How To Build A Bullet Trap For .22 Cal

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tenstreet2: how much should the plate be angled, i want to build one to use indoors

Jim Thomas: @cgspeeddemon1 , Yes, you are right. A deeper throat with less angle would be better. The bullets do spatter and without a piece of cardboard over the face fragments do escape. I wear safety glasses and stay at least 10 yards away when shooting. Good comment. Thanks for the input.

cgspeeddemon1: if you angle that plate much more youd be looking at possible ricochets.....the reason the bullets shatered was due in part to being too great angle as it is (almost like hiting it head on) what you need is less angle and more length......but as long as your only objective is to stop the bullets then it works great.

Jim Thomas: Be sure to check with your local law enforcement folks on any laws that may apply to your area. If you live inside the city limits there may be an ordinance against discharge of a firearm.

Jim Thomas: @justinhartyale This trap is used exclusivly outdoors - to prevent rounds from leaving my property. I don't clean it at all, but if I were to build a trap for indoors, then yes, you are right, a trap that won't shatter the round would be better on the environment. Thanks for the comment.

Dakota Thurmond: Nice Charger.

bwoodcracker: @JimbowT that is true, i didnt think about that, its works great for its purpose and thats all that matters

Cloakedsphere: @JimbowT I Suggest you just use phone books. Glue them into the front of the catch then the unused old phonebooks with slow down the bullets so much their is no possible chance of rocichet. Plus you only need 1 phone book! :D

TheDrPizza: @JimbowT you still a sister freaking redneck

Macking Canadido: I hope I can shoot my .22lr rifle at my backyard with this I live in texas.

hagemeisterj: Nice Lincoln buzz box!

Jim Thomas: @Chipperowski , When shooting the .22 Charger I was about 30 yards, but I moved up to about 10 yards when shooting the 9mm.

ColtDeltaElite10mm: I almost forgot to mention.... Combining both welding AND guns in one video is BITCHEN!!! Keep 'em comming!

cgspeeddemon1: @TheDrPizza oh your just jealous........we can all tell by your grammar you grew up in the trailer park too. what happened, your sister marry someone else? LOL

HitAndMissLab: Hi guys, nice one! I need to buy one of these, but one thing I do not like is that it makes so much noise when hit. What about extending that 'shelf' with sand a bit forward so that one can slot in a piece of a scrap chip board or like. That would muff the sound and prevent bullets from bouncing out. Just a thought.

tsbrownie: Good video. I'm fixing to build something like this out of quater inch plate for a friend who shoots high powed air guns in his backyard and he does not want any splatter or bounce backs. I looked at your type and one that looks like a square funnel with a collector hole and pipe at the back. Can't seem to find specs or plans or even the angles needed. How did you come across this? Did you just do it yourself?

bwoodcracker: you should have angled the back of it a little more but hey it gets the job done

cgspeeddemon1: @tenstreet2 I would HIGHLY recomend NOT trying to use one indoors. However if you're going to try it be sure to use some form of damper PRIOR to the bullet contacting the steel (such as a thick phone book or some old newspaper). That will lower the odds of shattered and ricocheting bullets. As for the proper angle that would a trial and error discovery as the higher the impact force the less the angle should be, I wouldn't go over about 45 deg. Good Luck and stay safe.

Jim Thomas: Thanks Buffalo Bill :-)

Jim Thomas: @bwoodcracker You have a good eye for detail...and you are correct that the angle would be better if it were longer. The reason I made it that way, was so I wouldn't have to rip down a 12" cut across that 3/8 inch back plate...acetelene aint cheap :-( and I ain't exactly a surgon with a torch either :-) . Anyhow thanks for the comment. Hope you have a great summer !

Steve Hammond: If you went with 3/4" steel as your backstop and made the sand trap a little deeper, you could probalby shoot .223 lead core bullets (NO M855!) at 100 yards with it.

pelayo1009: its hulk hoghan

Jim Thomas: @TheDrPizza Why Thank You. Thank you very much ! (read like Elvis would say it)

Justin Hart: @JimbowT You also want to avoid shattering the bullet out of concern for lead contamination. You're going to make quite a bit of lead dust, and contribute to the environmental hazard of using and cleaning the trap.

tsbrownie: Thanks. I may have to give it a try at building one.

Jim Thomas: @ryanroflcopter , The 9mm didn't leave any more mark than the .22... but a .40, 357, 44, 45 or .50 might leave an impression on the 1/4 plate. You'r choice of using 3/8 plate for the angle backstop should stop any standard pistol round. - and I like the idea off using the pipe to disipate energy and collect the lead. Best wishes on the cut out and assembly. I hope you get an A+ on your project !

darkhorse2reign: great vid...

Dakota Thurmond: @JimbowT Any time!

Chipperowski: how many yards were you from the trap?

TheDrPizza: @cgspeeddemon1 what do u mean i grew up in a trailer park to? wait u grew up in a trailer park. lol

Jim Thomas: Yes, a long tall pyramid turned on its side maybe with a section of 1-1/2" metallic electrical 90 degree conduit welded on to collect the pellets might work better than my design. However if it is strictly going to be used for pellets you might try shooting 1/8" at 90 degrees and if it stands the test, then go with the lighter plate, Cause my box is HEAVY,

ColtDeltaElite10mm: JimboT, great little bullet trap. Personally, i figure lead chips going back in the dirt (outdoors) is no big deal. Only Al Gore and the other "enviro- nazis" would "worry" about that. Its nit even an issue fir a one man target range. Dont the antis realize that your helping to RECYCLE an element back into mother earth???? Hahahahaha. Keep up the good work!

TheDrPizza: Redneck.
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How to Build a Bullet Trap for .22 cal