How To Fix Engine Idle Problems (Rough Idle)

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Krummer 89: Scotty I have a 2002 Acura rsx. After driving around and then putting my car in park it acts like it wants to die, rpms go to about 400 or so, then it’s fine. Doesn’t do it at all while driving, should u do what you suggest in the video? Or would you suggest something else??

Matt Bell: When I start my 1998 honda accord ex the idle goes to 2000rpm 2.5 rpm ,is that normal,seems like it's idling to high,plus when I stop at the light it gives a surge what would the problem be,I just changed the crafts haft censor yesterday! !

GTA Ashwagandha Man: What if theres oil coming out the throttle body while cleaning? Whats the possibilities of repair?

Trinitrotoluene101: Gratz on 1m subscribers Scotty!


Sharom Kaiser: Scotty after I cleaned up my throttle body and the control valve my car idle went up to 3000 RPM any solution for this issue. Also I heard the magnitude has to be move 360 degree but mind doesn’t move 360 ? Please let me know what should I do

Juan Garza: Shut the freak up

Bohemia Lite: Scotty I have a 5 speed standard Chevrolet Silverado single cab and it idles High when I'm driving on the freeway all of a sudden I come to a stop sign and idles high and then it drops back down to normal what is the cause

yasir hussain: Sir i have toyota corolla 2011 model... vahical is rogh idle like 600rpm.. i read code P1605.
I change all coil and change throttel body and clean vvt se intak side sonsor but same problem..
Sometime on AT D position engine going to stop...

sailinyogi: Do you have to do a throttle relearn after hooking everything back up or can it be avoided by not unplugging the electrical connector on the IAC?

S RDVizions: Why are the 459 dislikes for ?!

Stelzer 7: Hi mate. Can a bad tps cause your idle to stay at 0rpm? When I give it gas it goes up.

mrhaynes1974: I have a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 I start my car up cut on the Heat or the air conditioner in my car cuts off and it's got a funky little Idol we're revs up and down and then it cuts off can somebody help me I don't know what that is I replaced the plugs wires caps rotors intake manifold check for leaks vacuum hoses I don't have a clue and I've been dealing with this for the last 6 months I've replaced a little bit of everything on the car just because I don't know what it could be I took it to a shop and they charged me $950 and they didn't fix the problem either

Mohd. Zaheer: Rough idle and hiccups in my lancer 2014, the car probably had some major accident... below are the solutions after the research : 1) spark plugs (I have changed them but the problem persists)
2) Ignition coils
3) throttle and air valve cleaning
4) mass flow sensor cleaning
5) fuel filter replacement
6) cleaning of fuel injectors
Now in saudi Arabia the mechanics have no experience and they fool you. .. can somebody tell is there a precise way to diagnose the issue first.. #Scotty Kilmer Scotty kilmer

Alan Cameron: I always hated working on cars... but being poor makes it an easy choice LOL But Scotty, you sir, are a gem. Your humor an mellow attitude, moreover, you in-depth knowledge, make most endeavors bearable and a few even pleasurable. Thank you... you are a good citizen!

Leah Jackson: well why do race cars you have to keep the RPM S up too keep it from stalling

Tonight Matthew I am Going to be: Why’s he shouting?

Tracy Lopez: How do i fix the same problem in a 97 buicl lesabre

Yung Yop™: Super cool guy 👍🏽
How to Fix Engine Idle Problems (Rough Idle) 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Engine Idle Problems (Rough Idle)