Replacing A Sliding Screen Door Roller

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Replacing a Sliding Screen Door Roller
Replacing a Sliding Screen Door Roller
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Whitney Sheets: Is there a solution to a broken pin that connects the wheel to the door?

caesar ramirez: Thank You

Spikestrip55: I appreciate the instructional, but can't a design be created where the Rube Goldberg spring clip arrangement is changed out for a simple screw on either side of the roller assembly making a change-out easier? I'm having quite a time with the opening of the clips, then installing the new roller assy...

Mark Lundegren: Thanks for the helpful homeowner DIY my case, your video prompted me to check the wheel adjustments, which solved my derailing problem. Thanks again!

Steve Varnell: A few more tips. 1 wiggle the roller tongs back and forth slightly when close to when they are spreading. 2 where the tip of the Phillips screwdriver determines your leverage point. You need that leverage and in some spots you just don't get it. 3. I found that I got it in on my second roller a bit faster when I had aligned to one side of the prong and not in the center. You are lifting in a bit of an arc so the center point will miss when rotated. 4. A second regular screwdriver may help in getting the Phillips in position. Great video. I struggled for an hour before I found this video. In 15 minutes I was then done. Most of these DIY videos don't have the video skills or equipment to show every detail. The key like he said is the 3/16" Phillips. I did not use string/wire because I did not have any handy.

Michael Walsh:
A very good instructional video. I will add that I found it hugely helpful to run a piece of fishing line or thin wire (my wife has this stuff called "floral wire") around the new wheel assembly behind where it clips to the pins in the door frame. That way, if you have to move the screwdriver to get more leverage, or even reposition the whole assembly ever so slightly for it to line up properly, you can keep it in position instead of having it slip off the pins entirely.

John Gotti: I have a Model#B691 roller. how do I remove boken one and install new rollers

Myrele McGuinty: How do I change the bracket that the roller is attach to ?

joan holladay: I have just replaced 3 of the four rollers. On the 4th one, however, I can see that the prongs that the roller is supposed to spread over has broken off. Is there any work around? I tried installing the door with the roller just loose in the track, but was too loose to hold.

Saul Borak: many thanks for a perfect way to instruct someone with limited skills.  worked like a charm.  $ 4 instead of $65 for new door

deprondave: Thanks for posting this
these things had me soooo frustrated

Juan Onofre: Just like in the video. Thanks a lot for it. It was really easy.

Prime Line: The adjustment screw is used to raise or lower the roller and hence the door so the door sits evenly on the track and rolls smoothly. If it's too high, it (the screen) can bind at the top. If it's too low the screen frame can drag on the track.

90012bg: The video was a help. I struggled to get the old roller out without the phillips screwdriver. I broke one of the new roller "axle pins" using the screwdriver to lever it in as shown - as @NotoriousMOK wrote. They come 2 to a package, so I took @goofyfam42's advice and put the screwdriver in front of the wheel. This *almost* did it; the deciding factor was to loop string behind the bracket and use the string to position the bracket. Also, what's the adjusting screw do, anyway?

NotoriousMOK: While I really appreciate such a quality video on this topic, I am still having trouble with this application. Just to clarify, I am replacing the rollers in a screened slider that is approximately 8 years old, but the existing and new rollers (#B515) are an exact match. The trouble I am having is when installing the new roller, just before it seems the roller bracket will snap into position, the plastic wheel/axle pops out of the bracket. Am I missing something here? Thank you

Prime Line: You're welcome. Thank You for watching.

Dan Filipi: Hey thanks for the video, it helped a lot!

goofyfam42: Nice clear instructions and video. For me it worked better to put the screw driver in front of the wheel when replacing the part. It was the only way to get the thing to open up enough to fit over the post.

Prime Line: If you need to remove the sliding glass door to get to the screen be sure to get someone to help you, as they can be heavy and awkward. Safety First!
Replacing a Sliding Screen Door Roller 5 out of 5

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