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Howard Smith: Big Radios:

johnnieace45: LOL, this is great@!

Jay Miller: You don't have a clue!

Butter Bean: Listen to the 1st few words of buttermilk biscuits by sir-mix-a-lot, the end of it too i think says something bout maul droppin CB radios or something to that effect. Mudducks! Lol

Localmode: @504caveman Well, I can see that you don't know how to spell, so I guess you don't know "JACK" either. Dumbass!

greysky1974: what is a jeal louse is that something you catch from lot lizards ?

ChopperTCB: Eat a ham and to Hell with the FCC

TheUncleDougger: a bunch a queers

hamtalker2007: 2:13 watch out for that antique mall

CBRADIOLOVER: 1 The only thing hams have saved is the seat industry cause they sit in em all the time an got to buy new ones 2 Hams got ugly radios, cbers got chrome, JEALOUSE 3 Echo mikes give more swang an modulation, again hams are jealouse 4 hams left cb cause they cant run with the BIG DAWGS 5 a cb is made way beter than any ham junk 6 Bleed over by a big cb meens u got a bad ass freakin radio, jealous ham 7 a 7 year old can pass yalls 'test' 8 cbers get women, hams get porn

KC5PIE: CB... how quaint..

daddyoca69: @meangreen69Nova 10 years ago

jamesstrebel: whats the name of this song?

DarkPrince013: I have no idea what this was about...

gardner james fugate: @TheUncleDougger man you dont know jack we are not gay at all mfer you dont dis respeckt or diss anner nun i meen nun of thes guys tha are cool in my mind so if ya go a problum with that jack who cars

Ma007rk: "Back in the day" (over 20 years ago) in Phoenix there was an area in Phoenix from Thomas to Van Buren on about 40th Street called Yaesu Alley. Only the strong survived during that particular era. The thing I liked about that particular era was the fact that it wasn't just a bunch of old farts talking, but there were people my age and younger. There was always something going on, people fighting etc.....

Joy of Lego: FCC Part 95 (95.411) RULE 10 - Power Output {A} Your CB station transmitter power output must not exceed the following values under any conditions: AM [Amplitude Modulation] - 4 watts carrier power [CP] SSB [Single Side-Band] - 12 watts peak envelope power [PEP] {B} If you need more information about the power rule, see Part 95/ Subpart E. {C} Use of a transmitter which has carrier [CP] or peak envelope power [PEP]in excess of that authorized voids your authority to operate the station.

billyroy lester: thats right watch out for my antic mal cowboy 49 know as 49 the real 49 buck 10

Dummerd Dumbski: I, myself, would NOT be near 50,000 watts (plus?) during one of these contests. If you are male, you'd be sterile.


Sean Gamboa: hay prime, i like big buttz

jesse10x: well said breaker

samalayork: i agree on handling so much power,installation of equipment seems fair but what's the use of talking so much blah blah blah like a god damn dog barking, if you know you maybe doing skip all the way to china? the only thing they're doing is letting the whole world niggers are such blabbermouths!

gburlin: Prime was doing underground radio songs for years my friend. Bump it down is a good one too along with big ol.johnson. For those that don't know the CB world , CB was his life and anybody in the world can talk to him on a CB radio and that was cool and I did!

qball090872: SSB don't need big watts to get out!!Please keep your crap on channel 6 aka the stuoer bowl and stay off the internationals we don't like u or want u up there!!!

dorslv: Damn it Boy!

tworkman43: After watching this video, I have the urge to go beat the crap out of a CBer with ball pean hammer One thing that this video confirms CB equipment is Garbage and, inflicts servere mental retardation to the user

MossyOak83: crap...them are some hookups!

Dummerd Dumbski: This has been going on for decades. CBers haven't a clue about other modes of transmission. AM is king to them.

meangreen69Nova: Damn you responding to a 4 yr. old post. Now that's some funny ass crap. No I don't think he only makes records. What more is there to learn about Children's band?

OchrismongrelO: @Flatzout FCC. thats my point.

funnyman1972: Have you listen to the hammer hits hard? I like that one to.from sir prime minister.

CBRADIOLOVER: Somebodys jealouse of good soundin AM Modulashun.

J1: ham license are dum

brainofdelusion: Awesome, 13 13 from Chicago waving

LAZYDOG505: why do you need so many antennas wont one 102 whip get the job done

qball090872: Big amp=small pencil

Sloppy Jaloppy: you must get alot of Humming with them antennas Close together

meangreen69Nova: When did Sir Mix A Lot cross from rapping about butts to rapping about CB's?

OchrismongrelO: ILLEGAL

hamtalker2007: 2:15 watch out for the antique maul, i know that guy he is ham radio operator now lol

Dummerd Dumbski: 1 cb channel 19 has saved more lives than ham 2 cbers have splattering POS radios 3 we got echo mikes, hams laugh at your tricks to be noticed 4 cbers use real illegal linears - FCC says 4 watts AM and 12 watts SSB 5 cbs are junk and have gay modifications like super talk, roger beeps and echo 6 cbs have loud illegal splattering audio

cbtalker205: 205 droppin in to wave a hand from the Lone Star. Im back quiet!

steve miller: i have a question whats the purpose if this

Butter Bean: Hes been doin it since he started. Only until i owned a Base rig & talked on it did i understand what he was talkin bout in one of his old songs when he said "Im droppin tha MAUL!" and then i wondered WTH is he rappin bout CB radios? Lol, hes tha only one i heard do it tho!

Butter Bean: Lyrics to it start like this: Now I'm your big mal dropper, mud duck stopper Fila on the bottom and Adidas on the topper Transform scratchin', big beat matchin' I can tell you're getting jealous by the looks I'm catchin' I hate dumb skeezers, MC beaters Drop 5 grand on my bird white needer? (i have no idea, but i think it's watt meter) Smooth like ice, don't get nice Just turn up the box for the Mix-A-Lot slice (huh huh)

ANDREPY4WB: perfect

gburlin: Prime carries a lot of weight in the CB world. He was a skip shooter like us on ch.6 and he proved that by burying my needle all the way to the corner of my Galaxy 98T in my truck in Texas from Washington State. He's the real deal and one hell of an radio operator!

hilltop7: Big leg girls steel tubes and pill boxes LOL

gburlin: The lyrics in the underground radio music is actual terms of radios call signs, antennas like the Jo Gunn, one eyed monster is a meaning of a beam antenna. If your not in the CB DX will never understand the story it tells and Sir Mix did a good job of expressing that.
Big Radios 4.5 out of 5

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