How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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Daniel Nuriyev: Thank you! The monetary part of my gratitude is on the way through paypal.
Guys, if Dony has helped you, paypal!

Robert Watson: Hydro=water. Petroleum locked.

James Sammons: Hey thank you so much for this fix. exactly what my problem was and saved me a trip to store for repairs. much appreciated

Awesome Lawn Care: Don't forget to let it sit and Check the oil level before starting

Bill Perry: looks like safety switch is cut of under the seat,it truns over when I jump the solenoid,I really appreciate it dony thanks bud,for ur inputs

Bill Perry: dony thanks for all vidz man,I have a husjy lawn tractor,that wont turn over,new battery,new ing switch,what else could it be PLZ help ,I am subscribed to ur channel,and watch ur vids all the time,thanks buddy!

Blake #: awesome!! I think that's the exact problem with a new mower.

Paul Jaragoske: thanx. most u tube guys don't really plan their videos very well and give us WAY, WAY too much info and wast viewers time. you done 👍

Jay Patel: you are a great teacher thank you

Willie Lee: great thanks my mower is the same as the one shown, and had the same problem, runnin like a champ now , thanks.

maccas mechanics: how ever it was still a great vid

maccas mechanics: didn't need to use the starter fluid because thats what the primer does i sprays a jet of fuel through the intake because those types of mowers dont have a choke and because you didnt use the primer there was air in the system so you had to put your hand over the carb.. but you may have to use starting fluid on a model without a primer have a primer

Taylor Daniel: my neffew hydro locked my new minibike I thought it was toast till I saw this video very good job thank you

Joel Suarez: thank you bro

Cap- mookie: Thx for the VERY useful tutorial. Good job.

dopex2xdeath: take off the muffler too, to get more air into the engine.... put it back after though

John Ambrosino: Hi Dony, Thank you for all your videos helped many times. I have a
John Deere JS63c it becomes hydro-locked. I remove the plug, pull the
cord to clear out the head but I don't see oil I see gasoline shooting
out. The air filter housing becomes full as well. I clear it all out
and it will start, then after its off for a bit its hydro-locked again.
Any ideas. Thanks, John

D Fields: Thanks, I picked up a MTD yard man mower at a moving sale that didn't run. It was only 3 yrs old. After discovering it was over full of oil by a lot. I did just this I. Addition to draining some oil out and new plug, it worked fine.

ken schiphorst: Your a legend thank you .

Tony Gray: hi donny i have a stihl 044 and the starter rope stops dead and the handle yanks out of my hand any suggestions please?
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower