Innokin CoolFire 1 An 2 Review

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Giveaway is closed Vape Mail and Giveaway on popcorn man strawberry drizzle ejuice ends may 31🤗
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Lucas Ramage: Hello I need help with my cool fire one it does always a burnt taste after 3 or 4 hits I don't know what's the problem with my device but I am using the i clear  30 B VW VV I am using super chill double menthol flavor and half the time when I smoke it it does not even taste like menthol so if anyone has any clue what's going on please contact me or reply I will check my mail throughout the day and by the way I just bought this this morning and it's doing it now and the battery is fully charged

Max Man: The coolfire 1 is awesome! but the iclear30b is not.
You really need to "suck" it hard and even then the vapor production is poor.
I personally dont feel the taste of the e-juice.
So guess what?! Im using it with Taifun gt and its just awesome!
Like a mechanical mod but with protection!

pistoffto: its no grenade believe me I served its no grenade.

TheGus K: Seems pretty cool.  Unfortunately the 800mAh Efest's mAh is based on a 2.8V cut off, the device will cut off well before that point. In real world use folks can expect less than 500 actual vaping mAh, probably closer to 400mAh..

hotheadedjoelhaha: I can understand the simplicity of the #1. (Good video by the way) But wouldn't a big old1300 mAh ego serve the same purpose? Minus the cost of the batteries And a Nice charger. If this doesn't come in a Kit form, your buying 3 or 4 items-the device, at least 2 batteries(1 extra) and a charger. I would go for a Twist our a 1300 mAh ego with a cheap little charger that will last all day. But that's just me. It seems with this device we are regressing, we are going Back to Simple, that is what ego batteries are for-our? I'll keep watching! Keep up the good work! Joel.

Hobby Vaptor: They should have use Itaste PCB in the Coolfire 1 Would have been a perfect mod with the changeable battery.

Annie Eyre: Thanks for the video Was doing some research on the CoolFire 1 today & found myself here. Very informative. I will be purchasing this for sure - but think I'm going with the Vamo 3 1st. Really love the tank that comes with the CoolFire 1. That iClear30B is a beaut. I am in total agreement regarding the CoolFire 2. Very uncool. 

Just Sheilz: great to see you back :)
I also agree about the Cool Fire 2. We have enough issues to deal with - can you imagine what a cop would do if he saw someone with this?
Innokin CoolFire 1 an 2 Review 5 out of 5

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Innokin CoolFire 1 an 2 Review