Obama Signs Firearm And Ammo Killswitch Executive Order

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Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order
Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order

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theOceansideLIFE: You're an idiot, our government is the best government in the world. We are always out to help other countries when disasters happen. We send food to countries that are starving. We allow people to enter out country and make better lives for themselves. We have a great government, and you should be more patriotic and proud. 

Gabe Gallan: I don't care what your opinion is you have to admit this guy is kinda odd

senses2000: Yea, agree, like Beppe Grillo in Italy. Check out how he is changing the scene over there. He stopped the two party system (banks) from writing some of stupid laws against the people.

ericr530: Wow! Lot's of misinformation here. First off, the reason there is an ammo shortage now in 2013 is because of Sandy Hook, Christmas holiday and the fear over the impending gun control legislation in the Senate, which has now failed miserably. People went out and bought all the ammo cleaning shelves off and ammo manufacturers are trying to catch up now. The President has no authority to order the stoppage of ammo and gun manufacturing unless a manufacturer(s) have violated Fed firearms laws.

TheWookieStrikes .: lose the mask loser

Colt Caldwell: Betty I am the sheepdog... If you were smart you wouldn't be trying to spread mass panic through the flock. Of course you wouldn't know that though cause you have no actual real understanding of war tactics. Makes you a liability to us who would actually be on the front lines for this country. Get your nose in a book and get real facts from unbias sources. Then we will talk about the flock. Until then sheer your wool and quit acting like you know something. You look stupid dear.

ericr530: The only people in the US who the UN SAT would effect if it even passed, are large importers/exporters of firearms, regulation would be tighter to ensure that human rights abusers and unjust governments weren't being armed. Greatly contributing to the ammo shortage problem are people who are "flippers". These people hit big box stores like Walmart and Academy and buy ammo up before it can even be stocked on shelves and sell it for 3-4x it's value on gun websites like gunbrokerdotcom.

justout75: mass panic lol. most people are still asleep, including yourself!. I guess you don't know much, due to your laxadasical attitude towards this problem. that would make you a liability in itself. im not the asleep sheep here. Sometimes, you have to get extreme. do you have the fortitude to do so? I don't really think you do. I don't think you really understand just how much crap we are in as a people in this country. just came out that the govt is illegally gathering intel on citizens...wake up

MrStoneycool69: Well there you go, I didn't know a Jew drafted the gun legistration during the Weimar period. As an Australian don't fall for this bullcrap from you government, as the 2nd amendment is the only thing for a total Communist take-over of the entire planet.

justout75: and about the getting my nose in a book....perhaps you missed my history lesson below. I am well read. now whos stpid, oh, you,thats who.

King Of hEart: We here on the border of the buckeye state and the keystone report that, if this thing goes hot, and we have to get violent, it wont just a pressure cooker, I promise you that. this is a decleration of war.

Gregg Paschal: Betty..can you prove Obama is an American? Nobody else seems to be able to. He's the anti-Christ and the new Hitler. He needs to go!!

justout75: you are all about the military "eliminating " US citizens?get the freak out of my country.

ericr530: The UN SAT treaty specifically states that it cannot override the standing firearms laws of any nation.

Shawn James: The very fact that we are having these discussions means there is a problem with our governement (Who by the way works for us) over stepping their appointed bounds. Live free or die my friend..

bloodstains1971: Why hide your face do you really think the goverment don't know who you are?Sorry the president can't do that guys.The 2nd amendment is still in place.I am sick of people assuming that the military will attack Americans.There is no way bro.I am ex Army.I don't believe for even one second that there is even one General who would ever order a attack on Americans.Get it straight,Damn doom and gloom.It was marines that stood up to police in NY city during the protests.

Colt Caldwell: You should be more proud of your country then Alexander. More manufacturing opertunities in the Union. If they aren't gonna ship them over. We can build it here.

ericr530: I'm not against making an honest buck in any way but this "flipping" practice is dishonest and causing people problems who want some range time.

Colt Caldwell: Alex... I hope you come to your senses about our current situation. Extreamist views on any subject is exsessive and dangerous. Ultimately you are feeding your own fears and making the situation worse in your own head than it realy is. I love all my firearms and am very responsable for my own actions. I don't buy your claims and hope that you get the proper help you need.

justout75: Any one who can murder or help murder millions is a Satanist.Period. Also the real killing in soviet Russia began AFTER the civil war was done and over by 1923.The commies didn't have full control until then,not 1917.In 1924 lenin died and within 4 years the guns were collected and the most repressive regime in history started.

MrStoneycool69: But your not telling me who they are, why don't you find out what ethnicity they are, there's plenty of them in the US senate. I'll give you a clue Senator Feinstein is one of them.

justout75: no you haven't. I think you have watched too many war movies, son.

j lin: Who do think your fooling your isp know your name adddres and gives it to the cop if you do things like this so ditch the mask be a man

justout75: . "I don't buy your claims and hope that you get the proper help you need."see that?you are implying "mentally ill".If you don't go with the mainsream idea that "all is fine,whats on TV?"-crowd=you are mental....you set a very nice example for all the other sheep.

