Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader

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Henry Braud: Does the Lee kit not resize .410 shells?
I would think a small arbor press (Harbor Freight) would make crimping a lot easier!  :o)
Thanks for the great video and instructions!!!!!!!

Final _RimSik: Where is the best place to buy the kit?

Final _RimSik: Good

Rondo Schiavoni:
when you lock the-bolt down on a 183 d-d moss-berg, is that bolt handle 1/4 in square  part that goes into a slot the only thing keeping the shell from back firing.- I have the same moss berg 410 gun and always wondered if that broke would  you have a backfire?

Victor Fox Sierra: I have watched this video some 10 times. Very nice instructive and well, wish I could buy these tools. I used to reload my shell in the old days (paper hulls) with dowel and hammer... But these Lee tools are nice and sadly not made any more, AFAIK. Got my thumbs up.

Devin stringfield: where would i find a reloading kit like that what web sight

murray andru: jsm666
.410 is smaller, therefore somewhat harder to work with..
Practice and patient help with anything, I usually start one process with all my loading..Then move on to the next.
Get yourself and nice place to work, equipment as needed and acquired through some research here...
Eventually you will want to get a designated loader for better results , but in a pinch these loaders will save your butt some day..too
Everyone does things different from the other, you  will get a system going for yourself in time...
Hang in and enjoy, ask lots of questions, most here are pretty good with helping...
Most of All be safe and have some fun . Knowledge is power...Lots of Great reloading books to be Had out there too...Read is a real Good thing..
Cheers M.

Chuck Truitt: Good vid!  I'm wondering if you can just use a .45 cal 250 grain or 230 grain bullet to be shot out of a rifled Circuit Judge  Or, maybe just a slug  -Gunny T sends?

theronturner40: are you using 1/2 ounce wads with 3/4 ounce of shot?

gman77gas: What diameter did you punch for the top wad card?   Thanks in advance!

murray andru: Go to Lane's reloading , he has a fine kit for 12g  - .410 b kits for reloading shells...
Great product too. Great prices. Check it out

AcaNik1973: Do you have somewhere to buy it?

MormonAll: Thank you, Nice Job indeed. Good for the beginer and us "rusty" old fellows.

Draco Bushcraft: Very cool.  Thanks for the tutorial.   I checked ebay and everyone is pretty proud of these old reloaders. Too bad Lee stopped making them.  It seems dumb since demand is clearly there.  

MultiCheapo: I had one of lee 38 cal reloaders  it stretched the brass so bad they where ugly but they did  go bang .waste of powder

joehunt1980: Hey hows things up there in the frozen north? lol
just wondering, how clean does the 296 burn in the .410? :-)

toddy2519: With the Lanes .410 bore kits I found it's best to use the 3-inch resizing die to size the 2.5-inch shells...that way the end doesn't start closing up and forming the crimp. I also found it's best to re-size before decapping...otherwise the plastic internal base ahead of the primer pocket becomes deformed. I found Mr Lane is not very helpful in solving any problems I had so I just experimented on my own. ( I think he feels any problems customers have are criticism of his products.)

doubltap: I have one in 12ga, not as fast as my Lee shotshell loader or my Mec Jr.s but it works in the field real well!

flysubcompact: Great video.....wish Lee still made these....lawyers probably made these extinct.

314299 Shooting Channel: Yeah, that would be contrary to the idea of saving money.
Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader 5 out of 5

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Reloading .410 Shotgun Shells With The Lee Loader