Replacing A Sliding Screen Door Roller

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MyHerpes Itch: Dude. I can't get that crap in. Stupid tight wheel clip thingy

Mike Wolverton: I am trying to fix a screen door with that roller but the black plastic connector post inside the frame. Do they make a kit to fix it?

Ravon Rayne: Great, informative video. I was able to replace the rollers on my screen patio doors with your help!

Victor Rocha: Thanks. Installed on first attempt.

Ray Maiden: Perfect instructions.  Saved my bacon on replacing the entire door. YouTube to the rescue, again!

rls303: Thanks.

Dan Streight: These sliding patio screen door roller mechanisms...must have been designed by the same guys that designed Lucas Electronics. Pure garbage.

lougehrigsdisease: freakING LOVE THE B515! WOOOOO!

Daniel Davis: How do you replace the piece that is adjustable. for me the wheel is ok but that plastic peice where the prongs are broke. so the prongs are in the wheel when I pull out the wheel.

Mike O: I couldn't get this to work to save my life. Just could never get the prongs to open enough and too much pressure trying to do it popped off the wheels. I completely destroyed one of the adjustments. This screen sliding door kicked my butt and laughs at me every time I walk by it and says, "what's up rookie". Defeated by a screen door, oh the shame. I'm just going to replace it if I can find one.

Larry Major: I would never have fixed the roller without this video thanks .

Elia Nunez: This looks quite simple. seems like. But, without your instruction is "hell".  Thank you for sharing the secrets of the trade.... You are my hero!!!

Keisuke Hoashi: Quick and easy my fanny. If this is a "standard" design for screen door rollers, then I'm astonished that nobody has bothered spending twenty seconds creating a design that is actually GOOD. How about an assembly that actually slides out with ONE screw, making replacement of the ONE replaceable part as simple as loosening and tightening a screw???? This "snap from behind" design is total garbage. My replacement roller assembly ended up mashed, bent, twisted, broken, and finally just shoved in. Yes, you deserve this rant. I have already created a BETTER DESIGN in just the time it took to scream my frustrations to the whole internet. And I am as much a screen door engineer as I am an crab fisherman.

Jeff DeGross: On my door, the little plastic part that you roll the wheel onto is broken. Is there a way to remove that and replace it? Thanks

beadeecats: thank you thank you so much i went to 2 local hardware stores and no one could help me with this. no one even knew how the parts worked. watched your video went out and fixed my door. THANK YOU!!!

JOHNNYKRUSE: Thank You. I repaired my neighbor's sliding door after viewing this video.. And thanks to you I did it without using any curse words.

Diane Thornton: I have to say, yes this is extremely hard. There are no perfect replacements that home depot carries that exactly match original hardware, so this is the closest. If I hadn't seen your video, I think I would have shot myself in the head after the # of times I tried this. So it really helped. I replaced orig. hardware with both the B-515 and the B-736. The difference betw. them and the orig. hardware was that the orig. hardware had a hook rather than the grabby thing, and it had a rounded spring rather than an L-shaped one.

This is what I found: First step of loosening the tension screw is extremely important! Without doing that, you're going to have difficulty. Next, to line up the grabby thing, you have to find just the right sweet spot vis-a-vis those nubby things. It's not directly under, as one person here noted, because when you pivot the wheel from behind, it's going to change that angle. Also, you have to use a really narrow phillips head screw driver, and a long one I found out, to get the right arc and not break the nylon wheel. (I broke one last time I tried this months ago - that time I gave up.) After they were installed, neither model, B-515 nor B-736, provided the spring-type tension that the orig. hardware had. I could get them in (aargh! never want to do it again!) but no matter the tension screw's position, there is now no "bounce" which we had with original hardware. All I know is our door is now working, but it wasn't easy. I believe our door mfr is Jeld Wenn; it's the one with the blinds inside the glass.

Regal Vizzerdrix: wow. Sat here for 30 minutes trying to get this done. watched your video and had it rolling in 2 minutes. thanks!

scooter56tuna: The video helped me a lot but what I discovered was that every time I tried to force the spring clip in, the roller would pop out. What I did was remove the plastic roller AND small plastic axle, then put in the spring clip. Once I had the metal clip in I just rotated the clip down and pushed the roller and axle unit in. I had to spread the sides of the clip but it was much easier than trying to force the complete unit in. You should show this as an alternative to forcing it in as one unit. But as I said, the video did show the basic replacement so I thank you for that.
Replacing a Sliding Screen Door Roller 5 out of 5

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Replacing a Sliding Screen Door Roller