SHTF EDC Every Day Carry Car Bag Contents

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SHTF EDC Every Day Carry Car Bag Contents
SHTF EDC Every Day Carry Car Bag Contents
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19tool86: always good to be ready, just in case.

smoke360ful: hey great vid, where can i get one of those hagee wraps?

mintyvision: good kit with lots of variety, but lots of military stuff in subdued colors that might make you hard to find in the event of a natural disaster. might i suggest some high visibility kit, perhaps a hi-viz vest or some solas tape, maybe even some flares. thanks for the vid and i hope you never have to put your emergency kit to use.

SoCals Preps: @starlordish Right on, thanks for watching man!

MyFlyingWalrus: dude what camera you using???????????????? its likE amazing! haha also thx for the guitiar string idea

smoke360ful: @SoCalPreppers thanks bro

SoundMaster310: what type of medical pouch is that ??

pointman6382: Love the guitar string idea!!! Thanks brother

Steve Williams: That's a very well stocked kit. Nice job.

survivaleveryday: I have a sign on my door that " solicitors will be shot on sight", at first I thought it was the UPS man, cause you are so lucky and win the contests :) Nice review of your bag. Just never know what will come done the pike.

Mr Meoff: that sure looks more like a vehicle bag not everyday carry bag

wvd1979: Very nice setup you have there. I like how you have focused on hydration and maintaining body temperature, which are critical in Southern CA.

SoCals Preps: @smoke360ful shemagh (aka Hadji Wrap)

KiloSierraAlpha: Very nice EDC bag! PS: Are you allowed to carry a gun in a bag in Cali?

MarkACurtis: @SoCalPreppers thank you. =]

MNsurvivor: What bag are you using as your medical kit there?

Krolus2009: I would include a few more pairs of surgical gloves, you can never have too many and they come in handy for keeping your hands oil and grease free if you get a flat or bust a hose. Your only carrying 2 L of water and no soap so keeping your hands clean is a must, hand sanitiser is ok but it doesnt remove heavy soiling such as blood or grease. Small tarp you have some ponchos I see but a small tarp is very handy. 55 gallon drum liner / construction grade plastic bag LOTS of uses Crowbar

SoCals Preps: amazon. AlockSack

Juice56107: Rolex Submariner 116618

Clown Prince: When he says everyday carry, I'm sure he means he keeps it in his vehicle so that when something does happen, he won't NOT have it.

smoke360ful: @SoCalPreppers hey do you know how to spell that wrap? cuz i sure as hell don't lol

SoCals Preps: I @ascorpio09 I got it at a gun show... I think its a condor or something... the contents didn't come with it...

9o3: I busted out some googlefu and found out that the first aid pouch is Condor's MA54: T&T Pouch.

moist faucet: all you need is just a Pipboy, LOL......

1postalpredator: your bag looks very good i think tp is the only item needed thanks for the great videos

MrGRINandBEARit: another good addition to the gear could be a window punch could be really handy if you had to smash a car window to escape, anyway great vid as always!

gunnwild1: Thats a whole lot of stuff you carry, but I can see the use of all of it.

SoCals Preps: we have to carry weapons such as hand guns in a locked container. so its not as easy to whip it out if you should need it.

SoCals Preps: @SultanOfShinola LOL Will do! thanks brother man!

BronsonHammers: Damn, dude. My edc is the size of your med kit

starlordish: thanks for info bro.

jmmurdy: nice

LTFJC: Not sure if I missed it but have you ever considered some toilet paper in the bag?

SocomElite187: Very nice set up. Can never be over prepared. Its nice to have some comfort in your car.

FuwaForestFilmsHD: Wow, a lot of EDC equipment!

SoCals Preps: @MyFlyingWalrus panasonic SD60 HD or something like that....

Saddle Trail: Great video, a lot of stuff that you can use. My EDC is my purse and I am fully covered!! Keep up the great videos!

SoCals Preps: @Krolus2009 very good pieces of advice, thanks for watchin

SateDogTCF: I live in So-Cal as well, I keep a bug/get home bag in my vehicle as well...however, I do have some concerns about my knife carry...I leave a 3" foldable Buck & Gerber multi-tool in it at all times, also I like to carry on my person, Kershaws(3 different) but longer than 3" blades...I have Googled California knife laws, & it can get a bit confusing. I do understand for fixed blades, they have to be in a sheath, on belt, not concealed (shirt tucked in, probably not hidden by a long jacket) but

XsymphonyofbulletsX: where did you get the radio thing at 07:43

SultanOfShinola: I've seen that bag before.... Give Mrs. SoCal a big "merr" from me! Really cranking out the vids today! Love the gear vids you do. I can't do them very well to save my life!

usfreedom22: Great Stuff, thanks for sharing

SoCals Preps: @MrGRINandBEARit tahanks for the idea and that brings to mind the butt end of that LMF gerber... has a sharp pointed end on it, would be perfect for the task! thanks for watchin

EdQ76: nice kit, but a bit overkill for everyday carry. This is something I would keep in my closet in case I would have to bug out due to Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake etc. but NOT to carry every day...but to each their own.

9o3: Nice condor pouch socalprepper! I was wondering where you got those bags you use for your pills, dust masks, and wipes/ointments?

MarkACurtis: where did u get that first aid kit bag at? i really like it

savgal1211: I added various sutures and a Skin Stapler and extractor to my Get Home Car kit,a nd an extra 50 rounds!! Also, got an awesome Tactical flashlight, 200 Lumens and a strobe! 100 bucks, but great for a car kit!! Don't forget RESCUE TAPE< will fix anything even hoses and O rings!!

SoCals Preps: @smoke360ful you bet!

DailySelfReliance: Just curious, but you said you were trying to put everything in one place. Wouldn't be better to have a cache in a couple different places. Even in the city you could put it in a train or bus locker. What if you can't get to your car.

CPLBSS88: i have that sme radio; been in my kit for about three years now and have used it more than anything else in my bag other than the flash light and knife.
SHTF EDC Every Day Carry Car Bag Contents 4.8 out of 5

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SHTF EDC Every Day Carry Car Bag Contents