Homemade Pinball Machine

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JaysizzoLOGE .: Wow that's cool

Tha Epic Devil: I refuse to believe that that was homemade. But the evidence lies in the different colored balls. Nice touch, actually.

Josito MTL: Amazing Job. Awesome. Congrats.

madhav makadia: what is the length and the breadth of the game?? and what is the material used for base

Xerico Pinball: Very cool. Whoever said "Pinball Is Dead" must not realize the creative power of a pinhead!

Sooner Science Nerd: totally awesome, dude! i made a tabletop pinball game,25 pachinko balls,no electronics, but still fun! where'd you get your ideas? when I get a camera, i'll take a pic of it. keep it up, dude!

Stuart Brierton: Is it wood any eletronic systums or is it just wood with paint on it

wyldfox2007: I could make this in future pinball, looks like a fun thing to do in fact. lol

Owowkiller: This is really cool and i couldn't even imagine how much you would be offered for it.

dazzadasha: No- Just like pinball and designed it then built it. Im making an 8 ball themed pinball with real miniture pool balls. Should be good.

JurassicGamerHd: How did you make the flippers?Are the flippers electronic?

redawesomerobot: awesome job!!! :-)

badreality2: Most homemade pinballs are crude things, but this one looks like it would have been used as a company prototype for a late 1940s - mid 1960s EM pinball machine. Well done. ;)

Eric P.: lots of bounce, love it

James Fish: I think you have a great start to a machine but it really needs lights and sounds and other interactive things like other machines have. also the machine is all wood I would make some plastics. I am manufacturing plastics all custom print with any designs and colors and shapes but the plastics and the print on them. If you or anyone ever wants some custom plastics made or replicas of existing plastics contact me and ill quote you. I can make then with AI template file or send in the existing

ronald black: umm I think you forgot to plug it in

dominos7492: Very good work!!!Excellent table!!!

super8ben: Seeing as you use real Williams brand flippers with the metal attachment rods for your machines, and they are normally made for use with a motor system, what does the mechanism for the flippers entail.

MightyMike: this is awesome you gave me the idea for the bumpers as rubber bands so thank you =)

tyler keith: that pinball machine is so awsome

Matt Makowski: this is awesome! Do you have any prior experience with this type of stuff? Like engineering or pinball machine design?

Assaulted Pretzel: I'd play it.

gillyboy1971: Great job!! this machine can only get better with time.

wyldfox2007: All I would need is your rules for the game.

computerjantje: very very beautifull made table and seems fun to play as well

FreddyTheJumpingCat: ef? you need to add real lights and flippers and things to this.

bteeuwen: Pretty awesome table theme and design, good job.

MrHardSausage: id like to see mechanical ball lock eg 2 balls into a slot 3rd ball unable to fit into slot runs down overflow wich relieces the two balls

JoltZekrom: Have you built 8-Ball Hustle yet?

likemusicz: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

wyldfox2007: What are the full rules to the table?

bbmeister1: AMAZING WORK :)

Zachary Risbeck: awesome

BertTrump: wow wow wow wow

Bertao7galo: great work...

super8ben: More videos with all features shown and explained would be great. Love the table.

Marcdaddy2112: Props on they great craftsmanship!!!

stardust4ever: So, no electronics / all mechanical? How do you score points? Pretty neat idea IMO.

resonax: Good concept, not a bad design

Idreamofpins: Beautiful design. Have you added a scoring system recently?

Moraes FBPA: kudos

Joris Colijn: I see you've got some serious skills! If I were you I'd find somebody who has serious skills to make it electronic! Looks really nice

VariXx: Awesome!

Benjamin Force: This is freaking awesome. I'd like to see more.

dagnole: This is awesome, great job. IMHO, the flippers, when they are activated, go a bit too far up in the board. Otherwise it's amazing! :-)

MagicTurtle643: Wow, brilliant way to make the game winnable (as it were) without a point system! You put all these holes and goals in the table so there's something to shoot for! Amazing idea.

dazzadasha: feel free

British1500: I like the fact there's artwork & game concepts(get the planets) to this. You normally don't see that with homebrew pins.
homemade pinball machine 4.8 out of 5

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homemade pinball machine