Nokia 3310 Vs. Nokia 3315

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Nokia 3310 vs. Nokia 3315
Nokia 3310 vs. Nokia 3315
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Ritesh Yadav: Who is wathing 2017👍👍

Zikripalembang Zikripalembang: Why The 3315 using 3310's casing?

Zikripalembang Zikripalembang: I have NOKIA 3310,but same like you.

Zikripalembang Zikripalembang: I like 3310

stephanie broussard: mommy was going to start me off with an flip phone, but those are non-existent in normal phone retail in 2016. and i wanted an Samsung touchscreen since those types of phones are plenty in modern days :)

p.s.: mommy had an Samsung galaxy, and i thought about my choice of phones in the last 5 years before i got my own. i started begging mommy to get me a phone better than Dylan and Jolie's. and since i got into 9th grade after nailing the previous grade level, mommy finally got me one thanks to that random thought of high school safety she had. i got my first phone last august the week before the first day of school. she upgraded to an iPhone while i upgraded to an more powerful Samsung galaxy thanks to good grades.

sorry if this is an long comment.

Alpha: Nice bricks

just viewing: Nice special Nokia you have man! I just started using stock 3310 again after my second S.galaxy died  on me and I'm fed up with smartphones. Do you maybe know where can I get data cable for 3310 or if there is any other way to connect it with computer?i heard that with data cable I could install firmware from 3330 on my 3310 but I didn't find any cable for reasonable price on ebay...Also if you know if 3330 would have net manager function or is it mod fuction? Thanks a lot for the answers.

simon moreta: nice vid. what old style nokia should i buy?

yunusgamer2005 COMPUTER: l love 3315

martin trejbal: budou další videa retra mobily

Adrián Alcón Żurawka: i like the blue retroiluminated screen :D

Sračko: Já mel 3410 máma 3315 a táta 3310 :)

Heker Majer: je to skvělej mobil popravdě za malou cenu bych si ho koupil



Gerson Miro: i have lots of them nokia 3315 nokia 3310 and others nokia to message me on fb if u like chan jammo

shamassive: Such inform!

Eugene Krystev Канал Закрыт: nokia 3310 telephone childhood :D

allan simon: i just got a brand new 3310 today :D been searching for months! (without paying a fortune for a 12 year old model)

Alex Tarasov: I want new one!
Nokia 3310 vs. Nokia 3315 5 out of 5

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Nokia 3310 vs. Nokia 3315