Noodler's Pens - A Review

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Glenn Higley: Another very good review, Stephen. I believe some of these are no longer available. I'm a fan of Noodler's Inks, but far less so their pens (and nearly all of my other Indian pens - ahem FPR - for the same reasons). I have a couple Noodler's Pens and will likely try more in time being a slow learner with a dodgy memory. I prefer not to have to work on my pens to make them write or call a rotund neighbor over to sit on my wrist for flex, but that may change in time. I have many far less expensive Chinese pens which I find greatly superior to Noodler's as they have no start-up issues, don't leak so much that I'm afraid to leave the house with them and write properly without the need for repair videos, nib replacement, cussing or threats. : ) 

markos741: 2011 wow. The Ahab wasn't even out at the time, I think. There's something nostalgic about these old videos. Always a pleasure watching.

Stuart Garlock: I have been watching your videos for a few months now. You inspired me to get back into the fountain pen game and now I have 5 pens and 4 bottles of ink. Your reviews are really helpful and entertaining.

mechadrake: My nib creeper style free pen is extremely scratchy, so sad :( probably needs a little bit of smoothing on nail smoothing file?

BDM450: You've written with so many expensive pens, how about a "How do you like me now?" for the early Noodler's pens? Thanks!

738polarbear: The push pull piston fill on the Ahabs is much better quality than the newer screw type piston fillers.I bought one of the screw types and it fell to bits in my hands.The Ahabs I bought were fine.Hope that Nathan has got rid of his crappy screw fillers..Yes I was gentle with it.

Leonardo Hernandez: I just got my first bottle on Nikita and I was wondering if you have found any tricks to improve the flow of the pen that comes with the ink? do you know if you can pull out the nib and feed?

Simon Kuang: Did you omit the Ahab?

Fares Oros: Just bought my first 4.5 oz Dragon's napalm with the free pen! I was a bit disappointed at the beginning! It took me more than multiple minutes to get it to work. But for a free pen, can't really complaint!

StonedBoo: @sbrebrown Around how much was your import tax?

DontLeaveMeLucile: omfg this is JUST LIKE an e-cigarette review LMFAO "MY EDC, my everyday pen pouch" AHAHAHAHA JUST LIKE A PCC "Personal Charger Case" HAHAHA OMG CANT STOP LAUGHING!!

kezdodik1: thanks, you helped me

Luetzow1: Do you know a shop distributing Noodler's flex pens in Europe? Maybe in Germany or in the nearer countries? I keep looking for one but I am only able to find some in the U.S. and the shipping would cost more than the actual pen.

StonedBoo: @sbrebrown I Think there is import tax and what i am going to order together is $42.50. So it looks like i will have to pay import tax.

EdD5: Is there a series/brand of pen which is just a step up from Noodler's (say twice the price) that you'd recommend?

sbrebrown: Yup, although some of them are discontinued without much notice, so if you want a specific model, scoop it up while you can.

sbrebrown: Yes, the pricing is quite amazing.

sbrebrown: @StonedBoo The only difference is their looks: monochrome (black resin), or multi-coloured (red and black swirl resin). Both pen bodies are made of resin, as far as I know.

Qwonks: Haha, thanks, I already thought about buying one from Blue Heron Arts. But yeah, I'm sure the Noodler's brush pen is going to be way better than those :D I hope it comes out soon...

sbrebrown: They were to be had from the Goulets, but they don't stock 'em anymore. Noodler's pens are discontinued at times, so perhaps the brush pen has bitten the dust. However, if you buy a 4.5 oz bottle of Baystate blue or Kung te cheng (both by Noodler's), you get a brush pen for free (not the Noodler's brush pen in the Konrad body, but these brush pens are pretty nice too).

sbrebrown: @StonedBoo You can flush water through the grip section and, carefully, pull out the nib and feed to rinse them. You can simply put water in the barrel to clean it. Then let everything dry and assemble it again. That should work!

sbrebrown: If you want to do Chinese characters, I guess a flex nib would be more useful than a standard (italic) calligraphy nib. However, wouldn't you be better off with a brush pen? Noodler's makes these things too.

sbrebrown: Thanks for the link! Also, the brush pen that comes with aforementioned inks, can be disassembled completely. I would be surprised if the Noodler's replacement brushes don't fit in there!

Jake Coventry: How do you get your Noodler's to flex so much? Mine keep railroading :(

StonedBoo: @sbrebrown i already ordered the cardinal darkness but thanks for the info

sbrebrown: @StonedBoo Well, what is certain in this life ;-)? Let me put it this way: I can take out the nib and feed of my red and orange Noodler's eyedropper pens. But really, if you're not sure, you can just leave 'em in and flush out the section just like that!

StonedBoo: @sbrebrown I am going to buying a noodler's pen, hopefully, and an ink so i have plenty of ink, because tomorrow i have an exam, and i just ran out of all my ink... :P i have to use a ballpoint. So i am going to buy that ink and either an ahab or a piston filler black pen. So i think i will be satisfied, i will have a nice noodlers pen, when that runs out of ink, i will have my eye dropper free pen and i will have my 2 parkers. They sound like a nice addition.

sbrebrown: Thanks for the additional information! Have you considered making an all new brush pen with a mini converter, all made by you ;-)?

