Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader

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Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader
Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader
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.410 Shotgun Lee Loader Tool Set
How Fast is Reloading Shotgun Shells Using a Lee Loader?
How Fast is Reloading Shotgun Shells Using a Lee Loader?
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410 Ammo Varieties ~ Better then ever!
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Reloading 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells with the Lee Loader Set
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Reloading with the LEE Hand Press
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Sears. Roebuck and Co. Model 101 1380 .410 Shotgun
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Reloading 101 with Scotty: Lee Loader
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Reloading the lowly .410.wmv
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000# Buckshot made in a Classic Lee Loader
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How to make and reload .410 3" inch brass shot shells

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AcaNik1973: Do you have somewhere to buy it?

toddy2519: With the Lanes .410 bore kits I found it's best to use the 3-inch resizing die to size the 2.5-inch shells...that way the end doesn't start closing up and forming the crimp. I also found it's best to re-size before decapping...otherwise the plastic internal base ahead of the primer pocket becomes deformed. I found Mr Lane is not very helpful in solving any problems I had so I just experimented on my own. ( I think he feels any problems customers have are criticism of his products.)

flysubcompact: Great video.....wish Lee still made these....lawyers probably made these extinct.

MormonAll: Thank you, Nice Job indeed. Good for the beginer and us "rusty" old fellows.

MultiCheapo: I had one of lee 38 cal reloaders it stretched the brass so bad they where ugly but they did go bang .waste of powder

joehunt1980: Hey hows things up there in the frozen north? lol just wondering, how clean does the 296 burn in the .410? :-)

Draco Bushcraft: Very cool. Thanks for the tutorial. I checked ebay and everyone is pretty proud of these old reloaders. Too bad Lee stopped making them. It seems dumb since demand is clearly there. 

doubltap: I have one in 12ga, not as fast as my Lee shotshell loader or my Mec Jr.s but it works in the field real well!

killop141: Where can I get one of the Lee Loaders or something simulator?

ctne4: can you still buy these kits?... please reply.. thank you for the video..

jacqui scarrot: And i thought reloading rifle rounds were slow! Nice video though. Thanks.

infidel556x45: man i have been looking for a 10 gauge lee loader for years,,,,,,,,

bustin7878: Creekmiata .Hello. I went to Lee web site to see if I could purchase a set as you are using. I could not find them listed. I must say that I am the kind of guy who would warn people when walking in the woods to look out for snakes while I am standing on one. Any help would be great. Thank you.

AlexSchus: Great video but what a lengthy process! I guess with practice you will get faster. I will become even more stingy with my ammo, not because of cost but because of the time it takes to load each. Great tool though.

jordan goobie: where can i get a kit like this new or old

314299 Shooting Channel: @VicellPL The old kits are fun to use every now and then, but to load a lot of shells I do prefer a progressive press!

314299 Shooting Channel: The 1/2 oz load is generally for 2-1/2" .410, while today's standard load for the 3" .410 is 11/16 oz. Years ago before one piece plastic wads, and using a roll crimp, there was room in the 3" .410 hull for 3/4 oz, with plastic wads and fold crimps 11/16 is about all that will fit.

creekmiata: I have used Elmers, I have even used painters caulk, but I usually use Ducco cement. It dries clear and leaves no residue in the cases or the barrel. Great bunch of videos by the way and hello from Texas.

314299 Shooting Channel: Lee Loaders don't resize the shells, you have to use ones that were fired in your shotgun.

314299 Shooting Channel: Yes, you can load slugs if you can locate someone who sells them. The only place I've seen selling .410 slugs for reloading is Ballistic Products.

314299 Shooting Channel: Unfortunately Lee no longer makes the Lee Loader in .410 and never offered any other .410 press. About the cheapest way to get into loading the .410 is a second hand MEC 600JR press, or if you have a MEC press a set of dies to convert it to .410

314299 Shooting Channel: No, the Lee Loader for shotgun shells is a discontinued product, it has not been made for a long time.

Robert Layton: Back in 1964 I had a 20 gauge shotgun and a Lee Loader to reload my own shells. I recall the pressure used when you punched down the wad was 90lbs. I used a bathroom scale. the top wad was cardboard and much thicker than the 40lb. paper you punched out. I think that's why you had so much trouble with the roll crimp. After a few reloads, the wax impregnated paper of the shell would expand and the shells had to be resized by putting them in a 300F oven then quickly inserted into the die.

