HK P7M13

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H&K P7M13 - short review
H&K P7M13 - short review
東京マルイ H&K P7M13 【HG/ホップアップ】開封動画
東京マルイ H&K P7M13 【HG/ホップアップ】開封動画
H&K VP70Z - short review
H&K VP70Z - short review
mark shoots hk p4 380  pt.2
mark shoots hk p4 380 pt.2
Quickies - A brief review of the Phillips & Rodgers Medusa Model 47
Quickies - A brief review of the Phillips & Rodgers Medusa Model 47

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FloridaMike: Hippo, I admire your collection. You have great taste.

ALI1992: Worlds best handgun

jsig191145acp: Hello, I your opinion is the P7M13 considerably larger than the M8, or just slightly larger in the handle area to accommodate the larger magazine? Thanks,

babsmd111: Nice Sterling era M13.

katazone: Beauty!

hippo939: Restricted

katazone: Prohib or Restricted?

hippo939: @RosenKrantz666 It's the factory one......

Ghostie604: @ross512009 - Roger is shooting at 7m (23 feet) here. I know, as I have been a member at the same range as him for years and I see him every Saturday. The first line of pistol target stands is at 7m. That is damn good shooting at almost any range - one ragged hole.

Gun Basics Philippines: You sir, have fine taste in firearms.

Roger: Awesome!! I've got 2 HK P7 PSPs and sooooooo glad I do! What a real pleasure to shoot.

Bob Jolyn Esquerre: I had the pleasure of inadvertently using the P7 at a Training Pick-up Drill at the US Training Center in Moyock, NC. After I had figured out how to use it, I had a very positive & highly accurate experience. Now I have my own P7 [the European Model].

GoFastJames: Nice video on the P7. That one looks real mint. I have a P7 I got it used then had it NP3. Check out my video of my P7 and USP CT. Keep it up with the good videos thanks.

rifles: Love the target camera! Thanks for all the videos.

TheOl1911: I carried this for a few years and then traded it towards a Wilson Combat... damn I wish I still had it

ALAPINO: If you run P7M10 magazines you can legally get more than 10 rounds of 9mm. :D (Provided you can find them and they don't cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney)

Tasche CJK: very nice grouping. @ how many meters?
HK P7M13 5 out of 5

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HK P7M13