ATV JEEP Hurricane Replica 800ccm

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Weon Grande: Las replicas, copias, o plagios son productos qe intentan parecerce ennsu totalidad al original... Aca no hay plagio, tomaron siertos modelos para los q no le alcanza el dinero oar un original, me oarece bien, parte de la oferta y demanda... Me gusta

VoodooShaft: I am interested in purchasing one. Would anyone happen to know where I could purchase one?

Andrew S: Can this come in automatic transmission?

eggfase: Street legal in NY?

cummins245: @scottspook I don't recall the sidekick having independent rear suspension...

Artelian1: @RUcKaSs1 Yup..I' was thinking the same. You can find Polaris Razor second hand in good condition + optionals , at 8000 € +/-

Andrei Ionuț: how many bhp does this car have?

scottspook: what an awesome looking SUZUKI SIDEKICK......Thanks for freaking wasting my time

JON in MN: most of my buddies with jeeps are learning that if you have an fun you start paying a ton for broken parts. Most are switching to ATVs and if this was street legal is would win hands down in this area.

Metalhead0985: you guys dont even go fast enough to even get air....... wtf come on guys make this thing look fun not gay.

Ethan Rohner: @bengo76 i never heard of a tractor license

Oliver Mark Drews: wow, that looks like a fun toy! i want one!

sonny7863: this would be my every day "jumper"

chaseTJZ06: does it have 4wd?

kondor123279: no, you need pockedbike license

Ben Golan: yeah but for what? tractor or car?

Andrej Ivanco: you need driving license

Ben Golan: this is requiers a car driving license or a tractor license?

Riley Johnson: looks pretty cool . but my rzr would still own it
ATV JEEP Hurricane replica 800ccm 5 out of 5

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ATV JEEP Hurricane replica 800ccm