How To Breed Epic RHYNEX MONSTER In Monster Legends On Facebook

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Rhea Canicula: If you dont have yet a bonbon 

Ryu Gin: you can also breed rawar with the thunder bird

miuta marius: thanks it worked now have to wait 1 day and 11 hours but how gaben said : it will worth the weight

D. J.: Expygaming did you get the molem monster

beau aston merrygold parker: I got 1day and 11 hours 

ThePatrox: Thx

Jorge Hernandez: I got it by breeding tarzape and thunder eagle :)

Sucker4190: Or beastian + bonbon = rhynex

Lily Anna Fischer: I got rynex by breeding dragonair and gigram

Germie Mesinas: is it okay if electrex and rarawr or dragonian beast?????????????????????

Abdul Raheem javed: i just got a legend

vukasin acimovic: i didnt got rhynex i got rarawr no like for u!!!!

Martin Vašek: thanks :)

George Gaming: how long does it take to breed?

syed azeen: I got rabidex by breeeding firanda plus thundenix

Jason Chan: Dragon City TT :((:(

gabe perry: tanks

alex rusu: what i will get from breding:cool fire lvl 14 and armadilo lvl 10,it will finish in 2 days,what legendary i will get

jonny frost: real and working Facebook Password Hack take a look here==>\116mC08

ExpyGaming: congratulations, man ! you are fast :)

fawad ahmad: can you show your face in an episode

epicriceable: oh man i am so unlucky. Every time i've tried getting rhynex and rabidex monster i get electrix monster. I've tried several combination and still electrix -_- I guess electrix monsters just love me so much huh.

megan saddoris: no help

ruver abanto: what the the is it epic

mrredcoss: Lol vianca me too

Brandon Truong: yes


Elias Engelmann: can someone please tell me what mirror + cool fire will be in dragon city?

jayvon gonzalez: can you make a video of how to get koopigg

Tiam Peng Teh: rare+rare=EPIC

adih abergos: ty i got both rabidex and rhynex

Jovan Bajic: does any have this problem: when i try to enter in dragon city or monster legends it say page not found!!

Ilay Tzuberi: can you make a video about rabidex monster

KvGzStorM: ikr lol its kind cool x.x to troll with

Dylan Omed: i guess most breeds in this game not like dragon city ! its about nature almost :) Like : Fire + Nature = Fire Panda But : Nature + Fire = Pandaken what u think ?

Cristian Nita: how u make your monster bigger?

rokunidan romania: are you from romania?

Princesswolf23425AJ: i tried to breed tarzape but it didnt work i always get rawr

socialgamer75: Bro, can you make breeding guide for monster legends?

Martin Vašek: first

muang pi: plzzzzzzzzzzzz dragon city

Collinless789: i shouldve been first but i was on mobile

arion ehlert: When comes you new video?

haris19679: Make more vi.deos

Mladen TROLL: or tarzape + Electrex ; Rarawr + Electrex ; Bonbon + Tarzape ; Pandaken + Bonbon ; Rarawr + Shock Turtle

fawad ahmad: 4th

syed azeen: What is an epic monster

Les Acolytes Gaming: hello...

M.Irsyad R'sChannel: E is Epic

Salome: your new video ?
How To Breed Epic RHYNEX MONSTER In Monster Legends On Facebook 4.5 out of 5

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How To Breed Epic RHYNEX MONSTER In Monster Legends On Facebook