2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review

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2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review
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Udet RIP: ayeee i got one of these but i put a 17.5 hp craftsman on it much better

Mower Man gx85: Wow pretty nice for a little Home Depot mower

diego cano: I just picked up a used one in great condition. I like it but the mulching sucks. It bogged down several times and my grass wasn’t even that high and i had just sharpened the blade.
I used a blow torch to turn that deck lid into a side chute. I like it better now.

Rick Reid: I have an original 70s model Snapper Comet! The old predecessor to the model in this video! Snappers are tough. I have also owned a commercial snapper zero turn. It was 9,000! Snapper is a great brand. Love all my Snapper products. Sorry the factory messed up a few on the comments section. This was a good video.

Bill Bright: Very well done review, more as this is needed.

windsurfed1: She is holding up well at this point in time. I also have a push mower I use around the edges about every third mow

Bill Bright: Sweet mower how's she holding up?🐢 Mac the snapping turtle.

Ringo J: Thanks for the video. It accomplishes its purpose in describing the mower. That said, I am very disappointed to see the changes in snapper's base riding mower. I have a 28inch snapper riding mower that is near 20 years old and still running. I can see the day that I will need to replace it and thought about another snapper. This one does not "cut it" for me.

For one thing, I can tell that the new 100 will not stand on end will it? Being able to stand the snapper on end was a special snapper feature. I like that feature because I can access the mower blade. A dull blade will damage a lawn.

The Briggs motor of the new 100 looks puny compared to my older snapper Briggs 10HP. My old snapper was powerful enough to cut heavy weeds and vegetation... not sure about this mower.

The rear tires are grossly smaller too. I can imagine, as some have commented, that the mower will bottom-out in a ground depression.

I also do not like the way the 100 has a shroud over the battery compartment... my battery is easily visible and accessible. Does the 100 have an alternator? My old snapper has a small alternator that keeps the battery charged.

My pet-peeve of all riding mowers (including snapper) is that the maximum cut height is 4 inches.... some grasses (like my floratam lawn) does better when cut very high.

Lastly, I notice snapper is maximizing profits by eliminating the mower deck anti-scalping wheels. Too bad!

The auto safety shut off features I could live with. I know of children that have been mowed over (believe it or not) when an operator wasn't paying attention. And the engine shut off when out of the seat is also for safety but I could disconnect that if unwarranted.

Overall, it looks it could be an adequate mower for a small, level, basic cookie-cutter home lawn, but I question its power and longevity especially if used to mow thick grass and large plots.

James Ryland: Very nice video. I bought the same mower - didn't use it much for 2 years because I thought it was a overly noisy, hard to steer and maneuver. The old snappers must have been great machines because everyone who comments seems very bitter about its demise. Whatever. It is what it is; I need to know more about servicing the E100. Mine is starting to squeak and squeal, the belts get funky at times. No service in my area. The owners manual gives little maintenance info.

evvignes: The old Snapper dealer in my town won't carry this model. Long time store owner advised me to avoid used ones, as well as new. Good enough for me.

dreadballoon: are you pitch hit dumb

Robert Clark: Obviously you have never owned a real Snapper.Thats a cheap piece of crap. Something like Walmart would sell.

Jmac0518: This seems like a waste of money. A 28 inch cut?? You might as well buy a push mower.

BURKELEY STINSON: After having this mower for about a week I got rid of it. It's quality really disappointed me. When you get on all you hear is squeaks and mine was actually missing a few bolts. There were little things all over the mower that were just terribly designed. I would never get a snapper product again and I've moved on up to zero turns but overall I don't think this mower was worth it at all.

windsurfed1: Well, Thanks for the comments,  However,  The mower is still doing well in my book.  I have the rear bag now and am well pleased how the whole unit comes off quickly if need be.   Also am pleased how the bag detaches to empty the grass.  It cuts very well and uniform at above 2.5 inches but below that it tends not to be a perfect cut at times.  Without the bag, mowing, it tends to leave a mess of grass all over.  With the bag, mowing, it leaves a beautiful lawn. With the bag unit, seems to be a bulky piece of equiptment. Still have some issues with the starter switch.  After the new battery, which Help the issue, but didn't solve it, I replaced the switch.  That worked for a while but didn't solve the problem totally,  Still every once in a while, when turning the key,  I get nothing but a click.  Second attempt seems to work.  However, it really should not be an issue at all but it still is. Overall, I still am happy with the overall performance of the mower and the quality of it all.

Papa Ritz: Thank you, decent video.

Hoogoose D. Moose: I have a brand new 2014  RE-100  and so far am regretting my purchase.. it barely has enough power to propel itself forward once the mower deck is engaged.. tried to do my first mow of the season and the dang thing gets stuck on dry  flat terrain trying to make a turn.. my neighbor laughed at me and said he owned one for a month and took it back as he hated it. I  made a call to the dealer hoping its defective...

Love2boat92: Great video. I'm surprised to see so much metal on it. Wow. Even a metal gas tank. Very cool.

Daehawk: Do older Snappers of this model have a headlight?

Alex Yamach: I bought the RE-130 33 Inch 12.5 HP Model. It's a well built machine but was disappointed in some things with it. There are no notches to hold the speed handle in place. When you ride, the vibration and bumps force the speed handle forward and the mower keeps going faster. I have to hold the handle in place to keep the speed constant. When going fast and making a turn the front wheel lifts up like you are pulling a wheeley. The ride is HARD, you FEEL a bump when you hit one and you FEEL a hole when you hit one. It didn't handle high grass well and the engine started to stall. I had a 4 bladed mulching blade put on it and it wouldn't cut the grass until I lowered the deck to almost scraping the ground. The only really good thing was that  it steered and turned very easily.
2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review 5 out of 5

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2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review