Remove A Water Bottle Cap Withouth Breaking The Seal

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Remove a water bottle cap withouth breaking the seal
Remove a water bottle cap withouth breaking the seal
How To Sneak Alcohol On A Cruise
How To Sneak Alcohol On A Cruise

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Dan Lewis: Efficient, succinct. Bravo.

DALLAS082008: Heeeeeeell yea! YOU ROCK

Orvell Deonarain: Great tip. 

michael edgar: because sport events and cruises are the most common things people want to sneak alcohol into........ it must be a whole nother scene in the states compared to nz, wine bottles hidden in the rectum could work, aye?!?! 

Orvell Deonarain: Great tip. 

theblueshamrock: Worked great. Now to the cruise and see if I can get through them

FortuneHunter: there is an even easier way, good vid though

izphuzzy: *doing this with everclear and a 2-liter

minusthenature: You sir are awesome thanks cheers haha !

Bexar Trap: Spurs fan!! Yea buddy!!

borg386: worked on every bottle i've tried so far!

borg386: just tried it! worked perfectly with an Aquafina bottle. thanks!

muaythai661: im drunk. =)

svartdjup: I've seen some referencing they can tell by shaking the bottles and if it bubbles, it's alcohol. What if you use tea bottles with the example in the video and refilled with almost exactly same color liquor (some scotches are very similar). The tea bubbles when shaken too, why would that give them reason to confiscate?

jeremy ballew: Tried it! Works! Snuck vodka on a cruise.

kozak0085: sick video. appreciate it man

fat2slow: yes because when they smell your breath its gonna smell exactly like water thnx bro

zedooncadhz: what is this sorcery you speak of

Alsn aweq: do you need a water bottle to do this

John Sporrong: You Sir are a scholar and a gentleman! Thank you.

icfusion: Lol, you pour the alcohol into an empty water bottle, then take the cap and seal that you just salvaged and screw it onto that, not a liquor bottle. But no, the seal doesn't break when you screw it back on.

blaster54738: @richdocekal My thoughts exactly

crazyal7: thank you!!

HeadFirstDown: Just tried this and it totally worked! Just have to make sure you screw them back on all the way til you hear the click otherwise you can just unscrew it again.

ramasart10: LMAO mittens!

richo2500: I can get the seal and lid intact off some bottles without anything but my hands -_- real safe and hygenic.

ShipMonster: @gutturtle You need to check the cruise guidelines. Some ships will not let you take water or soda on board either. The reason for this is the same as liquor, MONEY. $3-5 per bottle for water on board. Some places like Carnival will let you take one small (6 pack) case of water on the 1st day only. Honestly the easiest way to get liquor on is to put it in your cargo pants pocket. Security is only allowed to put you through a metal detector, so get pint bottles and just walk metal caps

dudeman332: Dude, you just saved me $60, from not having to buy booze at a concert. Thanks!

kwatkin67: @radiantqueent you put the cap on a new water bottle dude. obviously

Thenotoriousfmx: You are the freaking man for posting this...saving me BANK

Pazienza213: thanks bro i'll drink to your brilliant idea

Jean-Michel Aubin: So, heat dilate material? That's new!

sblack91: And thats how im taking alcohol on my cruise thanks alot man great vid

ripcabrinigreen: does this work with liqour bottles also? like if i were to want to open a bottle of liqour without breaking the seal?

onlygodcanjudgeus: GENIUS!!!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!

kozak0085: Simple solution: Make mixed drinks with soda. Carnival allows unopened soda bottles, so I'm doing this trick with coke and 2-3 shots of alcohol per bottle, that way it'll look and act like coke. I'm about to make a video and it'll be up on youtube eventually. Hopefully the coke doesnt go completely flat in 2 days which it shouldnt if it's mostly coke and only a few shots of liquor

cgriesemer: Used this on a cruise (that is notorious for booze-strictness) last week and we got in well over a hundred dollars worth of liquor with flying colors. Not only does it work, but it looks so legit that it buys you tons of peace of mind knowing you're going to sail through without issue.

BudmanTony25: Worked Great.. Thanks

mherr241: wow this is genius!

cr1stabel: Genius, thanks!!!!!!

antonius: i would hate living your life man

xxhcsk8xx: Worked for me on an NCL cruise last week.

Dykling: Thanks dude (-: not only saved me money but I feel awesome having one-up on a venue that over charges for alcohol anyway!

RimJobRally: thanks bro!!!

nellynell77: you are a freaking genius

ER720: this trick no longer works .. they shake every bottle and they took all mine and everyone elses they had bins and bins full of water bottles

TwoOneSevenSixFiveSixFive: HAHA

27RCA: use alongside collegehumor (dot) com/picture/6878942/soy-sauce-surprise-prank-is-great-way-to-lose-all-your-friends

chrischantel1515: You are amazing!! thank you!!!!!!!

PoKeRFoRNiA: @svartdjup This won't matter for people who just have average or cheap liquors who are only looking forward to get drunk. But for people with premium or expensive liquors who want to have pure, smooth shots, it must be done on water bottle. Best thing to do to prevent those bubbles is to completely fill it up to the top so that it was no space inside the bottle which won't leave any room for bubbles to be created or to stick around.
Remove a water bottle cap withouth breaking the seal 4.7 out of 5

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Remove a water bottle cap withouth breaking the seal