Jake Coventry: That makes sense! I shall try it, thanks for the help!

sbrebrown: The question is: do you like the pen body? It is slim, etc. If so, you might consider getting a Kaweco Sport nib unit (e.g. Gouletpens, $12), take out the nib of your Noodler's pen, and replace it by the 23k gold-plated Kaweco nib. It's no secret I love Kaweco, but this ought to eliminate 100% of the scratchiness of the Noodler's nib. You know, just an idea.

sbrebrown: @edwdixon5 And, of course—how could I forget?—Kaweco! Get a Kaweco Sport Classic and you won't regret it! Relatively cheap pens, but with VERY sweet 23k gold-plated nibs!

Nathan Holden: Question: Can you post the resin pens?

sbrebrown: @00db3515 Not the old Capless model, but I have used the newer Vanishing Point. A very practical pen! I have a review of that pen on my channel.

Qwonks: Oh, okay. I know there are other brush pens out there, but I especially wanted the Konrad due to the fact that you can change and adjust the brush, which is kind of unique for brushpens (as far as I know). Thanks anyway =)

Dennis Meade: At the moment (6/3/2012) has a number of the Flex Nib pens or is this a different kind of flexibility.. I've been thinking of buying a Lamy calligraphy pen, but your recommendation and the price of a Noodler's fountain pen have convinced me to try a Flex Nib pen first.. i intend to trying using it to write Chinese characters since this pen may work well in controlling the width of the strokes.

ArtJourneyUK: I have tried... many combinations of parts have been tried over time.

DontLeaveMeLucile: a novelty pen? dont you review for artists at all? jeez.. noodler's flex pens are legendary in pen and ink drawing and sketching circles and you act like you have no idea of this? some pen efficienato you are lol.

StonedBoo: @edwdixon5 Noodler's are just fine. (Trollface)

ArtJourneyUK: Definitely! The Blue Heron Arts pens are cheap and plasticky, although the brush tip is good (large and nice hair!) they are prone to leaking round the brush section. I know the quality of a Konrad pen and want a brush version... so lets hope they appear soon! :o)

sbrebrown: Yes, you can post them all!

StonedBoo: Have you got the blue or green eyedropper pen from noodlers? I want to buy a black ink from noodler's and it comes with a free pen i just want to see what the blue or green pen looks like. Here is the ink i want to buy: gouletpens(.)com/Noodler_s_Borealis_Black_Ink_p/n19815.htm

ArtJourneyUK: Sorry to interject but brush pens are a little fascination of mine; the brush pens that come with bottles of Noodlers ink are pretty standard 'water brushes' (also used for ink). A number of companies (Derwent, Pentel, Sakura, Kuretake) use the same components but they are not great (flow is hit and miss). Blue Heron Arts make an "ok" piston filler brush and both Platinum & Pentel make cartridge brush pens which are ok. However... I too am waiting for the Konrad to reappear for the same reason!

EdD5: @sbrebrown Yes indeed. Much obliged.

Leigh Haggar: Thanks for the info. I didn't realise that Noodler's pens were so affordable.

ArtJourneyUK: They don't unfortunately. I am currently butchering/manufacturing my own Konrad brush pen (akin to my mini converter - the dremel is involved along with what was a Konrad Rollerball!). Results are slow but optimistic and I was surprised at the basic simplicity of the Konrad brush pen. Hope to do a comparison video when I am finished!

sbrebrown: The right ink. I mainly use Noodler's X-Feather, which is a bit thicker than most fountain pen inks. The added viscosity aids the flow during flex.

sbrebrown: It depends a little on the pen colour: I have these bodies in four colours (red/black mottled, yellow/black mottled, burgundy, and demonstrator). I do think some bodies look cheaper than others. Of course, it was a $14 pen, originally. I am really, really waiting for Noodler's to bring out a metal-bodied pen - but I have no idea if that's ever going to happen :-).

WaskiSquirrel: I love Noodler's pens! Noodler's got me back into fountain pens after several years of hiatus. They have built-in filling mechanisms rather than converters or cartridges, and this is something I've always wanted. My cheaper Parkers and Crosses had only converters. Pens with built-in mechanisms were out of my range. So I have purchased a few Noodler's. The Konrad is my favorite. I even own one ebonite model. The flex nib is fun, especially with the right ink. I really appreciate the prices.

sbrebrown: A lot of women seem to get enthusiastic when they see me ;-). The Ahab's a big pen, so if she likes large pens, she'll love this pen. Also, the fact that it's a flex pen adds to the appeal: she can use it any way she wants! You may want to get a buff stick (e.g. richardspens [.] com) and use it to smoothe out the nib a little bit (they can be a little scratchy at times). Having said all of this, I love the Ahab!

sbrebrown: Haha, that;s an awesome reason to pick a specific finish :-). Yes, Noodler's makes pens, and they are pretty nice. Some need a little work to write well, but love the price level of the pens, and I love the fact that you can disassemble them completely for home maintenance.
Noodler's Pens - a review 4.9 out of 5

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