How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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abdutaweel: Thanks a lot. My issue was just solved without spending $75 or waiting for days foe the issue to be fixed. It didn't take me a minute. :)

Carol White: Donyboy73, What a time saver! For the most part, your videos are always short and sweet. I am smiling so hard right now, you're the best!

Jim Wood: Excellent video and explanation! A few hours ago I tried to start my lawnmower and couldn't get it to pull over at all. Was worried I had blown the engine. Found your video and all is good now. Started fine on one pull without quickstart. I didn't have as much oil or smoke as you did so not sure it was exactly the same problem but releasing compression by removing spark plug got everything working again. Thanks very much for sharing your expertise. Will be checking all your videos.

Uni Sol: This is a highly motivation to every one! Like you said, Ill dump my lawn mower due is not working but many time is an easy solution! Keep posting videos on that way, congrats bro....

David Dotson (SneakyDave): Excellent tutorial. I couldn't get any ether into the engine to get it started, but after a few attempts, I was able to use the primer bulb to squirt a little gas in it to keep it going.

billl605: check the oil level before you try to start it, may have lost most of it

James Reed: smell the oil, another cause of this is gas in the oil so change the 1/4 liter of motor oil

Sukhdev Brar: honda gc190 mount over pressure washer.It is very hard to pull and kick backing.I took spark plug out then easy to pull.I also took off valve cover both valve look right setting.What else I have to check?

Colton Glanemann: Do u have to use quick start or can u use something else

Aidan Gowan: I have the same lawn mower

Swaggernot1: #WhenALawnMowerFarts

William Chua: wow, thank you so much this video.

Tmidiman: Thank you for helping me fix my mower! I had that exact problem, and it happened just as you described. I didn't have the straw with my spray, didn't need to spray the carburetor, did have as much smoke, but I was up and running in no time. I only spent $3.59 for the quick start spray. Much appreciated!

Creative Design Solutions Company: Thank you so much

ben case: Damn that's like a funny car smoke

Damian: I had the same problem, it was hard to pull and I left it standing upright in the garage. Quick Google search and I found this video, 10 minutes later I was mowing the lawn!

TheSiamese Rat: Hey I have the exact same engine I'm confused if it's a 5.00 horsepower or it tourqe rating IDK what the horsepower is.

1234tric: Thanks.

Larry Lafferty: Wow! that was allot of smoke.

Mike Scott: DUDE!!!...You are the man!!!...tipped mower up to take blade off to get sharpened...forgot to put mower back down...2 days later put blade back on...and ran into the hydrolocke...but never heard of it...was resigned to scrapping the mower...but found your video...10 mins later...BINGO!!...thanks alot...saved me a few hundred bucks
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower