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DIY: All Natural Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray
DIY: All Natural Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray
DIY Hair Spray (natural. non-toxic)
DIY Hair Spray (natural. non-toxic)
DIY Beach Sea Salt + Lightening Hair Spray! ♡
DIY Beach Sea Salt + Lightening Hair Spray! ♡
DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Texturing Spray
DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Texturing Spray

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Ankita Nath: It only can hold curls. Please do a DIY hair spray which can hold straightend hair.i have used it after flat ironing. But as it is water based my hair starts to become wavy again. So please help me and obviously do a DIY and also reply to this commnt please

Clotide Jean Pierre: cool

LecxzyLicous: Won't the ants go on my hair, because of the sugar? Lol just curious 

Mihaela Baciu: Awesome <3

Angelica Wishalla: AWESOME! Little question, why do you have to make another one after a week? Cause I might not finish all the hairspray that quickly after a week, so what happens if I don't make another one and I reuse it instead? PLEASE DO ANSWER!

Aswathi Remesh: nycc..tutoriaal...thnkyu ^_^ n byda way u luk more lyk.. Priyanka Chopra.. :)

Jasmin Garmendia: I just tried it..hope it comes out good.
BTW are those your natural curls?

My Stuff: I love this hairspray I always use this and um when I did it ants came in my house and went all around the hairspray but I got ant trap thingys and it got rid of them 

princessarwa: this worked for me !! thanks andrea your beautiful btw <3

shimmy fifi: does it attract bees??

casidy284428: Organic means non gmo. gmo means geneticly modified organisms. So keep buying that sugar! :)

J Li: Does this work to set hair chalk?

Scarlette Smith: Wouldn't it get all sticky

Anna Cardona: Can you lease do a DIY on how to make body lotion

Simply Jazzy202: Thank you! I'm about to try this right now, and the dog is so cute!💕

dones roberts: Is The hair spray supposed to explode?!? O_O what did i do wrong?

Natalie Douglas: I tried this with brown sugar and it really work! Thanks 

Vidette Camilla: I have 3 questions,

1 : Will the curls last all day?

2 : Will my hair be sticky?
(At summer?)

3 : At summer, will wasps/bugs/insects sting me?

Ariela Zamora: How does she do her hair ?

Mint Icicle: Thank you so much it was really good for my curls
DIY HAIRSPRAY! 5 out of 5

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