Noodler's Pens - A Review

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Noodler's Ahab Flex Pen Review
Noodler's Pens - a review
Noodler's Pens - a review
Artist Review: Noodler's Neponset Fountain Pen
Artist Review: Noodler's Neponset Fountain Pen
Noodlers Ahab / Kanwrite Heritage (Flex Nib) Fountain Pen Review
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Noodler's Ahab Flex Fountain Pen Review
Noodler's Ahab Flex Fountain Pen Review

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rebirthofsword: Im looking to get my 1st pen it sounds like Noodler's may be the way im going looking at the pens im seeing a lot that are Noodler's flex should i stay away from the flex or are the newer pens not as flex able as the ones in the video?

Lori Arrowood: Hey Stephen! Love your vids - i just recently discovered your channel so forgive me for posting on an older one. But I was wondering what brand your EDC pouch was? Wouldn't mind picking one up.

Tomm Smith: In Jesus' name you're healed.

Colton McAfee: Great vid, would like to see a 2014 edition with the neponset and the other flex pens. 

InnerProp: Where exactly are the pens and nibs made?  If they are made in the USA, why don't they market that more.  I know there is a big market for all things USA made in the USA.

George Terrill: Are the rest Screw cap pens? you did not say. What is the price of the first pen you showed? Flex nib pens used to be all that was available, and they were used by everyone, very pretty writing or horribly misspelled scratchings(not everyone had any schooling). Now you say we should not use one unless our writing is very good. You might point out in your next video that plated steel nibs are the most common today, and their inherent stiffness actually works better for today's fast paced world and jotting down quick notes. Flexible nibs are best enjoyed at a slower pace, and yes, they are quite enjoyable. We should all have at least one to enjoy.  In any case, use your pen. Write someone a letter today...just for the fun of it. 

Stuart Garlock: I have been watching your videos for a few months now. You inspired me to get back into the fountain pen game and now I have 5 pens and 4 bottles of ink. Your reviews are really helpful and entertaining.

Glenn Higley: Another very good review, Stephen.  I believe some of these are no longer available.  I'm a fan of Noodler's Inks, but far less so their pens (and nearly all of my other Indian pens - ahem FPR - for the same reasons).  I have a couple Noodler's Pens and will likely try more in time being a slow learner with a dodgy memory.  I prefer not to have to work on my pens to make them write or call a rotund neighbor over to sit on my wrist for flex, but that may change in time.  I have many far less expensive Chinese pens which I find greatly superior to Noodler's as they have no start-up issues, don't leak so much that I'm afraid to leave the house with them and write properly without the need for repair videos, nib replacement, cussing or threats.  : ) 

markos741: 2011 wow. The Ahab wasn't even out at the time, I think. 
There's something nostalgic about these old videos. Always a pleasure watching.

mechadrake: My nib creeper style free pen is extremely scratchy, so sad :( probably needs a little bit of smoothing on nail smoothing file?

BDM450: You've written with so many expensive pens, how about a "How do you like me now?" for the early Noodler's pens?  Thanks!

738polarbear: The push pull piston fill on the Ahabs is much better quality than the newer screw type piston fillers.I bought one of the screw types and it fell to bits in my hands.The Ahabs I bought were fine.Hope that Nathan has got rid of his crappy screw fillers..Yes I was gentle with it.

Leonardo Hernandez: I just got my first bottle on Nikita and I was wondering if you have found any tricks to improve the flow of the pen that comes with the ink? do you know if you can pull out the nib and feed?

Simon Kuang: Did you omit the Ahab?

Luis Oros: Just bought my first 4.5 oz Dragon's napalm with the free pen! I was a bit disappointed at the beginning! It took me more than multiple minutes to get it to work. But for a free pen, can't really complaint!

Luetzow1: Thank you very much! Finally I will be able to add some Noodler's Pens to my collection =)

Luetzow1: Do you know a shop distributing Noodler's flex pens in Europe? Maybe in Germany or in the nearer countries? I keep looking for one but I am only able to find some in the U.S. and the shipping would cost more than the actual pen.

Fernando Rodriguez Romero: Any other ink good for flex nibs that isn't black?

Jake Coventry: That makes sense! I shall try it, thanks for the help!

Jake Coventry: How do you get your Noodler's to flex so much? Mine keep railroading :(
Noodler's Pens - a review 5 out of 5

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Noodler's Pens - a review