Canon 550D On Steadicam JR First Test

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Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test
Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test
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Steadicam JR + 550D
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Hague DSLR Motion-Cam (DMC) - Steadicam Test (Canon 550D / Rebel T2i)
Hague DSLR Motion-Cam (DMC) - Steadicam Test (Canon 550D / Rebel T2i)
The complete Steadicam JR video
The complete Steadicam JR video

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HitchhikerDubai: Dude, close the toilet seat!

Emile van Zeeland: @picklecatcus Thanks.

tueybooo: Nice house.

Emile van Zeeland: @bbllaakkee5460 Check, they sell the mini motion cam for approx this price.

Emile van Zeeland: @alfredteh In the evening I use 1.8 with my 50mm lens. I'm not sure what aperature I used during day shoots.

Emile van Zeeland: @bbllaakkee5460 Sorry for this. I paid € 200,- for this but sometimes you can buy them cheaper or more expensive on Ebay. I normally shoot everything on auto. In dark I use manual aperature like 1.8 with my 50mm 1.8.

Emile van Zeeland: @skreim Check Ebay. Prices vary.

skreim: Where did you bye it and how much did it cost? :3

Emile van Zeeland: @TheDigitalTavern See your vimeo inbox.

Emile van Zeeland: @alfredteh You can use auto settings or manual settings. For more info see learningdslrvideodotcom for all video settings.

AlfredT3h: and also what aperture you used for the video? for a better focusing, i guess it has to be greater then f4 rite?

AlfredT3h: you said you used AF for video recording for 550D. I tho canons' cameras doesnt have Auto focus on video recording? Any specific settings that you used or set? mind to share?

Emile van Zeeland: @smarius70 Ligt aan de Lens. Ik heb een 50mm 1.8 erg licht dus gebruik geen gewichten, light stopblock en de Z 0 draaien. #5. Met een 18-105: Heavy stopblock # 8 2 hw Z -10 turns belangrijk is droptest. Zie hiervoor filmpjes op Youtube. Van het midden naar beneden min 1,5 seconden, liever iets langer. Let wel: veel oefenen is de truc. IUk heb het ook nog niet onder de knie. Kijk eens op en zoek op steadicam jr van o.a. Jan van der Meer.

Sergey Huts: 1:18 Who is it?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emile van Zeeland: @nick18man Sorry not fore sale. Look on Ebay for possible auctions for the original Steadicam JR.

nicholas manriquez: How much

nicholas manriquez: How mcuh?A

QwAdr0x256: 1:16 - haha, surprise.. daddy is here... no privacy. ;)

Dev Zaveri: you sir, have a lovely bathroom!

Emile van Zeeland: @mactuna Yes, I have found the correct settings now but also practise is the magic word with any steadicam. Thanks for watching.
Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test 5 out of 5

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Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test