Tommy Pro: Dishonest? You mean like theft? Car dealers make a profit, Oil companies make a profit, grocery stores make a profit, real estate agents ( dishonest) make a profit, the list goes on. Gunbroker has ammo sold for less than Walmart prices....you have to do your homework!

MrStoneycool69: His history on gun control in Germany is incorrect. The caller needs to read "Gun Control in Germany 1928-1945" by William L Pierce. The people who have had a history of gun control in countries are Communists who are really been Jewish go look it up. The people like Feinstein,Schumer, Chertoff are all Jews, that's just a tip of the iceberg by the way. The caller mentions the media well, look who owns all or most the of the media worldwide? They really hate our guts and want us out of the way.

Colt Caldwell: BTW Alex... Go freak yourself. :-}

docatomics: ☢☢☢ Peace out & serve life man !

Tommy Pro: If there is a willing buyer and a willing seller......it should be no business of mine or yours! I get my ammo at Walmart!

Bo Cephas: No such executive order has been signed. Sweet Jesus please stop spreading BS so I don't have to take up for a politician I despise! You lie!

Gregg Paschal: Isn't it time our military eliminated the enemy within!!

ericr530: While it is certainly no secret that the UN is no friend of private gun ownership, the UN SAT did not pass in the Senate and has no bearing or authority on the 2nd amendment rights of American citizens. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution specifically prohibits a foreign treaty/ alliance from usurping the power of the Constitution. The treaty also contained specific language that expressly forbid it from superseding the US const. or any other countries code of laws regarding firearms.

JewsBanTheTruth7: Correct Hitler eased the laws for gun ownership lowering the age from 21 to 18 and not needing to register long guns anymore The Weimar Republic had more restrictive gun laws and Hugo Preuss a Jew draftedthat constitution

Dave Wehry: Interesting video; but I'm curious...you've masked your identity in the videos; so why use a picture of yourself, as your avatar?

ralphdjeeper: If This Ain't Treason against America and Our Constitution,Nothing is,Arrest and Charge This Lying Ass Traitor Obama and his whole Dam gang of freaking Crooks Today.

justout75: I know all about it,skull and bones,ect ect. to tell you who they are would require typing a book.

Shawn Thompson: The curtain is getting ready to be lifted.

MrStoneycool69: Satanist yeah sure, but you should look them up who they are; I'm not lying to you they have done the same thing to Russia but murdered 60 million people to bring that regime in place in 1917.

free00to00ryhme: all the executive orders violates the constitution, our government violates the constitution everyday and obama mentioned using executive orders against our 2nd amendment.

Kori West: Source?

ekennye and linda: we will just have to beat dhs sissies with sticks then take their toys to fight them with....WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS BECAUSE we have the moral high ground to stand on, and the spirit of 1776 flows through our veins...

Colt Caldwell: If any of you were smart and believed in this crap... You would stop spending money, and invest your time into survival tactics. Living off the land. Otherwise you just stay in the revolving door. That is YOUR FAULT! Quit acting like you know what's best and preaching like a minister when you use the same power supply I use! Pull your heads outa your asses and find a balance to your lives! That alone ends the tyrany of your opressors... Ofcourse you won't though. You don't CARE!

bloodstains1971: All these laws will be defeated in court.This gun grab stuff will go away.stop worrying.Just remember to vote the anti constitutional politicians out of office.We need change in America.we need a independant party in the congress and senate ,also the executive branch.Guys we make our own fire arms and ammo.Also term limits for senators and congress members.It will eliminate a lot of corruption.

fonz660R: Secret agent man. Did you think a lil panty hose across your face and your wifes glasses. Would hide your true identity? Lmfao. Your funny.

Colt Caldwell: Oh! I almost forgot to mention... I am the soldier of the apocolypse... Or for those of you who don't understand... I am the first horseman of the apocolypse... See you on the other side.

Shawn Thompson: How far is too far? When are we as Americans going to say enough is enough and take our government back by voting poll or gun?

ericr530: "Dishonest? You mean like theft?",. No not theft, people who are "flipping" ammo are actually buying it, it's more like highway robbery, and people with more money than sense are willing to support this by buying from them. "Gunbroker has ammo sold for less than Walmart prices"- used to. Have you been on GB lately? Take a look at some of the .22LR auctions, 500 rd. packs that normally go for $21-25 USA wide, being sold for upwards of $80! Stop the insanity!

TheMediaBrainwashes: So where are all the Oath Keepers who swore an oath to defend the Constitution from All Enemies to the CONSTITUTION? This Obama NWO Puppet needs to be hung high for treason & conspiracy.

Colt Caldwell: I second this statement... It ultimately is the reality of the ammo situation.

King Of hEart: we are in the apocalypse, I assure you. be ready, new madrid fault will blow one day also.. the dark star wormwood is near, it will disturb all the volcanoes and exchange atmospheric gasses. geoengineeringwatch(.)org
Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order 4.3 out of 5

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Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order