How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly

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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly
How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly
Fixing A Low Idling Car
Fixing A Low Idling Car
'99 ACURA TL 3.2 rough idle problem and FIX!!
'99 ACURA TL 3.2 rough idle problem and FIX!!
2015 How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly (Clean the IAC)
2015 How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly (Clean the IAC)

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Stephen Maurer: Any tips for cleaning a electronic "drive by wire" throttle body?? I believe my 2011 GMC Canyon 2.9l WT has this kind of throttle body. Have you worked on Chevy Colorado/Canyon throttle bodies??

Arasan Kumanan: Hello Scotty, can I spray the inside of the sensor cap as well or is it just fine to clean the outside of the cap?

Delvin Thomas: mr scotty
i bought a radiator on line and when i received it some of the coils was damaged is it still usable or do i need to send it back

samuel john: hey Scotty i just had my spark plugs replaced on my 2006 charger. and after all was done we started the car and a p0107 code came on and we fixed it by replacing the gasket because of a leak. but now another code came on a P0108 im not entirely sure what it is. my mechanic thinks its a faulty map sensor because the car runs fine after a cold start up then after a few minutes when it gets hot it will idle high around 1000 rpm. engine light is always on along with traction control and a flashing throttle body light(the one with a lightning bolt sign). any thoughts on what seems to be the problem? btw when i brought the car to him it had no codes or what so ever. it was running great i just wanted to do a simple spark plug change. which ended me paying $418 for spark plug change and gasket because it started to leak when when it was put back. need some immediate help!

John Muñoz: Thanks for the tip. I might have solved the poor idle my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

bobdabildr12345: How do I fix my erectile dysfunction

keith farmer: better hold onto the red plastic tube from the cleaner can or it might shoot off into your throttle body.than your nightmare begins.

mohammed lardhi: greet

i had same problem and i fix as your instruction


Ayomahade X: Hey I have a BMW X5 2007 and sometimes my BMW engine will shake and my doors my sunroof everything will shake I don't know why it does that

Daniel Silva: Is this why my car pulses when I'm at a complete stop at a stop light or when in Park with the car on? Or is it my fuel injectors?

Jaison Serco: but after 5 minutes it can start again when it become cool, at the time of starting it has loud noise just like it over heated......

Jaison Serco: HI, I have a question on my car, its a old model suzuki car 95 model, its frequently stops while in running almost 20 km running, what could b the reason......

Sherwin Jay Peligro: sir please make a video for a carburated car that has vacuum leaks and low idle speed my car is a mitsubishi lancer 1994. thank you fron philippines!

snikka07: i believe my throw out bearing is gone in my car, it makes a squealing noise when i engage the clutch and also won't go into gear easily now. it also drops the idol and makes it die when the clutch is in. am i right? need help

matt roulston: my car surges when coming to a stop and sometimes when at say a drive through it sometimes feels like its going to stall could this be the iac valve ?

Johnny Hurtado: rev up your engine's lol

Justin Grindley: 7 years.

Beco Blaster: funny man

Athenia Smith: had to replace alternator in 2001 Auroa,now im experiencing a sqeeling noise an sum stalling... wats the problem?

thartz ybanez: gudpm suzuki multicab easily shuts down even when the idle is high...even when i'm driving and i'm slowing down especially in turning...what should i do?
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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly