Trashing Preferences In Final Cut Pro 7

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Trashing Preferences in Final Cut Pro 7
Trashing Preferences in Final Cut Pro 7
Trashing Prefs Mid Project in Final Cut Pro 7 - Danger!
Trashing Prefs Mid Project in Final Cut Pro 7 - Danger!
Resetting or dumping Final Cut Pro Studio preferences in Lion OS X 10.7 library folder gone
Resetting or dumping Final Cut Pro Studio preferences in Lion OS X 10.7 library folder gone
Trashing Preference Files in FCPX
Trashing Preference Files in FCPX
Final Cut Help: Trashing Preferences
Final Cut Help: Trashing Preferences

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DeadSeaProductions: Hello there. There's got to be a way to increase the amount of ram allocated to Final Cut Pro to more than 4GB. Programs in the 80's and 90's gave the user the option to choose how much memory to allocate to some programs. Why would they take that away from us. Please help. Thank you.

cynematica: Thanks!

Vivavideoproductions: Hello I could not find in my preferences

Ian Phillips: Hi Larry, you mention you don't use favorite effects as they are lost when trashing preferences. I'm a big fan of favorite effects and bin combinations of favorite effects. To avoid the problem of them being lost when trashing prefs, I keep a backed up FCP project that contains nothing but my favorite effects. Just create new project drag the favorites bin from the Effect window into the Browser window then save project. Trash prefs then reopen the saved project, drag the contents or the favorites bin from browser window into the favorites bin in the effects window. Favorites restored in seconds!

Joey Sinko: Hey Larry? How do I trash preferences in Mountain Lion? Everything has changed I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Please Help Larry. Thank You. Maybe you already have a video online???

tofaloscom: Hey Larry, I've always said that knowledge should be shared, as the basis of human wealth. you are a great example of this sentence.
We love your tutorials.
Greetings from Chile.

Dominic Frasca: Thanks Larry, love your stuff!

Edgar Hasbun: i have a bug trouble! i don't see the folder "library" help please my project ys due in 24 hours

sugarmackb: After I type shift command H there is no Library folder

JZGUITAR88: My FCP 7 (on intel iMac) does not see my DV deck when I try to "Log and Capture".DV footage via firewire...Wouild this be a time to trash prefs...Deck works fine when I hook up to my older G4 FCP set up...but my FCP 7..doesn't seem to know it's there. Thanks....Phil

Larry Jordan: Be sure to check out my website for info on how to trash preferences. To find the preference files go to the Finder, press and hold the Option key, and choose Library from the Go menu while holding the Option key. From there go to the preference folder and you'll find that trashing preferences is the same as always. Take care!

Michael R. Santana: hello, i am having serious problems capturing tape on fcp 7. I've been capturing for years and years, and just last week it has been unable to initialize….. all of my setting are correct. i tried to trash the preferences but i cannot find the library to preferences for my life. can someone help?? much appreciated.

Choras Den: ID, sounds like your running lion/ML, the library folder is hidden. go to Finder> go> go to folder. type in ~/library/ and youre in!

Larry Jordan: Be SURE you are looking at the Library folder in your HOME Directory, not at the root level of your hard disk. If you can't find the files, you are looking in the wrong place. Also, check out the "FCP X: Improving Performance" article in my site's Training Library.

Defying Reality: for some reason I dont have those preference files?

Jose Santiago: Tutorial starts at 1:53

Larry Jordan: Make SURE you upgrade to the latest version - #FCPX 10.0.7 - and see if the crashes go away.

Ron Johnson: Hey larry im working with fcpx version 10.0 i deleted both of the files and yet the application still crashes when i try to use it

eli sanchez: I can't seem to locate any in my preferences file either could they be located somewhere else?

CinemaEnthusiast93: I'm actually working in Final Cut Studio 2.0 version 6.0.6 of FCP. Sorry, I forgot to specify.
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Trashing Preferences in Final Cut Pro 7