2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review

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2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review
2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review
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Riding Lawn Mower Reviews From Expert Consumer 2013
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Snapper Rear Engine Rider
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Snapper rear-engine rider clutch repair
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Edwin Rojas: I thought in order for the engine to stay on while you got off the machine, all you had to do was engage the clutch into park, at least that's how my snapper worked.

Pro-Mow Equipment Sales: Snapper 2013 Rear Engine Riders Starting at $1298!

redsnapper1970: Nice mower, but it just doesn't have the character or the ease of replacing belts and discs as the older snapper RER's

Hurricane Floyd: They should have left the 50 year old Snapper RER design alone. This thing was designed for people with bony butts that complain about the old models. It is now built like an old Murray RER or Simplicity RER. Time will show that Snapper should have left things alone.

rio5aliveable: Thanks for the comprehensive review! It's probably a good model for whats available this yr, but imo it cant hold a candle to my 1999 13hp 30" Coronet. I can slam between fwd & reverse at will while mowing w/o killing the engine plus turn at 12" radius. Considering the lower price pt I don't expect Simplicity to keep the same build standards they used to have. After all most mfg's look to implement cost reductions into future models. But for an more entry level mower it looks decent.

windsurfed1: The only thing I don't like is while its running, if you get off the seat the engine quits running. I like to get off my machine sometimes and maybe pick up something that might be in the way then get back on without the engine quitting. I know that's a safey feature but I don't like it. They other thing is it rides a little rough. My other riders rode rough also so maybe I am expecting too much from a 2013 rider. Those are the only 2 negative things I can think of. Otherwise it is GREAT!

Burkeley Stinson: Did yours come with that temporary head light cover because I orderd the re 130 and it dint coome with my mower

windsurfed1: Yes, it is different, You set the park brake and get off the engine will die.

Rick James: Where did you get your new engine. Local dealer wanted $800 plus shipping and labor for a 10HP for my old 1028.

bdokey2: If I get a small riding mower your video helped me. Glad you fired it up, you looked pretty bad-ass coming at the cam !

William Presley: I know typically you can get off the machine while it's running if you disengage the blade, set the parking brake and put the transmission in neutral. Maybe that's different now.

Outdoorsben3: How many ignition switches have you gone through? I'm going on my third in four months.

Burkeley Stinson: Hey guys I this is like the only other reveiw for this mower please wach ky channel to see my snapper series while I reveiw the re 130

Outdoorsben3: I don't know, sounds like they are junk switches. Once you start to have issues it only gets worse. Seems to be a large scale issue, I doubt there will be any recall because I don't think Snapper cares much. I'm going to talk to my dealer about getting something else. I can'y rely on a machine that lasts me only a month before it hits the shop.

William Presley: Thanks for this. Glad to find out the body under the seat is metal. My Dad's John Deere GX85 rider's plastic body cracked into pieces over the years

DickheAd2014: Is there a way to make this road legal? Does the documentation or the chassis/engine mention a VIN number? Because here in the UK, as with some states in the US, you can register it. You can ride a mower with no limit on power from the age of 16 here, instead of 17, so it'd be great if I could fit an overkill powerplant in it

Burkeley Stinson: Yea i loved it so much that i orderd the re130 and cant wait untill it gets here so even with the re100 can it handle fairly tall grass and can it pull things because i have a dump cart for it and i want to know if it can handlr it thank you so much

Miguel Rodriguez: That's right Mr hurricane

windsurfed1: Maybe someday, but not in the near future, Sorry!

yogeetarzan: there is big different between stamped tin and forged steel.. older Snapper are built heavier..

flathead846: Cool review---I'll be eating a Doggoner when I watch it again::::know who this is?

Burkeley Stinson: Im thinking about getting the 110 how well does it mow and anything bad about it but great video thanks

HenrysLawnService: This is rust

Eastendbiilythekid: Nice little ride man

yogeetarzan: this is metal, this is metal, this metal.. what metal???? it all cheaply made.. I just repowered my 30 years old Snapper RE.. and it's made from STEEL..

knightrider1545: Now if only If they made a RE 300 For commercial use and put a Maxxforce DT in it, that would be sweet.

Confusedsole86: Just to correct a few things there are other differences in the models more than you are describing, and also the RE-100 model is a 10FT pounds of torque, it is not a 10HP engine, more like a 6-8HP engine. Other than that the RE-110 is the same as the 100 other than a larger engine. The RE-130 has a lager 32" deck rather than the 28" deck on the previous 2 models and a lager engine yet.

Camden Dunkertly: That mower is so cool I love it

windsurfed1: It's Just the right size for my postage stamp size yard. Takes me about 15 minutes to mow the yard. I would just purchase the same one.

Burkeley Stinson: Thank you so much for the video its so hard to find videos on it if you can could you make a video of it in action i cant really see you use it at the end of the first video thanks again

windsurfed1: Ok, so I have My friend, a great small engine mechanic, come over to investigate the issue. After an hour or so of checking all swiches and the things that push them, and the starter relay, We pretty much traced it down to the starter. Looks like the issue is in the starter itself.

windsurfed1: Don't know if the disk drive will last but knowing the snapper reputation, it probably will last longer than I will live. Don't know about the bagger part yet. When I made the video in april the bags weren't even available yet.

windsurfed1: I have only used it once so far to cut the yard. I am happy the way it cuts. Not overly joyed where I am jumping up and down and not really sad where I want to bash the machine with sledge hammer. It cuts well, I am pleased.

scott o: i bought the same mower what a piece of junk now have it for sale after 3 uses and having my old snapper rider repaired

scott o: yep junk

Hurricane Floyd: Good ol Briggs hiding the real power of their engines these days.

dapsapsrp: So is this one. If they do not use plastic for components they use steel. The word "metal" is often used to represent steel. It's just another way of saying it. Do you not get that? I have a new RE210 made mostly from stamped steel parts. Guess what, your 30 y/o snapper RE whatever is also made from stamped steel.

yogeetarzan: I salvaged the engine from junked MTD mower.. B&S no longer producing flat head engines.. You can find better deals on Small Engine Warehouse, check Surplus Center, they sometime have manufacture "pull offs"..

windsurfed1: These are mean little machines and I think they can cut fairly tall grass as for towing something I suppose it can as long as it's not too heavy

stonehallagri5465: who much does it cost?

Miguel Rodriguez: I just got a new snapper ninja self propelled mower! I will post a video on it soon. Nice mower!

Burkeley Stinson: Right now I on part 1

windsurfed1: I have been having some ignition switch issues. I have Not had to replace it yet. That doesn't sound good. Have you found out why the reason is that you have to taste so many switches?

george washington: Thanks very much for taking the time to inform us novices! If you had to do it over, would you purchase a bigger model or a different mower?

mike baxter: Nice review. Im a huge Snapper fan. Would not own any other mower than a rer snapper. I grew up owning John deers and cub cadets mowing 4 acres. With all the belts and hard to work on it was awful. Something went wrong with other mowers your down hours. A snapper nope. Too easy to work on. Plus the disc drive gives you 2x the mowing power. I bought my first snapper 5 years ago and WOW im amazed. These things are a beast!! Ive never had to replace anything. Well built.

Confusedsole86: The RE-210 has the largest engine with 14.5HP, but ALSO has larger front steer tires, a front headlight and IS installed already, and is Hydro static
2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review 4.8 out of 5

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2013 Snapper RE 100 Riding Mower Review