Hyundai Accent Tuning

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Hyundai Accent tuning
Hyundai Accent tuning
Hyundai Accent--2014 TUNING FESTIVAL--
Hyundai Accent--2014 TUNING FESTIVAL--
Virtual Tuning - Hyundai Accent Hatchback #32
Virtual Tuning - Hyundai Accent Hatchback #32
Hyundai Accent --2014 Tuning Contest--
Hyundai Accent --2014 Tuning Contest--

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serkan kaya: eline saglık kardeşim güzel olmuş bendede bu kasa var arka stoplar la ön ızgara yı seninki gibi yapacagım..

kanadezosGT: -Does anyone know what type of bulbs does the Fog lights of a Hyundai accent 2001 takes??

F3rny111: @F3rny111 Or is that an early 2000?

F3rny111: You should put up before pictures....seems some people forgot what a 90s accent looks like to begin with :| Good job mate

AKASH SINGH: what is this song plz tell me ...

Tyrone Martin: @HamptonHoodlums sorry for hurting youre feelings but serious what did you expect this car has less aftermarket support then a pinto. I do give a point for going diff and not following every band wagon out there. And no dude my mommy didnt buy my car i did cause i have a job its called US Army. Now maybe if you can hit this up with like engine build and tuning then got a true to life sleeper and id give you mad respect no prob. For me its not domestic vs Import its about tuning.

Tyrone Martin: @HamptonHoodlums E>A>D eat a pickle im pronbaly older then you and the car sucks balls man honestly its not worth building. But ill give a minute portion of respect for a somene who tunes anything even these POS

souless194: Lol freaking ricer

0123212345: @smat2alex my goal is 200hp under $2000.

TheManadrug: ARAmobil`

Tyrone Martin: @smat2alex IF you 5000 into a civic yous can pound out more than 180HP get your crap straight \\ WRX FTW

Tyrone Martin: the music sucks and car blows ass yeah its deaf different and props for trying dsomething way outside the box and i driive a WRX ftw

russ8012: freaking gay car, freaking gayer song

shadowmax666: Civics' parts (US, not Jap) are less expensive, but in my opinion it's simply the less original, who never saw a Modified Civic? If not, then you go out less then 5 minutes a year... seriously

acpalexacp: hahaha wtf?

houa90: @smat2alex hahahahaha is that a joke???b18c5 bloc b16a2 head 2500$=190whp skunk2 adjustable cam 500$ typeR intake 350$=210whp gas rail injector fuel pomp 550$=230whp a tuned-up ECU 240whp!! now the civic 30whp less than your piece off shiit!!! So dont make me put a turbo @12psi only 285whp!!! now tell me what you do with 5000$ with detail please!!

Chris Hinckley: if its what they wanna do with their money and they're happy with it i say cool..

Ryan Priest: actually i watched this video not because i dont own one, but to show a mate there are people out there who do this crap to these cars... i won $50 as well!
hyundai accent Tuning 5 out of 5

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hyundai accent Tuning