Yamaha WR250X/R AIS Removal And Airbox Flapper Mod

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Yamaha WR250X/R AIS removal and Airbox Flapper Mod
Yamaha WR250X/R AIS removal and Airbox Flapper Mod
Flapper mod
Flapper mod
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Yamaha WR250R- BEST Modifications
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OGPokey151: thank you for taking the time to make this video. it was very helpful

Jon Westbrook: great video man. very clean bike, love it!

MrMasterJones: Thanks for this video, lots of help!

Riot Shredd0m: u freaking ass is bad! yes man! yess!!!

Fernando Ivan Amestoy: Hello, could you tell me what happens to my bike does not operate esta FLAPER , because my bike lacks Reaction ! Thanks sorry for my English !

jake harach: When removing the device on-top of the air box a large hole is left behind, is this a problem? Should it be covered up? 

fisherdoug: Thank you for the vid.... Easy to do and helps with throttle response..
no error codes will happen. 

S14, Baby: How did u fix the error code on your speedometer

Jesse Montani: does removing the AIS cause an error code?

FOUDESSENCE93: Please please please could you translate in french this vidéo for me i would Like to realize this modification on my bike but i dont understund your english or write it in inglish in a commenter

Clayton Turner: Thanks! Just removed mine today.

impleasen: What did you say about the little vacuum line going from the actuator to the throttle body in the last part of the video? Can you just tape the end and zip tie it? Thanks.

gbabymesa22: i had a hell of a time putting that 1/8 plug on the vacuum line nobby thingy. Great video man, only one on youtube showing how to actually do it. all these damn "devices" lol

Modern Flamewar: drinking game: everytime he says device, drink one shot. happy dying.

m0nkeycheese: Where did you get your mirrors?

chaunster: Damn there are a lot of "devices" on this bike!

spaszoid: @viouviou56 Better throttle response, losing overall bike weight, and getting rid of the popping sound the exhaust makes.

spaszoid: @UnionOfTheMind No, however removing the Exup servo on your exhaust will. You can buy a premade resistor for about $60 or you can make one yourself for under 5.

UnionOfTheMind: Doesn't removing the ais and airbox flapper flip a switch and give you an error?

Sasha Dovbnia: What about Oxygen sensor on your WRX? AIS removal will 100% affect A/F ratio reads from O2 sensor. So how this will affect FI? Does this means that FI will lean to fit factory A/F ratio (about 14 for Catalytic converter)?
Yamaha WR250X/R AIS removal and Airbox Flapper Mod 5 out of 5

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Yamaha WR250X/R AIS removal and Airbox Flapper Mod