How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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corronapapi: Hey man i just wanna say YOU ARE THA MAN! Your video accurately helped me fix my mower, Big shout out to you bro! Thanks and much love man. 👍👍👍👍👌

knighthawk86855: I tuned up a mower for a neighbor, they used it for a week and brought it back complaining that my work was shotty, so I took it back and found out from the woman, that they store it like you showed in the video, it did the same thing the one here did, I told the lady it wasn't my work that was at fault, it was the way she was storing it, and she should store it level, she did, and thanked me, and she brings her mower and her families mowers back to me for seasonal tune-ups now.

lunker012: The engine does not hold much oil in it (ounces not gallons). You lost some oil before this video as evidenced by the oil on the deck. You puked out more oil with the plug out. More oil came out of the muffler and you burned out some when it started and ran for 15 minutes. YOU NEVER CHECKED THE OIL LEVEL IN THE ENGINE BEFORE AND AFTER STARTING IT. You may have gotten the condition corrected but blew the engine anyway. I like your videos but you forgot a big step for youtubers that do not know what they are doing and caused this condition originally. Keep the videos coming.

aaron leaf: I did this it started up. Put more gas in and wont start back up.

JASWINDER SINGH: Thanks for very knowledgeable video >I have same lawn mower and i cant press the on the handle to start it its stuck any idea how can i unstuck or fix it please.

michael bott: You da man Donny!!  Thanks much!  took like 10 minutes if that

Kevin Maher: Direct and to the point! Thank you

Kevin Shuman: Great info thanks

Daniel Nuriyev: Thank you! The monetary part of my gratitude is on the way through paypal.
Guys, if Dony has helped you, paypal!

Robert Watson: Hydro=water. Petroleum locked.

James Sammons: Hey thank you so much for this fix. exactly what my problem was and saved me a trip to store for repairs. much appreciated

NEWYORKJET52012 GAMING: I need help and I think I broke my lawnmower and here is my question If you did put the cord on your lawn mower put forgot to push down lever and the motor makes a clunk sound can it still start and I pulled the cord a lot of times and I don't know what to do and it started but now it was having a lot of black smoke with it and it's a craftman self pusher

Awesome Lawn Care: Don't forget to let it sit and Check the oil level before starting

Bill Perry: looks like safety switch is cut of under the seat,it truns over when I jump the solenoid,I really appreciate it dony thanks bud,for ur inputs

Bill Perry: dony thanks for all vidz man,I have a husjy lawn tractor,that wont turn over,new battery,new ing switch,what else could it be PLZ help ,I am subscribed to ur channel,and watch ur vids all the time,thanks buddy!

Blake #: awesome!! I think that's the exact problem with a new mower.

Paul Jaragoske: thanx. most u tube guys don't really plan their videos very well and give us WAY, WAY too much info and wast viewers time. you done 👍

Jay Patel: you are a great teacher thank you

Willie Lee: great thanks my mower is the same as the one shown, and had the same problem, runnin like a champ now , thanks.

maccas mechanics: how ever it was still a great vid
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower