How To Fix A Hydro-Locked Lawnmower

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George Goff: Donyboy73, I have a old String brush cutter with a B&S 6hp (122K02-007-E1) that is acting like it is Hydro-Locked, but when I pull the plug and pull it through, no oil comes out. No oil comes out of the muffler either. It is very hard to pull through with the plug in, but easy with the plug out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Olivier Beucken: *thing

Olivier Beucken: Why does it keep stalling? My friends 3hp briggs does the same think and smokes like hell

Question: Who is The US Government - Answer: They Train, Arm and Finance Terrorist Groups?: Perfect instructions, tons of smoke, fixed in 5 minutes. Saved me $100+ and several hours of dealing with the sleazy lawn mower repair guy. Love youtube EDIT: And this video is 5 years old still saving our ass tons of cash. thank you forever

Arthur Kirk: Great video, thanks!

Nathan Arts (Bionic): Ive had the same problem but i had to remove the muffler and clean it out as it was so full of oil i still found it very hard to turn over and had no chance of starting it.

Sir Williams: would this process work in the same way with a car engine or is there a different way ?

Get Money: Thanks for sharing with us!! I skipped the starting fluid step but it started right up

forced23: Al Gore just fainted lol
At 1:04 it looks like more than just oil.

C Ng: I got it started, ran about 5 minutes and no more white smoke. But when I try to start it again, the problem is back, cord is hard to pull and some black oil out of muffler.

C Ng: I have done what you did, removed spark plug, pull the cord but no oil came out of spark plug hole, just some black oil came out of muffler. I drain and changed oil, put new gas in, repeated the process but still hard to pull the cord (only when I put spark plug in). What should I do? Thanks

thesaletales: This worked great. The video was concise yet still gave all the information needed. You've allowed my 14-year old lawnmower to make it to 15.

Jacob Ditmer: I would of done the same thing if it had too much oil in cylinder.

Jacob Ditmer: I like yours videos

John Cousins: OMG - thanks so much!!!

abdutaweel: Thanks a lot. My issue was just solved without spending $75 or waiting for days foe the issue to be fixed. It didn't take me a minute. :)

Carol White: Donyboy73, What a time saver! For the most part, your videos are always short and sweet. I am smiling so hard right now, you're the best!

Jim Wood: Excellent video and explanation! A few hours ago I tried to start my lawnmower and couldn't get it to pull over at all. Was worried I had blown the engine. Found your video and all is good now. Started fine on one pull without quickstart. I didn't have as much oil or smoke as you did so not sure it was exactly the same problem but releasing compression by removing spark plug got everything working again. Thanks very much for sharing your expertise. Will be checking all your videos.

Uni Sol: This is a highly motivation to every one! Like you said, Ill dump my lawn mower due is not working but many time is an easy solution! Keep posting videos on that way, congrats bro....

David Dotson (SneakyDave): Excellent tutorial. I couldn't get any ether into the engine to get it started, but after a few attempts, I was able to use the primer bulb to squirt a little gas in it to keep it going.
How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower 5 out of 5

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How To Fix a Hydro-Locked Lawnmower