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2009 YAMAHA R1 EXHAUST / Toce T-Slash Fly-by
2009 YAMAHA R1 EXHAUST / Toce T-Slash Fly-by
2005 Yamaha R1 Raven Toce exhaust sound with rev
2005 Yamaha R1 Raven Toce exhaust sound with rev
Yamaha R1 RN12 2004 2005 2006 white with toce exhaust
Yamaha R1 RN12 2004 2005 2006 white with toce exhaust
How to Install Toce Exhaust on Yamaha R1 (09-14)
How to Install Toce Exhaust on Yamaha R1 (09-14)

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Suraj Sugunan: put  on the fukin helmet dude

swifferkillsdogs: How much does that bike cost? Used

Emm Cee: This is R1 related although not exhaust related. For those who know about these bikes, what would be the best year to purchase from 04-07? I have owned the other big 3 manufacturers, 600's, 750's, and liters, but never Yamaha. From what I've read, they seem to have more issues than other makes, and I've also noticed there are always a ton of them for sale used, again, more so than other makes. I like the looks of those years I mentioned but would like to also know about reliability, comfort level for a short rider, whether its a smooth/refined bike, or if its rough/raw. Thanks

nicola imeneo: BELLO LO SCARICO,,,

TheWoTGamer123: f*ck you idiot! always drive with helmet idiot

khairell garcia: So sick exhaust!!!...toce

gamersgamerwelt123: What happened at 1:34? 

akshay 10r: was there any difference in power after toce

Joseph Liptak: The stock looks better.

kanyedian: All these people commenting "too much bike for you, etc." CLEARLY did not read the description.  He did the install for his brother and this is the FIRST TIME he ever rode the bike.  Man, such foolishness.  Those pipes sound amazing on there MY GAHD.  And am I literally the only one who watched the whole vid and forgot about the kid?  It's easy to ignore.  Stop tripping over a child talking wtf lol.  Cheers.

john eric: Thumbs down for no helmets would of been a great video

Duckslayer2580: Shut that little kid up damn! Cant even here the exhaust with her saying hehe its realy loud hehehehe.

pathetic emerge: 1:35 LOL what was that you need more biking skills

MrMikucki: E46 M3 at the 1min mark, Csl diffuser, apex arc8, NY plate. you on the forums?

Simone Caruso: Man that R1 is not for you, at least try to learn how to put your feet on the peg correctly

SupaDupa_GixxerGodz: Some of these comments & assumptions are hilarious. In a 2 min & 14 sec video some of you "professionals" were able to deduce this guy's skill level on what looks to be a secluded street road with zero traffic while he is hardly going a quarter mile in each direction just to show sound difference in a stock vs custom exhaust. Also, because of what he's doing & the limited distance of his travel who effing cares if he's decked out in moto gp gear or not...really? And all because he blipped his throttle one time he shouldn't own an R1.....again really? If you negatively criticized this video you're a tool or douchebag or an asshole. Maybe even a combo lol. The audacity of some of you people is comical. You should really do stand up. Even if he isn't the best rider I'm sure he can ride & get his skills up. And you moto gp gear nuts that think you have to be completely decked in gear just to start your engine get over it! He's grown & just like these videos of guys in 1000 hp skylines, lamborghini's, & vettes racing aren't wearing 5 point harnesses all the time, helmets, flame resistant suits, etc it's not necessary for him either. You're not a better rider or person cause you choose to. 

Abdulrahman: Your kid sound cute haha! 
I prefer the stock .. but the toce is awesome also 

Vahtang Beridze: заткните дитя

mrbrunse: stock sounds better!

Red R1 wings: Nice bike I hope your brother return safe to enjoy it, from one vet to another thank you
2006 Yamaha R1 (STOCK VS. TOCE EXHAUST) 5 out of 5

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