How To Fix Engine Idle Problems (Rough Idle)

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Fun With Guns: Hey Scotty any way to safely do this with electronic motor operated intake valve? I'm afraid I might damage it If I manually move em. Thanks!

that person from that thing: Im currently having issues with idle in my car to where when its cold, it will barely idle (gotta give it throttle to keep it going), but meanwhile when its at normal operating temperature, it will idle up to 2500 RPM and not go down lower. What could be the issue? This is in a 1992 volvo 740 turbo and the issue happened recently after replacing a hose on the turbo (there was a hole)

Roberto Rosas: i love papa

Grim Reaper: Disconnect battery also

FixmyToyota: I have some vibration when I am at a stop and car is in drive. When I put car in park or neutral vibration stops. AC on off no effect. I found a bad motor mount and replaced it but still vibration that vibrates headrest. Is there something I am missing. Engine seems to run smooth on idle and RPM stable and cleaned throttle body no change is there a motor mount for transmission that could cause vibration?

Frank Araullo: Hi Scotty, would it be the same solution on my Kia Avella 2007 problem? The RPM intermittently drop from 800 rpm to nearly 200 rpm and go up again.

Emmanuel Morgan: hi Scotty,,, i have a Vw polo 2006 model, the traction light and ABS are showing and i cant remove them from the dash guys.. Since then the gears aint changing normally nd its an automatic

San Andres: I tried that didnt work, my 98 civic idles bad where the car turns off at times. What can I Do? Please help.

Owen G: Are you selling products or solving problems? What about plugs? Injectors? Possible timing belt issues? Throttle cable adjustments? Do you always work on vehicles with keys on your belt?

Jeremy Byrd: Okay...this guy is awesome.

ukz unique: Thank you again

GeekPR-1977: The way this guy talks! Sounds like a tv comercial!

Johnny Lee: Hi Scotty love you videos so informative. I was wondering if you can help with my idle problem. I have 2000 Nissan maxima (In USA I think) its 2.0liter v6 is what I have. The problem is while I am driving and I get my foot off the gas pedal, the RPM would hover at 1500, it wont come down, but eventually at the full stop the rpm would drop to normal level 800. Its only while I am moving and let go it stays at 1500, what seems to be the problem?? thanks

steve rodriguez: Just did this now my car won’t start. 🙁

Pen Umbra: dude this is amazing!!!... wow... so helpful

Sylvester Stalone: What is the problem, my jimmy gmc 1991 will not idle . it has no power , please help me

Daniel M.contreras: what dont use nitrilo gloves ? is better and le$$

Firstname Lastname: Cool I've never seen 2 throttle bodies but have seen individual throttle bodies

patrick lynch: Hey Scotty got a question my 2001 Acura el 5 speed when I start it up it runs rough when it idles when I am in neutral it almost stalls can u give me some advice
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How to Fix Engine Idle Problems (Rough Idle)