How To Paint Chrome Paint

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Voxboy876: Why not just strip and polish the aluminum ?

Just Jawz: Awesome! How well does this stick to skin? 

Mercyz: That isnt chrome... Lol its just a kinda shiny gray/silver doesnt real chrome spray green then turn chrome?

Kleo 84: good video, but I honestly don't think people should PAINT chrome.

Susan Rodgers: @ 4:20 lot of "fish eyes".

Evan Christie: Hi just doing my wheels now and after etch priming can I use a high gloss 1k acrylic to get the base before using the chrome additive? I'm actually after a shadow chrome and this looks the way to go.

Also what was the chrome product?


Howard Young: Good job--- Good vid, very clear and easy to understand

Michael Garcia: Beautiful rig mate I love how its not completely chrome more of a metallic silver mate love ya ride ay

Pete Le Boydre: How to paint chrome paint:

david rojo: Looks silver to me, not chrome

cimism610: Nice vid but i would strip and buff them to look like chrome!!

Steve L: Looks like raw aluminum. Duplicolor chrome spray cans look better . 

Stan Skaggs: I have seen a kind of spray paint that looks like chrome or gold when you spray it on.. but you have to polish it like crazy after it dries.  I have seen it on plastic model cars for example.. If you spray it right you can not tell the difference in real chrome.  I think it is difficult on large sections though like a door panel.  I would think it would be perfect for this kind of bike wheels though.. I am looking for the name of the spray paint and will put here.. someone probably knows and will past here though.

dennis adkins: looks like crap!!!!!!!!

Marilyn Perks: Another idiot, overlaying crap music so you cant hear what you are wanting to hear.

marco antonio contreras salas: Hola me gustan tus videos lo único k no puedo es traducirlo al español me puen decir como traducir el video gracias 

Kevin Hume: do you have any videos on how to repair and paint alloys that are flaking piant or corrosion of the  alloy

Mista _Wo: If i add that chrome black layer first[whats it called?] Then add gold over it after it drys will it be a chrome gold ?

Verum Quaerere Seek Truth: great job man - here is an easier way            /watch?v=yvtRYZ5EasA  
How to paint chrome paint 5 out of 5

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How to paint chrome paint