CNC Tutorial - Touch Probe In Mach 3

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Marcus Wolschon: "Call SetDro (2, PlateThickness)" Does this set the Z-coordinate in terms of the machine coordinate system? Wouldn't this mean that anything with an absolute position in terms of absolute machine coordinates (e.g. your touch-probe location, a tool magazine for an ATC, soft limits for the Z-axis,...) would be affected?

Alg Cnc: Hi
I can probing axis x

MrAzsh01e: great work but whenever cutting directly off the top of your table zero your tool from the top of the table so you don't cut into your table

Rarj Mag: What kind of spindle are you using?right now I'm using router and I might switch to spindle,thank you

stratoblaster23: i'm getting a "not yet implemented" message when I hit auto tool zero, I've loaded the code and restarted Mach 3, what am I missing? Probe pin shows active in Diagnostics when I touch plate to bit. Thanks

Houston Firefox: Well done Alex! Just spent a full day dealing with signal noise from my DIY touch probe and finally got it sorted out (added a 1uf electrolytic capacitor to the input pin). Anyhoo, great job and look forward to any new videos you put up :)

alaa abed: ok; i wont to ask abuot speed btween two pcs cut in mach3?  can u tel me how increase the speed btween 2 pcs cut(transfer btween 2 pcs) in mach3  thank u

eglintonflats: Could you wave you camera faster?

Ado Sehovic: Hi,

I need your help, if you can help me.
I want to do engraving of aluminum sheets 3mm thick. That aluminum sheet is 1000mmx2000mm. I want to do engraving on that sheet 1mm depth. I want that depth 1mm on whole length to be the same depth. My table on cnc machine is not perfectly flat, so when I do engraving on one side of the sheet machine make 1mm depth, on the other side 0.8mm depth, on the third side 0.6mm...I don't want that, I want the same depth on every side (1mm). That is why I need something to "scan" surface, and send info in computer, so when I do engraving to have same deep on whole sheet.
Something like on this video /watch?v=eJCSRXZf_Ok
That is a touch probe.
I called this company DATRON, and they want 7000 Dollars for this device...
It's too much money.
I watched your and I think that on these way my problem can be solved.
Can you please advise me, or make a video with instructions how to engrave sheet 1000x2000mm, and get the same engraving depth on whole sheet.

Thank you in advance

Alexandre SALEM: Hey Alex, after the probe my spinde is going down instead of going up and doesn't stop. What is the problem ?

Wilf: I wish you would stop sucking your teeth every sentence. other than that, very helpful. Thanks

Ihargo Santos: How did you connect two boards in your computer and set up on March 3? Thanks for your advices.. :)

SimPit Tech: man - BIG THANKS! your advice about first try saved my table and router bit as well :-)

JP Waite: Great Video. Also, I was admiring your Z axis build and spindle mount. Looks very sturdy.

Alex Crane: Recheck the description, it should be posted there now. You will need to convert it to english units but that is not hard and you will need to choose your own values anyways.

Will Begg: Dude! Buy an enclosure for the electronics, controller! You have a CNC, cut out a faceplate and make a chassis for the controller/electronics. A good sight, if you can't cut aluminum is frontpanelexpress. I have not used them, but it seems a good sight for custom enclosures and face plates. Keep up the good work, mate.

David W: Would you post your code with the English units?
CNC Tutorial - Touch Probe in Mach 3 5 out of 5

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CNC Tutorial - Touch Probe in Mach 3