How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly

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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly
How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly
Fixing A Low Idling Car
Fixing A Low Idling Car
'99 ACURA TL 3.2 rough idle problem and FIX!!
'99 ACURA TL 3.2 rough idle problem and FIX!!
2015 How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly (Clean the IAC)
2015 How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly (Clean the IAC)

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chuck cregger: Keep going Scotty--Im not exactly how but you are going to be rewarded for helping folks out, most times we are working on our own cars out of desperation. Go to the stealership and look at those labor rates. Just heard on the news the average car in US is 11 years old. Most folks are in a hard spot, you cant afford to take it to the garage, you cant afford a new one. Whats a fellow or gal to do. Ill tell you what to do "tune in to Scotty Kilmer."He is everybodys ol Uncle there to help you out and back on the road. God bless.

Enigma: this guy is awesome. ...easily one of the best channels on youtube....thanku for all the hard work sir.....

Dakota Landriault: Scotty Kilmer how do you get a fuel filter out of a 2003 impala

Eric Ver Linden: Is your car surging when it idles? Or does it stall out when you come to a stop?

You might have a dirty throttle plate. In this video I'm going to show you how NOT to clean your throttle plate.

Boyd Hughes: 02 Jaguar v8 idles up and down.i cleaned throttle body good it helped but still does it from time to time.i need to find were idle control valve is on this car.

Sarah Ulibarri: Hi Scotty, I have a 96 Oldsmobile aurora autmatic 4dr sedan. My car is having trouble surpassing 35mph with the petal to the metal as well as the cruise control went out. It is also sounding like a helicopter while I am accelerating but if I take my foot off the gas and just coast then there is no noise. Any ideas? Thanks🤗

Jairo Torres: Hey scotty thanks for the information.
just a question here. I cleaned the throttle just like you said in my toyota camry but now the idle is too high at parking and neutral. is this normal? or should I do something else to fix it?
Regards !

son gokou: which video did you use starting fluid?

Mike Kapolka: nice videos man I've learned a lot from them

Jose Padilla: video is quick and to the point thank you

Jose Enrique Reyes: HELP PLEASE!!! I have a Mazda 929 1988 rough idle, black smoke, smell gas at muffler. Changed spark plugs, cleaned throttle body, IAC. Haven't touch the oxygen sensor, MAF sensor yet. Neither the EGR, New spark plugs turned black.

Sonia Hernandez: I keep getting a P0507 and i have cleaned the throttle body. I can not find a leak. Can you help.

TheClampettmobile: Thank you in advance.  My `95 Mercury Sable (3.8L with 40K miles) went weird on me yesterday.  Sitting at a traffic signal the engine speed surged a bit (it's done this before).  Then I notice the yellow check engine light on.  When the light changed I pressed the throttle and basically nothing happened.  It was running but not much more than idle - even with max pedal (floored).  I let off the throttle and it seemed to run slightly "better".  With "feathering" of the throttle it get up to about 30 mph and got me home (about a mile).  I shut it off, restarted - still has "check engine" light.  Any ideas?

Leonardo Nelson: Thanks, you saved me, I was almost going crazy, hitting my head against the wall, but I watched this video and the one about TPS, Again, thanks.

7 ra: hey scotty, i cleaned my throttle body on a chevy cobalt. no the car idles at 1500-2000 when going at 40 or 60 km an hour. it sucks cause it wearing out my brakes! any suggestion?

Felipe Martinez: all right thank u scotty i will try that

son gokou: should i replace iac and throttle position sensor if car wont start like it cranks but won't start?

Billy Holmes: don't do what he says if you're going to clean your throttle body take it all the way off the car and an old toothbrush with gum out clean it out real nice and neat make sure you don't spray that stuff inside the iac motor or the throttle position sensor. cleane out real nice and neat put it back on there you go because what he's doing is shoving all that crap back into the engine. while you're at it might as well pop out the injectors use a toothbrush some car come out and clean the bottom of the injectors paraffin collect on the ends of those

InFaMoUz Slike: My hyundai tiburon 2004 hesitates at cold starts ,it starts but the rpms really drops low & then does that for about a minute or 2 & then it would be fine

Raja Ahmed Hafeez: Hey Scotty! I have Nissan Sentra 1998 twincam 16 valve it has unstable rpm. Idles at around 800-900rpm and rpm bounces between 800-900 rpm. Silencer is also black. Have changed the IACV but it didn't get better, has 190k kms on odometer.
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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly