Blown In Insulation Installed Into Existing Walls.

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Blown In Insulation Installed Into Existing Walls.
Blown In Insulation Installed Into Existing Walls.
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Two Blow-in Insulation options at Home Depot
Blow Cellulose in Demonstration Wall.flv
Blow Cellulose in Demonstration Wall.flv
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Cellulose Insulation -How To Install Blown Insulation by Yourself

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rubinsteinway: What's the difference between pink insulation and white?

Salazar 96: Ben they are terrible workers ill would of fire them man that no the way to do it

brokenarrowez: No one should be breathing fiber glass. A savings of $500 on a whole house in not worth the saving.

andrew beaudry: What about vapour barrier

Orange OwL: i now know 100% more about this process. nice that your father is helping you. thanks for taking the time to post this video.

chris york: Horrible! You need 2 holes per cavity. One about a foot from the ceiling and one about waist level. Fill waist level holes first then top holes. This is to ensure the cavity is fully packed. All you need is 2" holes (I used 1" for cellulose), and use tapered wood plugs. Inset wood plugs 1/8th in and cover in spackle.

And this is only a 1 man job if you know what you're doing. I could drill, fill and load the hopper all by myself without having to shut off the machine. The job only took as long as it took to fill the walls. By the time the last cavity was being filled, all the other holes were plugged and spackled.

When I quit, I was making 22 dollars an hour or piece work, whichever was more.

Michael Ormandy: Cellulose, use cellulose everyone says. Let me tell you something. The reason I am going to have this done to a bunch of my wall cavities is that the geniuses who insulated the house thought cellulose was the greatest thing since sliced bread as well. Problem is, it eventually shrivels, and some sections just fall down the wall cavity leaving voids with no insulation at all. Now I don't doubt that the people who did the job could have done a better job, but still, after this experience I wouldn't use that crap under any circumstances. Fiberglass is light and stays in place. I and I agree that breathing it is bad, and that's why I will be hiring others to do it. Also, if you want to pay for the best, you spray in foam...I just don't feel like paying for it.

Chris Nyman Weller: THANK YOU for including the drywall repair method in your video! I was planning to use something more like shim-stock, but looking at your video, I think the 1/4" ply may be a better choice. I've been planning a project like this for several years now, and it's reassuring to see someone else having done it this way. Love it!

Chris Nyman Weller: Its actually pretty hilarious watching him flumbing around with a rather poorly thought out method of stopping back-flow. If their company does this all the time, why not create a gasket, fit like a donut, that slips over the fill tube and snug against the wall?

Mr.69 yes: great video bro did this actually help keep your house cool or warmer

Mark F: How much did the company charge?? I need this done here in Cincinnati.

GreatLakes Entrepreneurial: Why on earth would you reference the use of recycled newspaper for insulation? I don't mean to inuslt, but I hope you understand the caliber of fire hazard that would produce. Fiberglass isn't a much more fire retardant option, but holy hell man...

7.62 full metal: Then simply hang a bunch of your favorite pictures over the holes ! too easy !

matran47: As the new owner of an old house (1890), I'm dealing with this blown-in crap as I try to renovate the house. It may have been a necessity during the era it was done, but I can tell you one thing: If I EVER find the guys who did this, I WILL KILL them if they're not already dead!! What an F'in mess! can't recycle the s**t; the stuff in my walls is a mixture of cellulose and ground up filberglass. Did I mention that I will KILL whoever did this?

PipersSon: 79 dead: The Foam Insulation blaze that ripped through the Grenfell Tower, London, causing multiple deaths (79 confirmed / 120+ estimated) has prompted widespread commentary on the Foam Insulation Industry. A Criminal investigation into the Foam Installation Contractors concerned is now taking place. It appears there will be a criminal prosecutions for corporate manslaughter for those concerned whose acts or unsafe products committed the offence. In the case of the Grenfell Tower fire, the most likely prosecution candidates would be the building’s management company, and the insulation contractors and sub-contractors involved in the property refurbishment in which apparently highly flammable foam materials were fitted as insulation.

Hal Kits: did you make sure to smack their asses when they leave?

Lawrence Pina: Helpful video. Thanks for sharing.

Kris Babas: But all you're doing is filling the hole from the ground to that level and not all that space above correct?

Scott L: dense pack cellulose insulates much better than fiberglass. There are tests on youtube comparing cellulose to fiberglass. Cellulose won hands down, not even close

Dabney Cogdell: Thank you. I didn't know if I should hire it done or do it myself. I will definitely hire it done!
Blown In Insulation Installed Into Existing Walls. 5 out of 5

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Blown In Insulation Installed Into Existing Walls.