How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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steelyeyedmissileman: Bet you were popular with the neighbours!!

Gilbert Cruz: Is it possible to "hydrolock" the engine between piston and crankcase (i.e. too much oil added to engine) and would oil viscosity be a culprit? I recently worked on a Craftsman Tiller 208 cc, front tines, that had gas in the oil and was coming out the muffler and was also hydrolocking at times when pulling rope. I checked the carb for sticking needle/float, checked ok, then I drained and changed the oil (I used 5W-30 instead of 10W-30). When I tested engine it worked fine but when I tested engine the next day the rope was hard to pull at times but would eventually turn motor over and start. So, why would the engine be hard to turn? Maybe a too much oil. (By the way, specs call for 20 oz. of oil. I added an extra ounce or two.) What can you tell me?

春日歩: You shouldn't put starter fluid in an engine that's low on oil and has excessive blowby. that's just asking for trouble.

SoupCanHQ: pollution. yum yum. Anyways thanks

Scooter George: Shouldn't you check the oil level in the crankcase before attempting to start the engine? That's where the oil in the cylinder/combustion chamber came from. Otherwise, your advise seems sound. Maybe a bit heavy on the starting fluid though...

gsx8ualive801: Thanks for this video. I couldn't get my mower started today and knew for sure this was why when I watched this. Its running great now.

tony macdonald: I've come a cross this now I know watt wrong and watt to do thanks your just the top at watt you do Donny. 

Reaz Mohammed: Good info, thanks for the tips there always appreciated.

William Ross: Good work, good video.

Bumpkin PiEm: Thank you for the great video, donyboy. I have a question: Mamma has a husqvarna self - propelled push mower, and I tried to start it yesterday. The pull rope at first pulled fine- it didn't start, as I pulled a few more times, the rope got harder and harder to pull, till I seriously could barely pull it - over about 4 more pulls. Mamma said the other day when my sis was using it to mow her lawn. it got hot then she could not start it again. Then, later, Mamma got it started but it wouldn't remain running. It has fresh non-ethanol ethyl in it- its all we ever run in our lawn and garden tools. Oil is dark but adequate amount. Is this video above (hydrolocked mower), the right one for me? I watched it and I will try it, but I didnt notice any oil- (knowing Mamma she would wipe it up, however) IF you can think of anything else, please let me know. I will be working on Mammas mower tomorrow. Thank you for your kind help!

DestinLegends: Thanks

kenny sylvia: Hi how are you I have a 5.5 walk behind briggs stratton. Pull coil issues my uncle gave to me started it at his house came back to my house couple pulls and it locked up I broke everything down and pull coil off the machine works fine I put i all back got about a dozen pull on it and it locks up on me once mower hope to here from u soon have a great week end

lawnside82: ..and who or why would someone store a lawnmower up like that??

Mrjakepowers29: Thanks a lot. I knew it was not the spring. So kept Searching you tube and found your video. I have same lawnmower and has oil coming out of muffler. Saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

Chris Deziel: Great video. Very clear and helpful!

Ken Burke: Just fixed my lawnmower thx to your video! Thank you!

anniversary4: Once again Don I love your entire video series! Thanks for a great service that you provide. Can this hydro-lock problem be caused by overfilling the oil?

jason fisher: I hope the epa doesn't c this video lol.

Tyler Gideon: Thanks for the upload same problem with my pressure washer. Save me my sanity

Shanker Kana: you are awesome! I just had the same problem!

lugo small engines: for some reason fixing a hydrolocked motor is fun I guess cause its easy

krishan Bali: my dirt bike dose not start because the pull cored is stuck

krishan Bali: help

batchnerd: I actually got a mower from someone. They said that they could not start it, but we have a better one so you can have it. It needed gas... I tipped it up like that it was hard to pull, but still started, smoked like crazy though. I guess you can count on your briggs and stratton.

donyboy73: is it OHV

donyboy73: @Nickster7ROR yes use a horizontal crankshaft for a go-kart

twostinkyfingers: Update: Engines turns without spark plug but with it in, the engine doesn't turn.

paraglidermx: Could fill with gas and hydro lock also,,bad needle valve in carb..have to remove bowl to get to it.

Ross Cowan: Well I'm confused. I tried your "fix" on my mower, didn't work. You stated my crankcase may still be overfilled even though the dipstick showed oil level to be between add and full. So I decided to drain all the oil, guess what too much oil. I refilled oil to proper spec and the mower now operates as it should. Thanks for the tip, I owe you as I was ready to throw this mower OUT! Thanks again.

donyboy73: @D12caterpillar it might help the oil get out faster

jason bell: do u have a video or can u make a video on how too remove a gas tank on an 89 briggs and clean out the gas tank properly

twostinkyfingers: Trying this out in a few minutes need to get some quick start, but my question is do you shut the gas off when starting it with no spark plug? Also watched your carburetor change guide. Thanks.

Brandon Yost: I have an edger same problem its hard to pull took the spark plug out and it spun a tad easer but still alot of force is needed its brand new... Any ideas?

steven earnshaw: bend something when it can't comprees, i think a pool would cut off the air first

guitarfire1633: what were you rideing in the creek with your mower

Brent Jones: this can happen if your flowt gets stuck as well

fullraph: @donyboy73 There's one thing I noticed when I tried to restart it, it was doing backfire...

guitarfire1633: if it ohv you can do the valves and it should be fine

mike schiffel: smoke kills mosquitos.

donyboy73: you're welcome, make sure to subscribe

jason bell: @donyboy73 could u maybe make on for me cause i like this mower running straight

Stephen McConnell: should leave the plug in the boot while pulling it over as it is possible to cook the coil from overcharging it.

donyboy73: if it flooded yes it can

rjc862003: pull the plug spin the water or oil out of it rise it with carb cleaner and let it dry with the plug open for a few min

siemenstraffic: Al Gore disliked this video!

ncrdisabled Submarine vet: I seen a hydro locked engine one it got so hot with the oil in the muffler the muffler caught on fire. I have only seen this once but it ruined the muffler.

Yeshua saves: oh yea god bless you for helping seems little but it sure made my day..May Yahweh's light shine fourth and bring you blessings.Amein

siemenstraffic: old smokey!

shoprat17: Takes quite awhile to burn it out of the muffler...

Felix Rajaratnam: your good man. thankyou
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 4.9 out of 5

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