 5 out of 5

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How to make an easy Moonshine Mash recipe part 1.