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joe campbell: green yota looks awfully familiar.... :)

Tommy 2 59 NY: sweat that's grate I love it

Jason Belgarde: Hear them all on the skip.......Have to finish up that MOBILE......73'sDX585....

kujawat: Gotta love old suburbans... especially the ones with heaters that embarrass most legit commercial AM radio stations...

Solmangrundy ManGrundy: song is a clip from "no excuses on da bowl by Prime Minister" which is 15min07sec long.


Jamez: Who's the guy talking at 1:16? I hear him often when skip is rolling.

Sky1: LOL, this is great@!

meangreen69Nova: Damn you responding to a 4 yr. old post. Now that's some funny ass crap. No I don't think he only makes records. What more is there to learn about Children's band?

Ma007rk: "Back in the day" (over 20 years ago) in Phoenix there was an area in Phoenix from Thomas to Van Buren on about 40th Street called Yaesu Alley. Only the strong survived during that particular era. The thing I liked about that particular era was the fact that it wasn't just a bunch of old farts talking, but there were people my age and younger. There was always something going on, people fighting etc.....

hammerbw1: Thomas E Workman 2707 BEAVER ROAD AMBRIDGE, PA 15003, don't you think you should be nicer to people? Someone may come get you, lol.

Butter Bean: Lyrics to it start like this: Now I'm your big mal dropper, mud duck stopper Fila on the bottom and Adidas on the topper Transform scratchin', big beat matchin' I can tell you're getting jealous by the looks I'm catchin' I hate dumb skeezers, MC beaters Drop 5 grand on my bird white needer? (i have no idea, but i think it's watt meter) Smooth like ice, don't get nice Just turn up the box for the Mix-A-Lot slice (huh huh)

Butter Bean: Listen to the 1st few words of buttermilk biscuits by sir-mix-a-lot, the end of it too i think says something bout maul droppin CB radios or something to that effect. Mudducks! Lol

Butter Bean: Hes been doin it since he started. Only until i owned a Base rig & talked on it did i understand what he was talkin bout in one of his old songs when he said "Im droppin tha MAUL!" and then i wondered WTH is he rappin bout CB radios? Lol, hes tha only one i heard do it tho!

tworkman43: After watching this video, I have the urge to go beat the crap out of a CBer with ball pean hammer One thing that this video confirms CB equipment is Garbage and, inflicts servere mental retardation to the user

Jay Miller: You don't have a clue!

CBRADIOLOVER: Somebodys jealouse of good soundin AM Modulashun.


hamtalker2007: 2:15 watch out for the antique maul, i know that guy he is ham radio operator now lol

Localmode: @504caveman Well, I can see that you don't know how to spell, so I guess you don't know "JACK" either. Dumbass!
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