Hyundai Accent Tuning

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Accent Planet Movie- Hyundai and KIA Virtual Mods. Tuning. and more.
Accent Planet Movie- Hyundai and KIA Virtual Mods. Tuning. and more.
Hyundai Accent tuning colombia sonido sobre ruedas 2013 2014 cali
Hyundai Accent tuning colombia sonido sobre ruedas 2013 2014 cali
tuning Hyundai accent 2009
tuning Hyundai accent 2009
Hyundai Accent  LC V6 3.0 Tuning
Hyundai Accent LC V6 3.0 Tuning
Hyundai Accent tuning
Hyundai Accent tuning
2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback Start Up. Engine. and In Depth Tour
2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback Start Up. Engine. and In Depth Tour
2012 Hyundai Accent. I25 Mod
2012 Hyundai Accent. I25 Mod

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right kick hospital left kick cemetary: Benny Benassi, hell Yeah.

kamilek2929: haha, so true XD

ricksmiths10: @rjgoldie alright dude let me school you on wat it means to tune something.......when you add mods to the car like exhaust, headers, intake, turbo, after market internals, etc. to optimize the cars performance........thats called tuning. wat these people in the video have done has nothing to do with tuning!....i mean its a blackhood instead of carbonfiber. and they have actually added weight to the car and slowed the car down! plz dont tell me its not riced out!

MegaAkashsingh: what is this song plz tell me ...

TheDanielitis: @CoolioMcPimp si quieres velocidad el hyundai coupe corre hasta los 260km/h que tal???

Tyrone Martin: @HamptonHoodlums sorry for hurting youre feelings but serious what did you expect this car has less aftermarket support then a pinto. I do give a point for going diff and not following every band wagon out there. And no dude my mommy didnt buy my car i did cause i have a job its called US Army. Now maybe if you can hit this up with like engine build and tuning then got a true to life sleeper and id give you mad respect no prob. For me its not domestic vs Import its about tuning.

Paaaaaakoooo: nice ride :O check mine too ^^

Damien Austin: @hurrhurrbtard I understand that, I'm not cutting down anyone. I own a Hyundai Accent alright I know what I got haha. I mean they are really not race cars anyone will tell you that. I mean I know several people with Honda Civics or CRXs that have the b18 swap or w/e. its 12-14 second quarter mile. I mean not bad. My car only has a 1.6L engine soooo its not like a 2.2 mustang or something. I would assume a 2.2 stang would destroy a Hyundai accent =] assuming weight ratios are worked out..

hurrhurrbtard: @CoolioMcPimp Most cars would outdo an Accent, but then again a secondhand Accent is one of the cheapest cars that's actually half decent in the world today.

nickskitzfan: @diggerpriest now buy one with your $50

zapatos123123: I thought this was a freaking joke lmfao

bgreen94: lol... hyundai... nuf said

91958587: あああ

SheebMaster: I puked a little.

Maxxlenoxx: I partially agree with you... I own a 2008 Accent and it's a good car to get you from point A to point B period (.) But I agree, people tuning those cars are plain stupid... there's not much difference between tuning an Accent and tuning a scooter. And YES, that music is so annoying !!!!!!!!! ;o)

roxasraid2: douche bag..

reis032: git jantların 17 incini takk !!! böle olmamı bu

smat2alex: i luv the eyes ! :O

Tyrone Martin: @smat2alex IF you 5000 into a civic yous can pound out more than 180HP get your crap straight \\ WRX FTW

Rollride: I own an Accent 2009, but listen, this is freaking gay. this is not a bmw its an accent worth 9.000$

EMJOY: zaten o kadar modeli var en babası bu cok güzel olmus araban iyi günlerde kazasız belasız kullan altındakının de hyundai oldugunu unutma kardeşim :)

wasy666666: this isn't a freakin accent newbs

Joseph G Baugh JR.: this is not tuning ass bite its lame my car is nicer then that 2007 accent my sand car is a 2180cc t3 turbo it will smoke this car and not go into 4th gear get some attention some were els bro i am tired of people putting pics of there cars on here becuse thay cant get any body to look at them thats lame this is about tuning tuning tuning what part dont you under stand

dogger2155: GAY!

HellYeahhhhhh: wow! awesome mod! kudos!!

kilsolow: tuning consist of everything engine body and everything else

DC5BUZAS: Obviously your a dumb-ass. Imports are cheaper, more reliable, more fuel efficient and the freaking list goes on there buddy!!! that's why your complaining cause all your parents could buy you in an 85 Chevy celebrity. here's a fact for your stupid ass, which vehicle manufacture got the car and truck award in the same year? Honda! no other vehicle manufacture has got 2 in the same year, ever!!!

F3rny111: You should put up before pictures....seems some people forgot what a 90s accent looks like to begin with :| Good job mate

ricksmiths10: @rjgoldie i bet he probably doesnt even have a aftermarket air intake (cold air or short)

mafiozos93: the song is hit my heart from benny benassi

cualian1: decen ride bro props

BUBOONOGAS: Nice load... music freakin sucks tho

88then89: totaly agree with you...this is the faggest car ever made and the owners are usually gay and here the song just prove it

hondase: Why do you guys call it Tuning ? Adding in a sound system and chrome mags is all but that..., tuning is engine and all performance based mods.

Bman1516: thats not even a hyundai accent

Toyota fourwheelins: I just crap my pants!

acpalexacp: hahaha wtf?

Tyrone Martin: @HamptonHoodlums E>A>D eat a pickle im pronbaly older then you and the car sucks balls man honestly its not worth building. But ill give a minute portion of respect for a somene who tunes anything even these POS

HAL9000PL: You shouldn't seal your subwoofer unit with silicon (i saw it trough bass - reflex) It's fumes work destructive for upper suspension of speakers (especialy if it is a foam)

Fallingup899: @worldhazard actually I don't mean to bring back your old post... Tuning by definition is enhancing the car to perform better.. This means a working spoiler, body kit that adds downforce, lighter rims for racing, whider tred for traction, bigger breaks for stopping, suspension for handling, struts, and stabalizer bars, then once all of that is done then you touch the engine... because then and only then is when the car can truly use the hp you will be pushing under the hood.

roey232: guy's today i buy hyundai accent 2001 Aotomatic!!!

ricksmiths10: THAT IS NOT freakING TUNING! that thing is riced up.............and as far as hating not hating.......both my cars will smoke this thing (civic coupe and altima)

aceemcee: check out my m8s car havdaflu on youtube so much better 500+ kilawatts its running check it out

XuleGua: thats good bro, they are reliable

vince l: @smat2alex lol honda is way better then a hyundai a civic with 5k in mod can go over 300whp if u want

nedam imeni: what song is this?

mrxchristoffer: PPL should stop hatin. Thats why your sitting at your computer watching this...cause you dont own it.

Damien Austin: @Fallingup899 I mean if you are doing a high rate of speed then yes the spoiler brings a significant difference. I'm just saying that when under like 90-100 Mph they are really not making a HUGE difference. You are correct though it provides more control on a winding turning track.

undertaker6102005: No ,tuning is only for engine performance. There is no design tuning....

Biggy686: lol aste of monney
hyundai accent Tuning 3.5 out of 5

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