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Anders Johan Larsen: i tried to make daedric armor but when i pulled the lever nothing got created?? do you need conjuration to 100 before you can do it? help and i'll sub to the person who helped first! thanks.

Juan Rodriguez: i did that but when i pick it up its not there can anyone tell my what happen?

andrew armstrong: can u redo the one with ebony ingot daedric heart void salts and a black soul gem over and over to get different things or do u have to do a new recipe to make other things 

gustavo gameplays: I Want A Daedric Enchated Boot But I Cant Do The Random Enchantement Help 

sami ghosn: soo i got a queston. if i were to put in the box an upgraded ebony bow would it increase the base damage value of the daedric bow?

Layne Gossett: What armor do u have at the beginning

andrew armstrong: do the black soul gems have to be grand 

ERABBITfmafiagod 34: Im already a boss because my smithing is 100.


Fred Anderson: Conjuration is the most OP school of magic ever. I love it. " Go forth my Dramora Lord army!"

smelly batman: Thanks for the video i couldn't find how to make random enchanted armour now I know

Juan Rodriguez: where do you get the orb? 

dinodude190: The soul gem doesn't need to be filled for making weapons

SCP 999: This is Why i'm increasing my conjuring skill...

pat7751: the random recipes should not be used unless you have a lot of ingredients or want to spend a lot of time reloading saves to get what you want.

QuangTran27: Anyone knows where to get that "orb" in front of the forge? t kept saying I'm "missing" something.

xXD1GxDUGXx: Atronach forge is broken i put exact ebony helmet with deadra heart , ebony ingot , void salt , and a grand soul gem . I'm not sure why it keeps giving me the wrong piece of armor , if it's because I'm not using a greater soul gem , please reply . Thank you .

Ryback 107: I got it at level 80 conjuration

Agelos Alithinos: what lvl are you?

Bennett Walker: LISTEN UP EVERYONE: okay so the recipe for making any daedric item is, 1 daedric heart, 1 black soul gem [filled or unfilled], a centurion dynamo core, and any ebony item. Notes: centurion dynamo cores are easily found at black reach [do the college of winter hold quest lines]. Daedric hearts are easily found at the college of winter hold [buy them]. Ebony artifacts you start to find at level 20, or you can obtain them at labyrinthian. Black soul gems are randomly found. [find all 24 unusual gems to get a perk wich allows you to find better gems in dungeons easier]. I M P O R T A N T!!!!!!!!: DAEDRIC BOOTS DO NOT COME IN YOUR INVENTORY THEY ONLY MAKE YOUR CARRY WEIGHT MORE!

Sacred necro: Can u use it without the orb/stone

KEV SNYDER: Not worth it dude u can just make It 

logan kowalchuk: they need to fix the forge so u can actually wear the boots

tueivfs: guys the forge isnt doing anything

Relx G: for whoever wants to get the Sigil stone or the red ball, first you need your conjuration at level 90 after that go talk to phinis gestor you will find him in the hall of accountance at the college of winterhold talk to him and click on "what else is there...." and he will give you a spell and a quest will appear just complete and you will have the sigil stone. :D!

Alonzo Alfaro: What armor are you wearing?

r055g0rry11: right, so during my dawnguard playthrough in the soul cairn, i found a note called Atronach Forge recipes. the undertext says "Daedric Cuirass". does anyone know what it is

Gordon Freeman: How did you get this red ball?

SteevDragon67: I tried the ebony boots to daedric boots recipe, and it never shows up in my inventory, I think there's a glitch there or something.

Noah Carabello: theres a glitch that you can get the sigil stone without quest -__-

123Atomizer: Is anybody else having a problem when you pick up daedric armor (for me its the boots) and it doesn't appear in your inventory?

Curtis Boesche: Actually (in my opinion) overpowered weapons never get old... W/ salt and small antlers it says I do -127 damage... That's 127 million damage XD. Also can make sparks kill Alduin instantly on legendary :D

TheMuffinMan328: anybody else think that a daedric lord would pop up if one put like a full set of daedra armor and flesh w/ a daedra heart?

GiggityUrSelf: Bullcrap. I'm currently level 47 on one of my accounts and I can buy Ebony weapons from stores... They become available around level 40-ish, and become available in larger quantities as you level up from there.

jobonga99: I killed that elf woman at the collage cause i mean come on she turns you into a friggin cow

TeamNitrox: Guys you can get the stone at the college of winterhold search it up its a secret chest !

urfav0ritepanda: yes -_- it fuc*ing sucks

Daniel McMillan: U can use a grand soul gem but it has to be filled

Len Boated: I have done the rando armor thing and got the actual armour and three shields

lumach68i: i love you for this. i dont need to get to freaking smithing 90 to get daedric stuff

jobonga99: no I tried that after I got the sigil stone and it didnt work, also anyone know where I can get an ebony cuirass?

christopher woutersz: Awesome video I've been trying to find a video about this but then I gave up and I found this by accident

Cap. Orange Soghda McGuffiepans: Or if you are trying to play with a level cap because enemys have them and don't want to waste perks

-MAGIC-: thank you very much

GoUpv13: What is this quest when we can get this stone??

loanwe: I've been getting ebony in my loot pool at level 30++ and my smithing is only level 18 or maybe even lower so the atronach forge is a lot better for me, it really depends on how you build your character.

EasyLadzHD: What armor is that?

TheFlamingPotatoDude: sorry if I mislead you, but I didn't mean being overpowered is good, I think that 1 hitting everything ruins the game, but its still nice to have weapons, armor, and potions that are decently good, if I ever made an over powered weapon that does 1 billion damage, I wouldn't use it, id put it on display. if I would ever want to be overpowered, id make a different game, and do it on that

MrGotyouto Hellsing Gabriel: Grind grind grind grind grind....
Atronach Forge - Daedric Recipes - TES V: Skyrim HD 4.9 out of 5

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