Calvin Reviews A Kaiju Movie Episode 1

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Calvin Reviews A  Kaiju Movie Episode 1
Calvin Reviews A Kaiju Movie Episode 1
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Timothy Brannan: Been searching for this movie for years! Great review.

gamerafreak: Thanks

deathshead333: Good stuff bro! :) my name is Calvin too lol

Calvinosaurus3: dont forget Frankenstein vs. Baragon or Varan! but yeah. war of the gargantuas was a really awesome movie. havent seen dogera yet tho.

Calvinosaurus3: What about atragon or the mysterians? well, i never really liked either of those along with goarth tho i did like maguma. matango was really neat.

Calvinosaurus3: ur welcome! you might also want to check out some of the other no godzilla movies besides this. like frankenstein vs. baragon or matango.

TWings09: I don't watch this movie.Thank you!

GodzillaXAbudAwwal: @Calvinosaurus3 wait, this is from last year. u dont look 14!!!!!!!

Calvinosaurus3: @GodzillaXAbudAwwal look at my channel and you'll know.

GodzillaXAbudAwwal: @Calvinosaurus3 oh

KazuponMax: 日本の映画を愛してくれてありがとう。

gamerafreak: Where did you get that DVD from I've been dying to see this movie!

Thomas Rutigliano: that girls accent is so stupid

Calvinosaurus3: @GodzillaXAbudAwwal *sighs in frustration* look at the time this video was made. then compare it to more recent videos.

GodzillaXAbudAwwal: @Calvinosaurus3 u dont look 15!!!!!!!!! u look 10

Calvinosaurus3: lol thx. this is my one of my favs of tohos non godzilla movies.

Thomas Rutigliano: Can you do more of these??!!

michael cvetanovich: Its too cool that you enjoy & post reviews on kaiju! A tip if i may. try to pick the most important scenes that tell the overall story of a film. trying to explain every & all scenes takes too long for a " review", people have very short attention spans! This is great, i love it!!

Calvinosaurus3: i got this one from buy backs but you can also get one off amazon for a good price!

Calvinosaurus3: @GodzillaXAbudAwwal well i was lol

GodzillaXAbudAwwal: how old are u?
Calvin Reviews A Kaiju Movie Episode 1 4.7 out of 5

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Calvin Reviews A  Kaiju Movie Episode 1