How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower
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Mo Kleit: Thanks for the video. very helpful.

Mario Melendez: Hey donyboy, I got an echo blower pb 500 T and I too believe it is hydro locked. Pull cord will not pull at all. I removed the spark plug and it still won't pull. Any suggestions?

Karen Miles: How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower:

Benjamin Ovre: Don't forget to check the oil level afterwards! Great video

friendshipyu: ha ha it really smokes like crazy, like a twin engine with one dead cylinder. You are fun, Don

Oscar Betancourt: I give you five stars buddy.

J Mex: thankz very much!!!!

jayed1254: Thank you Donnyboy for helping us understand the motor problems we encounter.   Straight talk is the best!

Daniel Robert: Yeah but, holy smoke, what's your secret for maintaining somekind of a relationship with your neigbours ?

anniversary4: Can a lawn tractor hydro-lock with gas?  My Craftsman with Briggs 18HP single cylinder Intek seems to be. It was really hard turning over so I removed spark plug thinking it may need valve adjustment (learned that tidbit from another one of your videos. When I tried turning it over with plug removed lots of gas came out of plug hole. Looks like I may have messed up rebuilding the Nikki carb. Briggs manual for that engine shows both a Walbro and a Nikki carb. Some people say that the Nikki carb is sensitive. Do you think I can or should switch to the Walbro? 

tom k: Thank you Dony. I overfilled my chipper with oil. I found your video, removed the spark plug and the oil came pouring out.  Was able to start and am now back in business.  Outstanding!

Jake Roll: hi its me again here is the engine with the problem I was talking about.

Jake Roll: I am thinking about buying a Robin Subaru horizontal shaft 7 horsepower with idle control came off of a power washer and the guy said it was hydro loching is there a way to fix it. I need to know if it's safe to buy if it's easy to fix?

Wayne Roberts: Thank you!

Antonio Tinson: Thanks for the video...I have the same problem with one of my mowers..but its a Kawasaki motor ..wanted to know where yet were located so you could take a look

Trenton Sanders: thanks this can be a help to people one time my friend had a hydro locked lawn mower and he got rid of it thinking the engine was blown

alex pencek: Thanks for helping me with my hydro locked mower

lovangels55: Thanks for that info, it saved me from taking my mower to a shop.

Bradley Reaume: Okay, I don't know who you are, but I just used your video to fix my "hydro-locked" power washer in about 23 minutes, so as far as I'm concerned, you Sir are a f&(%!ng genius!  THANK YOU!!!

Cody Jv: Flooding carb can do the same thing, but isn't always as obvious. 
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower