1911: Remove And Replace A 1911 Ejector

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WildWing 1955: It's not an extractor, it's an ejector.

Ryan: "1:10" ear rape.

Chris alvarado: Is it normal for an extractor to be lose?

bt465: 🤔hmm this is interesting thanks 🤔 wonder if Colt makes spare with the cut out

TaztheTitanII: How tight should the ejector to slide be

Thomas Cruz: my last build I left the pin out. 500 rds and no problem. the ejector was fitted with a minimal clearance so it doesn't move around alot. im going to see how long it lasts

cal30m1: Sorry for my redundant comment on "extractor". However, that roll pin should be tighter than that when reinstalling.

cal30m1: You often call the part "extractor" in this clip

Jay Mayberry: Do you think this guy has any idea that he calls the ejector an extractor almost every time? Lol

algoneby: You should rename this video to How to take out a pin, and put it back in explained in ten minutes

deki r: Hello Sir,
may I ask for a free advice ?
I have a 9mm 1911 and got a GSG-1911 22LR conversion kit. The kit works great, the only problem is that I have to remove original 1911 ejector every time, which is very inconvenient. Now,  the reason is, what I heard,  that 9mm ejector is taller than the one for 45ACP 1911. This prevents conversion kit to slide. I examined this problem carefully and it seems that it is just a hair taller, but enough to prevent normal functioning of the conversion kit.May I just slightly trim the upper part of 9mm ejector using fine sand paper and not to have problems later when shooting 9mm ammo.

chemoautotroph: As usual excellent video, very informative. Thank you.

CaFFeineSouLja: Thanks, this is one thing I forgot to remove before melonite treatment so I might be replacing this soon.

Max Fountaine: Great video.Thanks

John Fernald: It is confusing when you refer to the ejector as an extractor.  I know the difference, but some novices might appreciate you fixing the video.

Marcelino2435: Very good Doc, was looking for this (Ejector) information. Have a 1911 .45 APC from Wilson and a conversion 22; no problem here. But on another 1911 in 9mm; the .22 conversion will not enter. Ejector( longer) blocks it. There are two or three  commercially ejectors out there.  Question: will the shorter ejector affect shooting 9 mil or do I have to swap back to the original longer version?

G Down: Hi, I am new to 1911 and was wondering if you can help me out. I just bought a Cimarron 1911 and I found out that when I chamber a live round and want to eject it back out it doesn't eject the round like most other handguns. The extractor will pull out the round from the chamber but the round won't pop out. The slide will not go all the way back and the round will just hang on the extractor and I will have to play around with the slide to get the live round out through the mag well or tilt it to the side to make the round come out. Is this just a 1911 thing or is there a way I can fix this problem by replacing a part or so? Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks.

235brady: Thanks! Great video by the way!

235brady: I have a Kimber pro custom CDP 11 . The brass is hitting me in the face every 3-5 shots. Do you feel that this should fix the problem?

doctruptwn: No Problem, Odd they have always stated a lifetime warranty in the past. I have even sent in guns that I was the second owner in for work.
1911: Remove and Replace a 1911 Ejector 5 out of 5

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1911: Remove and Replace a 1911 Ejector