DIY Cintiq. Raptor Edition

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DIY Cintiq. Raptor Edition
DIY Cintiq. Raptor Edition
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Marcelo Franco: Good night friend.
How I solved the problem of jitter pen near the display pcb?

Timeship: Or look at eBay for any used Tablet PC starting $70 up!

HipposHateWater: For anyone that's done this, roughly how much did it cost you? Everyone seems to dance around the cost of the 3rd-party parts excluded from the kits, (like the LCD display) and the amount of dead-ends are getting ridiculous for someone merely entertaining the idea. :P

Tyler Flugum: hey, what size lcd did you use? on the website they just have a resolution 1440x900. Is it a 15.6" screen, and does it fit to use the whole wacom Large tablet?

Fulham Gaz: The mod kit for this is 500 dollars alone... i'd rather just keep my money to be honest. You could make one yourself anyway out of a fully load wall bracket for an lcd or led tv. The brackets can be bought from any good tv shop and for a a lot less that what price this is.

sinefinehabitarevolo: Hi. I've made one Tabletmod kit too, and I was wondering how you were able to attach Ergatron arm without problems. I haven't installed it yet, but the acrylic material is very brittle, and the LCD controller kit is attached to the main case only with 4 zip ties. How is the entire build hold up 15 lbs?

Erik Karlix: @Randomsilly This maybe a frightening concept, but reading the description should be all the info you need to begin. It's below the video.

Randomsilly: where do you buy this ?????? please tell me kuz i need/want one :(

Erik Karlix: @erufan95 There is a bit of calibration fun. My recommendation is to just play with it till you get something that works. sometimes you have to adjust (And from my tablet in question, i tend to go a cm higher than the screen.)

Mainiac: Is this just a regular one but it's built by you, or what is Raptor? XD very nice drawing :)

freakofnature1yo: @Raptor3k and raptor is?

Erik Karlix: @freakofnature1yo It's made by Raptor, for Raptor. :-P

freakofnature1yo: whats the diff. between this and the normal one

Yunior "Fenris" Guerra: Do you sell one of those, already armed?

GinoZump: you wouldn't be good at shooting porn. you're covering everything with your arm.

Erik Karlix: @GeorgesDuarteCosta I'm actually adjusting my desk setup, so maybe that will get a touch of improvement..

Erik Karlix: @jjaycallejas Color difference only seems blaring on some colors, but i think my monitor is off from print anyway. It's close enough though for what is needed and if any fine tuning needs to be done, it can just be done on the other one. As for the enclosure, it's mostly the fact that I used straight up super glue that.... well... I think i should have tried a stronger adhesive.. tempted to mod mine further with some metal 90 degree brackets or something to keep it together.

Jezreel Callejas: @Raptor3k how large is the color discrepancy would you say? Is it just a slight annoyance or a glaring mismatch? It's my experience that color shift between monitors is to be expected. but if your using the tabletmod for print production, I can see the concern. Otherwise, the only way I can see you achieving true color fidelity is with a fancy photography calibrator. Do you mean the enclosure seems brittle, or just being careful with the ergatron/enclosure connection? thanks by the way

Erik Karlix: @jjaycallejas Sorry, I didn't notice this post or i would have replied earlyer. First, it's the game, not the book, for the PC. The jitter isn't an issue at all. I've found no problems with my linework with it, my concern comes from the limitation on colors (Or..colours) so i've been fighting to get them to match right to my other monitor. I like my Ergatron setup, as i also have the clip on addon. The problem that comes up is being gentle with it so I don't break the enclosure.

Jezreel Callejas: So hows your experience with the jitter dilemma? I want to build this right now but want to know about others experience with it. cool setup you got going on there by the way. using that mass effect art book for inspiration? oh yeah, how does that ergatron feel too?
DIY Cintiq. Raptor Edition 5 out of 5

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DIY Cintiq. Raptor Edition