Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader

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Gerald Swain: excellent tutorial, very straightforward and easy to follow!!.

Electrician Dallas Tx: Thanks for the suggestions you have shared here.

skyym3: Maybe it would be easier to roll crimp it if you would of either cut some of the length off or added a few more "over shot cards". Let me know what either of these remedies would have on the final product. Thx for the tutorial and video. Awesome job and thumbs definitely up.

Сергей Шабаев: Cool set, but very long. In Russia do so.

Jack Lowe: Thanks for Video! Will this kit work for 2.5" shell or does that require a different loader?

Javier Fauxnom: This takes me back. I had a Lee Loader for 12 gauge in high school in about 1977. I never could get the crimps on either plastic or paper hulls to stay tight and closed. I can remember being out in the field getting ready to take aim on a duck and hearing my #4 lead shot running down the barrel onto the ground.

Firas Ballouz: nice, but what is the right ammount of powder, i couldn't get it?

Daniel Gonzalez: thank you once again

Daniel Gonzalez: jus subbed

Daniel Gonzalez: how many times can you reload a shell? is it like brass where people reload it a dozen times or so

Henry Braud: Does the Lee kit not resize .410 shells?
I would think a small arbor press (Harbor Freight) would make crimping a lot easier!  :o)
Thanks for the great video and instructions!!!!!!!

Lethal Bacon: Where is the best place to buy the kit?

Lethal Bacon: Good

Rondo Schiavoni:
when you lock the-bolt down on a 183 d-d moss-berg, is that bolt handle 1/4 in square  part that goes into a slot the only thing keeping the shell from back firing.- I have the same moss berg 410 gun and always wondered if that broke would  you have a backfire?

Devin stringfield: where would i find a reloading kit like that what web sight

murray andru: jsm666
.410 is smaller, therefore somewhat harder to work with..
Practice and patient help with anything, I usually start one process with all my loading..Then move on to the next.
Get yourself and nice place to work, equipment as needed and acquired through some research here...
Eventually you will want to get a designated loader for better results , but in a pinch these loaders will save your butt some day..too
Everyone does things different from the other, you  will get a system going for yourself in time...
Hang in and enjoy, ask lots of questions, most here are pretty good with helping...
Most of All be safe and have some fun . Knowledge is power...Lots of Great reloading books to be Had out there too...Read is a real Good thing..
Cheers M.

Chuck Truitt: Good vid!  I'm wondering if you can just use a .45 cal 250 grain or 230 grain bullet to be shot out of a rifled Circuit Judge  Or, maybe just a slug  -Gunny T sends?

theronturner40: are you using 1/2 ounce wads with 3/4 ounce of shot?

gman77gas: What diameter did you punch for the top wad card?   Thanks in advance!

murray andru: Go to Lane's reloading , he has a fine kit for 12g  - .410 b kits for reloading shells...
Great product too. Great prices. Check it out
Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader 5 out of 5

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Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader