4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, Long Shift, Chevy, GM PT1

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Timothy Tim: I dropped the pan 2 times found a lake of aluminum particles I hope I caught it in time. The valve body is another area where there is major wear on aluminum with the solenoids and valves. Other than the flaw in the 4th gear hub splines not being harden up and until 2003 and the clutch plates it's a good transmission. I had a Lumina with a 4T60 trans and never had a problem with it until I got my recent car. The shifts now are nice and crisp and firm and no more P1811 code.

Timothy Tim: I have the 4T65E and had the P1811 code but when I first bought the car the trans fluid was very dirty that you could not even see through it. Started to get that code and decided to put a Transgo shift kit in it and no more code. Yes my trans would start to shift hard in all gears when hot and set that code before the shift kit The PCM senses the lazy shift and sets line pressure in high mode. Have not checked out the solenoids because I do not have a place to drop the trans and take cover off

Victor Rios: love ur videos.. the issue dats driving me crazy hope u can help me bro. Bought an 01 impala 3.8 148xxx mile on it for $350 off a friend wit a bad tranny. Drove car home bout 3miles no issues at all. But noticed that at cold starts I put it in drive reverse or any gear n it slips until warm up did a diagnostic no codes for tranny beside bad o2 sensor. Did a pan drop changed filter gasket n fluid still no solution please please help wat can be the cause of this. Thank u

m ph: That it was

EnviroRico: Thanks for the video! Did this job over the weekend - video helped tremendously! Worst part? Getting to the case cover! :0) I took the two bolts off the rack and pinion and suspended it, rather than trying to get the steering knuckle off and back together. Replaced the PCS, TCC, and both shift solenoids. Runs good now... so far anyways! Thanks again for your help!

m ph: No prob, glad the videos helped. Every time I have a successful fix it feels like such an accomplishment. To hear success stories due to my videos is even better.

m ph: Most of the time the PCS going bad causes delayed/long shifts. I would have to look at your 1-2 shift timing with a scan tool to see where its at. Under 0.5 seconds is ideal for a shift. Are all your shifts hard or just 1-2 after it warms up? Your problem could be in multiple places, 1-2 Accumulator, valve body, pcs, MAF dirty or TPS out of range. Check the fluid level/condition hot. If this is Ok I would next try a 10oz bottle of Red Lube Guard.

m ph: As far as rebuild cost, I have seen anywhere from $795 cash and carry to $2500.

m ph: No Tech 2, just have a unidirectional OTC scanner. Its good for checking basic stuff like shift timing. Most of the 4t65e issues I see is with the input piston wearing on the inner surface where the seals ride. This will cause a condition that feels like its banging into gear when started from a stop. If you have a scanner check your 1-2, 2-3 shift timing. If this is over 0.6 seconds it will feel harsh. If this is your case the problem is more than likely the PCS in need of replacement.

m ph: True on the accumulator pins wearing in the center part. I had a trans eat up the center part of the accumulator ans send aluminum particles throughout. Required a complete rebuild.

m ph: Try dropping it in manual low and see if it still slips. Your problem sounds like a dried up/hard input piston lip seal. The trans would have to be broken down and repaired/rebuilt in order to fix this. Try a bottle or two of Red Lube Guard, this may help a little.

meTimetraveler: Three questions, I assume you have a tech 2, how much longer do you suppose GM will support the tech2 or the program will go beyond 32meg,? what do you think of the MDI ? I have an Impala w/ the 4T65E , some times when I start out , a few feet , i get a feel like a harsh shift, , usually happens for a few days, then nothing for weeks...most of the time if I drive any long distance, usually if I stop and then startdriving I get harsh shifts

Victor Rios: nice videos

Timothy Tim: The accumulator seals sometimes stick because the accumulator walls get glazed up and need to be honed out with some scotch brite cloth to restore a cross hatch pattern in it so the trans fluid can keep the walls lubricated for the accumulator seals. Those pistons in the accumulators do become worn out with the center pins and evidence of that is in the trans pan during fluid changes. Those pistons are not expensive so replacement does not cost much. The springs do become weaken also.

ChiCity773: I have an 03 impala same engine and trans, my problem is that it shifts fine on a cold start but after 4 times of shifting from 1-2 gear it starts to shift pretty hard. Would this be a pcs or a valve body issue?

JIM ANDERSON: 5:58 Big fart.

Victor Rios: Thanks for the response I will go tomorrow n pick up 2 bottles hope it works and how much to rebuild a tranny like this I live in Bronx NY thank you
4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1 4.5 out of 5

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4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1