314299 Shooting Channel: Yes a press would work well for seating primers.

314299 Shooting Channel: No, they do not make .40 S&W Lee Loader sets.

TietLung: Have you tried parafin wax loads in a 410? Curious how they do in a 410. Definitely easier than crimping when using small shot on larger shells..

314299 Shooting Channel: I have converted .303 British for use in the .410, works reasonably well depending on the gun, and a lot easier to find .303 than 444 brass.

314299 Shooting Channel: The few times I have taken a 12 Ga hunting upland game I have regretted it, far too much damage to the meat. For close cover the .410 does fine.

jsm666: Going back and looking at it again, it's somewhat clearer now - roll crimp is sort of like die-punch-die-punch-die-punch with a lot of checking in between, whereas star crimp seems more like 90% die with a touch of punch at the end to finish. Does the type of crimp make any difference when the trigger is pulled? And if you already had an arbor press, would that make your job easier or does that still rob you of the right "feel"?

stagecoachprepper: thanks so much. i came out to a similar cost when adding it up today. i used cabellas website. then discussed it with my gf and we are gunna take a trip up there this month and get started reloading. thanks so much for showing how cheap and easy this is. especially with the possibilities of having legislative ammunition restrictions in the near future. God bless and all the Best!

jsm666: Hang on - what's the difference between putting it in the die to finish wad seating and putting it in to roll-crimp at the end? Or is it a matter of how far down you push the die; i.e. gently to support the walls of the case for wad seating and all the way in for crimping?

314299 Shooting Channel: Lee's instructions caution against hammering on the shell during crimping, I expect as a caution against having the shell go off in the die. Also to form a roll crimp you need to have a certain amount of feel which you would not get with hammering.

314299 Shooting Channel: They made millions of these so you will probably find one. Good luck!

VicellPL: Damn... I love reloading videos with kits like this.

jheetman: i looked into lee hand loaders and they are available on several sites but only for brass cased rounds (rifle and pistol). i know the shotgun loaders can be had on ebay for reasonable prices, but i was just wondering, does lee still make and sell the shotshell hand loaders?

314299 Shooting Channel: Unfortunately these loaders are no longer manufactured.

steinderbush: Very nice video, i learned a lot!! Thanks!!

314299 Shooting Channel: If the shells were originally roll crimped I use that style of crimp and if they were pie crimped I use that style. Shotgun shell hulls have a "memory" and don't take a different type of crimp very well. Since most of my shells were originally pie crimped that is the style I use most often.

jonathannintendonerd: Can you use a lee auto prime hand priming tool with the right die to seat the primer in the 410 shell?

314299 Shooting Channel: They are out there, just not as common as in 12 gauge.

314299 Shooting Channel: I also reload the bulk of my 12 gauge shells on a progressive (MEC 9000), progressive presses are certainly the way to go for quantity reloading. Using a simple tool set like the one in the video makes you appreciate the progressive machines all the more!

martini carbine: the LEE LOADER is a good starting point for the new re-loader ..... save up buy yourself a 2nd hand full size re-loader, its a hell of a lot quicker. .. then when you can reload near anything ... its a great excuse to keep adding guns to your collection.. LOL.

blucotech: What about using a press? I would think, so long as you have a clean surface underneath the shell, that it would allow you to apply force with a mechanical advantage while avoiding unintentional discharge.

314299 Shooting Channel: @FantomShooter I have a friend who really is expert on shotgun ballistics, he could talk for hours on the subject, but regrettably he is not here on YouTube. If you plan to shoot your Lee Enfield much the only economical way to go is to reload your own ammo, I probably shoot ten boxes of reloads for every factory box of 303 I shoot.

314299 Shooting Channel: I don't have any .410 handguns so I've never explored any loads specifically for that, but it seems like something that would work, much like the old "Buck & Ball" loads used in muzzle loaders.

tywhite87: No, it's for 12ga. Sorry to mislead. I just meant for reloading in general.

314299 Shooting Channel: @jsnsk101 It might even pay to buy a used MEC 600 loader, they are a lot faster to use!

TEXANConnection: what about resizing the shell?

314299 Shooting Channel: Why would I wear gloves? Paranoia about lead, perhaps? After I'm finished handling guns, ammo or after reloading ammo I wash my hands, that is sufficient.

jsnsk101: Nice demonstration, if i see one of these i will have to buy it, i think we just paid $16 for a box of 25. Its almost too expensive to shoot with.
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Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader