How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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Raul De Anda: my lawnmower has the same problem, but no oil comes out when I try starting it.

SaiKo Plays: hey dony is there a way for me to take off the muffler on mine and let all the oil come out so it doesnt cover my new shiny muffler in scolding hot oil?

simeon kotev: with what spray spraying the cylinder and carburetor

Mike Gearhart: This worked exactly as in the video. Removed spark plug, pulled the starter about 20 times, wiped off the spark plug and replaced and mower started on the 1st pull. Saved me the $250 I was about to spend on a new mower. Thanks!

hoi Nguyen: Thank you for sharing this tip.

Mark Casey: first of all, this is amazing, thank you. Exactly what was wrong w/ my mower.

I do have one question. This is the first time it fully hydro-locked. but the mower has a history of blowing smoke out every now and then when i start it up, but by the time i was done mowing it would be blowing clear. I would think this meant that it cleared the pooled oil.

Is there any reason that oil would keep filling the chamber? I bought it from a buddy, so maybe he overfilled it, and it's just continually happening because it need drained a bit. but is there anything/where that could be leaking oil internally i could check, to see if i can get it to stop?

Love2boat92: Neighbors be like "what's all that smoke hun? Oh its just donyboy73 rolling coal with a push mower. It's nothing" Hahahaha. Thanks for this tip. I just got a push mower just like this one that I think was stored like this one was. Oil coming out of the muffler and its on the deck too.

Frederick Yankowski: This worked on a new snowblower. I brought it home tipped on its side to fit my car. I think the oil migrated to where it caused the hydro-lock. Would not crank over at all. Pulled the plug and then it could crank. No oil or gas came out. Put it back. Ran very dirty for 10 minutes, then fine. Thanks.

taratupa73: Thanks for posting this! I had exactly the same symptoms on the engine on my leaf vacuum, and this method helped me to get it started. Good advice! Thank you again.

boneheadmoth as hezy: I have a push mower with no blade it always does a kick back or it will pull half way need help?

alexander kethridge: Thanks for the video. After trying several other things from other sources, simply clearing out excess oil in the spark plug like you showed solved my issue as well!

Richard Naylor: great video thanks from England

OnePie: very helpful, great explanation. Thanks

M Gomez: Had problem with my mower. No oil came out. Was never aware that blade had to be on. Installed the blade and worked like a champ. I never thought that would cause this problem also.

Alex Mack: Aw, beautiful! I stored my lawn mower upright for a couple of days to fix a cracked gas tank. The lawn mower shows the same symptoms of the pull cord being tough to pull and it won't start. I'm going out right now to pull the plug. I'm sure you nailed the issue.
This video is the only one on YouTube that clearly explains the problem.
Many thanks!

Donna Marchetti: You gave a great description, on how to fix this problem. Thank you.

5228r: wow, it did work perfectly

Boo luquette: No mosquitoes in your yard !!!!

tualex67: Thank you very much. I am learning a lot from your videos. Keep up the good work . 

kramden: I always laughed when people brought in their brand new mowers they bought at department stores that wouldn't crank/hydraulic locked!  The silly people would fill the engine right to the top of the dipstick tube with oil, guess that is better than starting it with no oil!
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower