Blank Gun Conversion To Live Ammo

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CONVERTING - W+D 627C (blank) litho convert at 900 EPM
CONVERTING - W+D 627C (blank) litho convert at 900 EPM

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1776 1884: Holy crap thats going to blow up in your hand and leave you with a stub

Yudhy Saja: pret..!!

Eng.abed hossari: missing step how connect new barrel

SmoKingPackRaT: I guess one end of the barrel is threaded, and then you screw it in the chamber

jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen: Lotsa work?buy a real one

thra5herxb12s: Die cast zinc is called MAZAC not Zamak. It's also called pot metal like toy cars are made from.

P.LOKOE UNO: did you finish the gun!!

Miguel Angel Palacio Cadavid: como se hace para pegar el nuevo cañón ya que el armazón del arma es de antimonio? quien me puede ayudar

treck rex: a lot of work I thought so I don't see how this would work. I don't know of any glue that would hold the barrel. even J.B weld would brake off. I think this was just a demonstration of how they are made and they left out how to mount the barrel.

the homemade lathe on the other hand, cheers for great mcgyverism.

sanja 83: Hi kannst du mir auch so was machen??Bezahle gut

sanja 83: Hi kannst du mir auch so was machen??Bezahle gut

Antony Wagon: OR just buy a real one for cheaper!

Вадим Туров: holly crap this is a deep drilling machine built from scratch

TractorMan104: Plastic, cast zinc, smooth bore barrel and live ammo...good luck with that

Robby Pol: Converting is too dangerous if u live in EU and u need the real deal just go to its a full escrow marketplace with worldwide shipped don't blow your hands or face just go for the real deal why would u try to make a firework shooter to a real gun come on wake up people

Marcos Izquierdo santos: si ya!!! y como pone el cañón.lo pega con glu3. out of curiosity I tried to convert one. it worked. the way shown in this videos makes the gun weak. only zinc is holding about 2 inches of the barrel. I did it differently, but have machining equipment right at home. you will have no luck trying it with basic tools.

Angello Angello: Qué fácil se ve
blank gun conversion to live ammo 5 out of 5

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blank gun conversion to live ammo