Scooby Snax 2nd Generation Review

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Yaroslav Stadniychuk: dude ur eyes aint even red.

Arron Mcmurrey: It called grams

Smokeddup: I watch a lot of these reviews bc i like to know what im buying. Good review but i do have one suggestion. I understand not wanting to use it on camera but when it comes to my friends and i we pay more attention to the way the person reacts more so than what they have to say. If you decide to do another one my suggestion would be to come on camera completely sober then step off camera take a hit, come back and let us check out how its going. continue that til u are on your level. it gives us a waaayyy better understanding on the product. Just a suggestion, take it or leave it, but good video anyway.

Alex Mata: Nigga u lie

Alex Mata: You literally said more than 20 umms

stuvsto3: Strawberry Smash is freaking ridiculous if anyone ever tried that. first time i was legit in evil carnival world, no joke. this crap poison tho.\

samuelbarajas1: Tha some good crap gets u trippin I tripped out and loved this crap!!!!

cintrik: watermelon suck

cintrik: 3rd generation scooby snax is trash and doesn't really do much except waste your money buying it. If you get your hands on 2nd generation scooby snax - hydro, be careful with it, one of the strongest. That is what this guy smoked, it's very strong, you are just being ignorant because you obviously didn't smoke the same 2nd gen - hydro.

eli Binnion: I don't smoke this crap or any of these incense I'm just warning you it freak up ur life if u don't believe me go head and smoke it

CHILLTOPIAN: Personally I would never smoke these chemicals seems sketchy.... Thanks for the review I was curious. Man, some people are real rooster suckers eh?

Docthal010: i nearly had a seizure on that crap avoid this product

Iset Peoplaflame: t'would be nice, honestly if I wasn't on probation I'd just go out and buy some hash oil but sometimes it's not that easy..

Iset Peoplaflame: Well I'm talking out my ass if I think everyone's from America then haha. Is HU-210 legal out there? Only RC i've seen that's actually a thc analogue

Iset Peoplaflame: That's what I'm saying.

Iset Peoplaflame: petrochemicals? your quite the asshole

Iset Peoplaflame: People are just freaking angry at their lives.. Or actually I have no freakin clue what they're angry with. Personally I think spice makes ya dumb and marijuana makes you focus, and be more easygoing... either way you're not gonna be fried out your whole life

Iset Peoplaflame: it's waaaay more potey then the first.. I like the high from the first more, it's more like actual weed which is nice since I'm on probation along with hella other kids

Iset Peoplaflame: not nearly
scooby snax 2nd generation review 5 out of 5

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scooby snax 2nd generation review