Ion Color Brilliance In Light Brown 5N-5.0

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Ion Color Brilliance in Light brown 5N-5.0
Ion Color Brilliance in Light brown 5N-5.0
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Ki11erWhale18905: love this color! How long did you leave it in while coloring?

Jenn Sauer: Loreal quick blue bleach is really good if you want to try it. Its available at Sally's. 🙂

Miss A: That shade of Ion looks gorgeous on u. I wouldn't go any darker. It's perfect ;) Looks good with the blonde too but would look amazing all over too on you. Thank u so much for the advice on Ion!!!!!!! Xox

Jasmine Pedraza: Love your hair !!! What did you use for the blonde part??

FUNKYMACGIRL: aww good, glad you like the color.its one of my faves too.

jjjjjokerface: Just dyed my hair with that color, love it! I didn't do blonde haha but it looks good!

Tyara Walker: Oh okay thank you lots ! And one more question.. how long did you keep the bleach on your hair to get to the lightness you needed

FUNKYMACGIRL: absolutely, my hair was reddish brown, a box color

Tyara Walker: When u dyed your hair that blonde, did you have to bleach first ? And was your hair before u dyed it blonde, brown ?

FUNKYMACGIRL: i know how you feel when i do mine a 4 i feel the same way like its black..try and wash it out as much as you can mix a little bit of bleach with your shampoo dont leave it in cause youll get spots..but just wash it and see it take some color out..and remeber to condition well....let me knowhow this works for you! f.y.i A BLONDE HAIR DYE WILL DO NOTHING1

Angelica K.: I dyed my hair with 3n and it's pretty much black and I wanted it like yours more brown. How can I lighten it without bleach? Would a blonde hair dye with 40 developer work?


Lorena & Andy: I love ur hair!!!!

Max Brown: What do u think about pravana 902 for white hair

FUNKYMACGIRL: hmmm? a person with orangy tones will use a blue based toner blue is opposite of gold/orange (BUT if you apply a brown with a blue base over blonde hair it will turn ashy/green) blue+yellow = green and to eliminate green you use red.. so this is why when is blondes go back brown, usually a red filler is applied..but this color never turned ashy i still have a chunk of this color in and its looks allright still!

BeLLaMaMiDR: I had bright blonde highlights once and tried to dye my entire head medium golden brown and it look good at first but after it dried out the green came out. I put that color bc I thought the golden was opposite of green or was suppose to eliminate that. So because of that now I'm afraid to color the blonde myself.

FUNKYMACGIRL: i thought it was gonna turn gerren too but this color was neautral (n) it had no blue or ash bash, this color worked out great, usually blonde hair is required to be filled in with red then apply the brown on the top so the ash process is eliminated!!

BeLLaMaMiDR: How did u dye that blonde to a brown color and not turn green? Sorry for all the questions :\ you got that off cuz in the past when I dye my platinum highlights brown it usually turns a green color.

BeLLaMaMiDR: I have a question before you had truffle on the bottom section of your hair did you have to do anything to it to be able to put the light brown & for it to show?

Ion Color Brilliance in Light brown 5N-5.0 5 out of 5

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Ion Color Brilliance in Light brown 5N-5.0