Hiccup And Astrid's First Kiss!

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Hiccup and Astrid's 1st Kiss
Hiccup and Astrid's 1st Kiss
Hiccup : older & HOT in How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Beyond The Trailer
Hiccup : older & HOT in How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Beyond The Trailer

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Gaia Chiacchiararelli: is my favorite song...

sotocorderoa18: LOL the kiss noise XD Love the video! ^_^

naruto thelover: my favorite music

arda arslan: super

Starrypawflower: ^Made my day xD

breyergirls1: @Wizdomx07 me too

Ace Carlo: they are perfect for each other

sslivos: @DeppTennant159753 Probally spin somethings off the second book(Dont say anything about it I havent read it yet lol)

kkwho1011: how come some of the video is backwards?

Ally Schaltz: @sslivos yeah, awesome right!!!!! XP

Seasammy13: ur right it does fit

God's Anime Lover~: yup the weirdest and stupidest and most idiotic kiss.

extremezoneification: like and favorite this is freaking amazing xDDDDDDDD

sslivos: @DeppTennant159753 Are they going to make another one?

AdvanceShippingeevee: Song ain't weird D:< It's freakin' A!!

Ryuzei Abadeer: what´s the song´s name?

sslivos: @DeppTennant159753 lol i cant wait. I wonder what they're going to do for it.

Amanda Oliveira: naverdade é o como treinar seu dragao

Kauru Kuzunagii: Yes. it's wierd song for them but it fits !! XD LOVE YOUR VID!! PLEASE DO SOME MORE HICCUP X ASTRID xDDDD

TheNightandtheFury: Hiccup and Astrid fans like me be prepared for a new romance. Heather enters the show this wednesday and is expected to be a new lover for Hiccup.

zoneasa kyle: I may be 11,but not gulible O.O

rhodestwins: is that ke$ha????

nourhan abdeen: 0:12 is that the movie or an episode

fantasy99939: i am 11 too

Crazi4Budgies: @e009yoh thank you for replying back but i already flipped the video and it worked but i will do that for my upcoming music videos thank you so much again!

Rachy2049: I wish I was Astrid.

Katia Gyetvai: Which movie does Astrid kiss Hiccup in public?

TheThundershock100: why, so you can kiss astrid???

cutekittens6: awesome timing for 2:41!!!

Dinh Nguyen: with me, this's the best!!!

TheAzoz55: ياخي مافي مقطع بدون عرب

Ally Schaltz: @sslivos yeah i know so much could happen...i wonder if there are other night furys....you know! Toothless can't be the only one! and the next one wont come out til 2013....arggg!

sslivos: @DeppTennant159753 Theres like 7....

paul capatan: i wish i am hiccup

Crazi4Budgies: I also made a how to train your dragon music video but mine got deleted due to copyright issues from dreamworks what do I do please help me!!!!!!

Eddieost0309: whats the song name?

Ally Schaltz: i wonder what the relationship b/w Asrid and Hiccup will be in the 2nd one ? l l _

TheNightandtheFury: In the series, Riders of berk on cartoon network.

e009yoh: @Crazi4Budgies write in description its dreamworks' copyrighted material and that your usin it for entertainment purposes only "it always works

zoneasa kyle: hey,I wish I was astrid but dreams can't always come true.v.v

Emilie13love: am I the only one who thinks that Hiccup is so good looking?

patinatesh taguba: No.... Well, at least he's just a cartoon.

zoneasa kyle: yeeesh sorry i'm 11 should've mentioned that earlier XD

Ace Carlo: i bet if they have kid tooth will eat them if they look like dragon food!!!

mitzi32996: for some reason i REALLY like the second one because of how Astrid goes for it.....dunno why.

TheEstee45: Hiccup is so sexy with this song

Tooliechick: that was the perfect song. Great job

Eduardo Hernandez: best video ever made hiccup and astrid feelings for each other or whut

Eddieost0309: That was a year ago, xD You would think i hadnt already found out, and i did, probably even on the same day, Thank you though!

isaiah rhea: yup
Hiccup and Astrid's first kiss! 4.7 out of 5

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Hiccup and Astrid's first kiss!