Christmas In The Smokies, The Final Show Of 2011

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Christmas in the Smokies LIVE

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The Kentucky Patriot: Love it, Love it, Love it! We have season passes to Dollywood and take the kids every year! Christmas in the Smokies is where we belong!

Michael Dalton: I only recently realized how much I need to thank you for posting this version of "Christmas in the Smokies". This is a part of our Christmas and has been since this show started. This is the first show I look for each year as we come to Dollywood to start our "Christmas" tradition.This is the best program offered anywhere, and I will never again take it for granted. Thank you for keeping this up on you tube for us to have at heart and part of our Christmas tradition. I have watched this year round since I found it on you tube, and watch it regularly. I have seen it more times than most will believe....and everytime, it has the same result.......I love it......Thanks for your effort and work to upload this.

Emily &Daisy: I love the Christmas lights at Dollywood they work very hard decorating I wish they could make more shows like these going may 14th 2016 with a guest

Dennis Rudisill: We have been going to Dollywood at Christmas for numerous years.' My husband just found this recoding of Scott and Arnie's last performance. We also have enjoyed these talented performers. We do miss them in the show. Scott brings a lot of depth to the music performed, especially as Gabriel. I have enjoyed listening to him each time we saw him. We wish them well.

bradley root: I went to college with Arnie. What a voice she has!!! The girl can sing!!!!! Glad to see that her talent is being enjoyed by others. She needs to be the main star in a show!!!

Amanda Gilliard: I just saw the 2012 show and I can defiantly say Scott arnie and so many more are missed! This year there just so many new cast members that were different and out of the five from last year Kristen was the only one playing the same role! It was a big change! But I loved the change to sign language brenna did a great job!!

Wayne Jimerson: We just saw this year's show, and while we definitely missed Scott and Arnie, everyone did a great job. We thought Michael was awesome as the angel and we also loved Aasha's (sp?) take on the gospel numbers. They are great additions to the cast. It was interesting how they split Scott's and Arnie's parts up over several people, but it really works well! Kristin is really great again as the mother, and we think everyone in the cast did extremely well. Can't wait for the new post Bill, thanks!

DollywoodShows: Thank you for taking time to comment on this. I so miss the long time cast members that we have lost from this show. You will find the 2012 showing posted very soon. I am almost finished this years edit. The cast has many new members and the ones that have returned have new parts other then Kristin who plays the mother role. You will find other changes over the show in the ways that songs are presented.

mickeystar1777: Thank you so much for posting this video! I am a huge fan of Scott and missed him so much in this years show. I had no idea he had left Dollywood. He will certainly be missed.

DollywoodShows: Thank you so much for taking a moment to share this with me. It means so much. The hours and dollars I have spent mean more to me when I see that the videos really touch people.

Wayne Jimerson: I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful recordings Bill. We only discovered Dollywood and CITS in 2007 and it has become a yearly tradition for us. This is our favorite show in all of Dollywood, (and we love them all in every season!) We miss Paige, and now Scott and Arnie are moving on as well. We know there are great things in store for two such talented and genuinely nice individuals, but we will really miss them! God bless them, and you as well for posting this for us fans!


Josh Britt: i used work at dollywood arnie you are beutiful and scott is s realy good guy. they both have awsome voices luved working with them my god bless yall

DollywoodShows: Thank you Arnie for your kind words. You have been such a blessing to thousands over the years and I thank you so much for this. All of you are why I do this and I can't tell you how much it means to me when I read a comment such as the one that you posted here. Thank you!

Arnie Akers: It's August and here I am watching this show! What a great show and again, I feel so blessed to have known such talented people. Thank you again for sharing this unforgettable memory. To everyone who has supported all the Dollywood performers, I want to say aprayer million thanks for the love and support you guys have given us. Thank you Bill for everything. God bless you, my friend.

No: Thank you Bill. I wanted to be there that day, it just didn't work out. I'm glad Santa keeps providing you with top-notch equipment. I hate to see Scott and Arnie go, but that's the way of the world. We were able to see a couple of other performers in the traditional Scott and Arnie roles the week before Christmas, and I have no doubt that Randall and Jodi, as well as probably some others, will be good replacements.

Julie Wells: This just breaks my heart to see them go. I have been coming to Dollywood and watching these two on stage my entire life and it will never be the same without them. They are truly amazing performers.

Trizem21: Great spirit in the show tonight, you could feel it! Great job!! We will miss you both, but I know this cast will certainly miss you most!

Xavia Wilkerson: Thank you for sharing this. Scott and Arnie are wonderful performers. To Scott fans, grab a tissue.

marquette50: Thank you Scott and Arnie. You have blessed us so much over the years as you have lifted up Jesus. God's best to you in the future. May you always stay in the center of his will. We have been coming to Dollywood since 2002. The beautiful thing is that Jesus is lifted up everywhere in Dollywood. May the foundations of Dollywood never change! There is no park anywhere like Dollywood. Scott and Arnie we will miss you greatly. You are loved by so many.
Christmas in the Smokies, The final show of 2011 5 out of 5

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Christmas in the Smokies, The final show of 2011