How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly

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TheEasilyBoredOne 92: 93 Ford Taurus 3.8l V6 after it sitting for a few hours and go to start it up and ideling acting like it's not getting enough gas after starting up I give it some gas and leave off the gas it ideling goes back to normal? Any idea

Ziad Abulabed: Scotty..excellent video!! as always Thank you. I followed your procedures on my 2002 highlander and working like a charm. it has 127 k miles. Couple notes.. Channel lock pliers​ required to remove screwed for IAC. Also be careful of not losing O ring and washer from IAC housing assembly when removing electric cover. Once you ready to put everything back up attach washer on IAC you may need grease to make it stay in place.. i didn't have any working midnight to avoid 110 degrees in Dallas.. used hair wax.. lol. it worked. goo

James White: Nah you have to pull the whole unit off and get it good

Atish Sewjith: Hi Scott. I have done this process last night to my Toyota corrola 4age 20v engine. The car does not want to start even after the next day of drying. What do I do. I'm worried. The car is swinging but not firing

The Last Thing You Remember: I kid you not I was stranded in an Auto Zone parking lot and my car would turn over but not idle.
I typed what was happening into Google, this video came up, I did what he said, and it workes! Got the spray cleaner from the store, and they let me barrow a screw driver.
You really saved my ass Scotty! Thank you!

Isaac Vasquez: OK nice info now let me ask you a question. Hope you can help. I got a 99 Chevy cavalier 2.4 twin cam. I paid for an engine swap and had a water pump, gasets, thermostat, new computer, starter, new plugs and oil, ignition coils, all also replaced. Like 1500-1600 bills on it not including what my car has cost me when I bought it. But yet they can't get it to idle right. So i. Asking for all this on my car I had done your telling me it could be that simple. Simply cause before it threw out that tod and completely messed up my original engine it was running fine. Now all this has been replaced and still I haven't gotten my car back. It's been 4 months already. Can you give me your opinion on this please. Thanks

Zax Nizam: Hello! i have a honda 1996 ek3 and it seems to have a rough idle with multiple misfiring and black smoke. But no error codes!
using an OBD1 scanner shows that there is an more than normal value on the MAP reading.

Cross checked with 2 same make and model cars and the only seem to have a value of around 30 to 40 on idle where as my car (via OBD scanner) shows values around 65 to 75

so far we have:
replaced MAP sensor 3 times
cleaned throttle body
checked for timing issues
checked ignition spark issues
checked for injector issues
check temp sensor
checked for clogged CAT
replaced wire harness
checked for valve leaks
replaced ecu and back to the original one

please note this is on idle speed only, and on high rpm the roughness goes away

Please help

Thank you!

Sam Sam: If only ALL MECHANICS were honest and enthusiastic like you Sir..

philbelfrage: Are there tests I can run on the throttle body to see if it needs replacement? I am lacking power all of a sudden. My turbo shoots to the end of the gauge, and before it would shoot to the middle at most. My transmission seems to be running fine, and shop diagnostics on it came back clean. I believe I noticed a slight improvement after cleaning, but my car is a 2006 Saab 9-3, and the throttle bodies commonly malfunction. Thank you, Scotty! (or anybody else who has the time to offer some advice)

Dave B: Scotty I have a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0 with a p0511 code. When i start the car, it dies immediately, and only stays running if i press the gas pedal. My IAC is electrically and mechanically fine, is it really as simple as cleaning out my throttle body? My IAC was very clean when i removed it and tried to clean it

Aminawara Mohamad: Hello scotty, can you give an idea what wrong with my toyota 2007 2azfe engine code P1589 , which is acceleration learning value

jim white: Scotty would it be safe to use brake cleaner for that...thats pretty much my go to

alex cordova: i love this man.. and i not a gay jajaja.... always i able to fix my cars just looking his videos

Sasa Glisic: Should I change oil after this operation?

Mo V: 2012 ford escape xlt replaced a battery due to cell busting when I did that now as I drive it idles very strangely as I stop and go but already replaced spark plugs checked the boots every thing was running well until my battery died checked service manual it told me to run the car with the ac on for a couple of minutes did that so the computer could relearn what I guess it for got and still rough idle all of a sudden 103 thousand miles and keep internal clean and externals as well if you can answer this it will be a big help

allen ritarita: Vvvvbv. V. T.

Joseph Sherman: You yank part off a car like it's nothing,where I'm afraid to touch anything else and break it while I'm working on something lol your like that brain surgeon in horror movies that uses a hammer and chisel

Kyrie Irving: Hi, my car has a poor idle. But it get better with a/c turn on. What could be the problem?

Ca Bal: stop yelling at me, wtf

fong yang: Hi Scotty!! i have a problem with my rpm at about 50 mph above. whenever i try to accelerate at a high speed my rpm would stutter back and forword. i have an 03 honda civic hybrid, i already try cleaning the throttle and change the spark plug but it didnt help. what do you think cause the problem? Hope to hear from you soon!! Thank You!!!
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How To Fix A Car That Idles Poorly