Obama Signs Firearm And Ammo Killswitch Executive Order

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Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Accessories Without Congressional Approval
Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Accessories Without Congressional Approval
NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 04-26-2013
NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 04-26-2013
Bulletproof Executive Order
Bulletproof Executive Order

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Viking4freedom: Only CONGRESS can tax, Obamacare is a tax (says the Supreme Court) yet was written by the SENATE! Did they miss some facts? EO's violating the Constitution are NULL AND VOID, you will not find EO powers in the Constitution ANYWHERE.

Shawn Thompson: It's sad that it has come to this.

Shawn Thompson: How far is too far? When are we as Americans going to say enough is enough and take our government back by voting poll or gun?

Shawn Thompson: The curtain is getting ready to be lifted.

justout75: no you haven't. I think you have watched too many war movies, son.

Colt Caldwell: Oh! I almost forgot to mention... I am the soldier of the apocolypse... Or for those of you who don't understand... I am the first horseman of the apocolypse... See you on the other side.

Colt Caldwell: BTW Alex... Go freak yourself. :-}

Colt Caldwell: If any of you were smart and believed in this crap... You would stop spending money, and invest your time into survival tactics. Living off the land. Otherwise you just stay in the revolving door. That is YOUR FAULT! Quit acting like you know what's best and preaching like a minister when you use the same power supply I use! Pull your heads outa your asses and find a balance to your lives! That alone ends the tyrany of your opressors... Ofcourse you won't though. You don't CARE!

Colt Caldwell: Ohhh! So that's why you misspelled stupid! Cause you are well read! How ignorant of me Betty! I'm sorry you are so smart and I am so so ignorant. War is all I know Betty. I know four different languages including English. I have seen the soft white under belly of the American war machiene... What have you done for your people agin?...

justout75: and about the getting my nose in a book....perhaps you missed my history lesson below. I am well read. now whos stpid, oh, you,thats who.

justout75: mass panic lol. most people are still asleep, including yourself!. I guess you don't know much, due to your laxadasical attitude towards this problem. that would make you a liability in itself. im not the asleep sheep here. Sometimes, you have to get extreme. do you have the fortitude to do so? I don't really think you do. I don't think you really understand just how much crap we are in as a people in this country. just came out that the govt is illegally gathering intel on citizens...wake up

Mr2wings: Banning ball and powder! The last straw that started the American Revolution (1776).

Colt Caldwell: Betty I am the sheepdog... If you were smart you wouldn't be trying to spread mass panic through the flock. Of course you wouldn't know that though cause you have no actual real understanding of war tactics. Makes you a liability to us who would actually be on the front lines for this country. Get your nose in a book and get real facts from unbias sources. Then we will talk about the flock. Until then sheer your wool and quit acting like you know something. You look stupid dear.

MrStoneycool69: No, forget the skull and bones crap it's them they are the ones look at the so called AIPAC lobby that also runs your country.....There are plenty more SPLC,ADL and lots more....

justout75: it WILL happen.not ALL military will follow orders,but many will.And they will bolster their ranks with UN troops.

justout75: I know all about it,skull and bones,ect ect. to tell you who they are would require typing a book.

MrStoneycool69: But your not telling me who they are, why don't you find out what ethnicity they are, there's plenty of them in the US senate. I'll give you a clue Senator Feinstein is one of them.

justout75: Any one who can murder or help murder millions is a Satanist.Period. Also the real killing in soviet Russia began AFTER the civil war was done and over by 1923.The commies didn't have full control until then,not 1917.In 1924 lenin died and within 4 years the guns were collected and the most repressive regime in history started.

fonz660R: Secret agent man. Did you think a lil panty hose across your face and your wifes glasses. Would hide your true identity? Lmfao. Your funny.

17viris: What i think is really funny is that he's wearing a mask and glasses to cover his identity, yet his profile pic is his face unmasked. lmao, Huge FAIL!
Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order 5 out of 5

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Obama Signs Firearm and Ammo Killswitch Executive Order