5 Liter Mini Kegs

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Gregory Sagram: thank you for the video. very helpful. can you tell me what type of tap kit you use, who makes it, and where to find it please?

Mac Cionaoith Brewery: Just a question about the 5 litre kegs and carbonation.
Could you just use the dispenser to carbonate, rather then prime with sugar?

Wade Puffenbarger: I have lost the handle to my tap. dose anyone know where to get one that fit the slot correctly

Kameron Allison: Anyone tried this new personal keg out!?

Kameron A: Brand New Mini Keg system!

Clint Burt: sorry i know this is an older video but can i go get one of these (clean of course) mini kegs filled from a bar/brewerie i know its cheap but such as miller lite or a shock top out of tap and still use the co2 systems that you use??

ShaҚa↭βrah: Are those brown stoppers reusable or do you need to replace the middle beige part that gets punched out by the dispenser?

Emanuele De Angelis: can i put only 4 litres in 5 litres keg,wil carbonate propely?

BestFriends Beverage Containers: If any of you need beer kegs, feel free to contact me at becky@bfkeg.com
We are keg manufacturer from China and have Euro/DIN/US standard kegs and slim series, volumes ranging from 10l to 60l.

Our website: www.bfkeg.com

Russell Schrader: How long will the beer stay on the shelf in a mini keg? I almost always have 3 kinds of beer ready would they last 3-6 months after kegging?

Matowix: What about the sediment from the beer, does it get sucked up the keg when you drink it, and if you carry the mini keg wont it cloud up ? Also, does even small dents ruin the mini kegs ? Thanks

SMS CUSTOMS: I make Custom Gas Tanks out of these Mini kegs. Just built a 200cc Coors light Theme Bobber. Very easy to do. Of Course I drink them 1st.....

Tungstene: Hello Immolateus,
I bough a few mini-kegs recently and started using them. I love the principle, however I always find that my beer is a little more flat than in bottles. I use a third of the priming sugar as per the instructions, I've waited over a month to make sure it was all fermented, but once I tap them, I always get a few pints of pure foam before I get normal beer. Is it possible that I'm losing my carbonation in those first few pints? Am I doing something wrong?

Keri Callaway: I want to buy my hubby a mini keggerator. However, I can't find pre-filled 5L kegs in my area. Can you buy an empty  one and fill it with any beer you would like?

Colin Filthy: Hi, anyone know where the mini-kegs (without spigot or any other fuss) can be purchased in the US? Also the CO2 dispenser system?

David Hall: perfect size for 7 guys ?   hehee  you kidding ?

Theo Lubbe: Question: Could you not put the minikeg in your oven, without the plastic stopper, to have the moisture evaporate and leave it as steam?

Ryan Gribble: Party Pigs man, Party Pigs. That is all.

Kenneth Nygaard Jensen: Thanks

Pedro Nalin: Cheers dude, you video is very helpful!
5 Liter Mini Kegs 5 out of 5

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5 Liter Mini Kegs