Dentures & False Teeth : Flexible Partial Dentures

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Joe Mel: I have 2 sets. One is stored away as a backup in case i break one. Don't worry guys, this is far better than you think at first glance.

Joe Mel: I've had mine for over 3 years now, robust, flexible, thin, I eat with it but I am careful. 4 teeth total, 2 on both sides, Upper. Joseph Mel from Toronto Canada

AGxxJG: Id love to try those. My top plate can pop out if i chew down on one side too hard .
Can i get them in the uk

Amber Kloosterman: Just got top and bottom partials had a hell of a time getting upper teeth out. Any suggestions.

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Rob Tre: Dear Dr. Joe Neely. I hope i spelled your name correctly. I will be getting flexible upper partial dentures, I have had permanent dentures for the past eight years until recently, they broke off these would be my first seven front teeth so basically I have no front teeth. i visited so many dentist offices here in Dallas, Texas so implants are wonderful but i dont have 25 thousand laying around. Not one mentioned anything about flexible dentures.. I got a treatment estimate and the choices i had from the last office i visited-Affordable dentures in Mesquite, Texas. As I looked at the choices i seen cast metal and flexible, i since went to google to research and it seems to me the best over generic hard acrylic dentures and cast metal. So the question i have for you.. Can people EAT with the flexible partial dentures?

Miguel Malave: Does flossing everyday compromise the use of these partial dentures

wendy_pop: thank freak my flexi have 5 years garantee, dont wanna spend hundredz then they break n have to pay hundreds for a new pair

Nanaimo Denture Clinic Inc. Ahmed A.Omar: The idea of it not being supported by teeth, is that a good thing? I think not, but what's your thought on that?

Nanaimo Denture Clinic Inc. Ahmed A.Omar: What's your thought on the theory that these flexible denture wouldn't transmit the forces applied equally over the entire mouth? They're not rigid enough to do that? Causing faster bone resorption in the area chewed up on more often?

Richardo Hanna: Valplast?

Ilias Kolligris: can we have a video of the clinical stages and the decision for the design of a flexible partial denture?

Jeff Bills: when you go in they will NUMB you ... so no you will feel nothing,,, then when the ANESTHISIA  wears off you will have pain meds........its GOING TO FEEL GOOD TO YOU AFTER SAID AND DONE,,,and you will have a great smile, and fresher breathe....!!!!! PLUS ITS VERY BAD FOR YOUR KIDNEYS TO HAVE THE INFECTION DRAINING DOWN INTO YOUR STOMACHE WHICH ENDS UP DESTROYING KIDNEYS OVER A PERIOD OF TIME ,,,,,,,

Giovanni Delmoro: im 17 too and am facing man root canals or dentures

JD Anthony: I'm making flexible partials with Astron Ultraflex, which CAN be repaired with any regular repair acrylic in a lab. They need to be immersed in warm water for a minute before insertion, but apart from that there's no difference between Ultraflex and FRS or TCS material in how they fit and function. Science marches on...

Mz. T.: hey can dey fit over teeth dats chipped to the gum

popcorngoddess89: As an owner of a set, both top and bottom, I can tell you that they are very durable as well as very comfortable. My mother wears a traditional set of partials that contain metal and after examining hers I can say that I am glad that mine are the type shown in the video. The thought of metal touching my teeth like that sets my teeth on edge. Funny story, the first time I sneezed while wearing mine I spit out the top partial, I've since learned how to sneeze with them.

Melissa T: I have worn a flipper since 1999 about 3 years ago I got my first partial flexible denture, total cost around $1K, love it! I just had to have a second made because I lost another tooth and the price has now come down. Was $750 this time.

fettkatt87: Check out (snap on smile).

Danapainterman' C: looks pretty flimzy
Dentures & False Teeth : Flexible Partial Dentures 5 out of 5

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Dentures & False Teeth : Flexible Partial Dentures