4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, Long Shift, Chevy, GM PT1

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ALLEN CHUDLEY: Absolutely amazing taking time to explain the procedure of this job good thanks

Edwin White: Thumbs down, I did this same job on a venture 3.4 and didn't drop no frame, no rack n pinion. 4 hours start to finish

MrLipps17: I have a 2007 Pontiac grand prix. If I leave from a stop sign it seems to take a second to engage. And if you hit the gas too much it will bang into gear. Been doing this for over a year. After you get going you can go as fast as you want no problem. Now in the last 3 days it has a long shift between all gears. Do you think this will fix my issue? A check engine light came on also but I haven't read it yet. Thanks

Melanie Krivdic: i have impala 2007 if i put on D not driving if i shift manually will take every ger.so shift manually not automaticlly anybody can help me pleasse!!!

Supreme king: What the cost for a repair like this

Art W: Great video's. i have a 2000 impala old police car. Started up one morning,nothing happens in D or 3rd. 1,2 and reverse worked enough to get back in driveway. Do you think this is a rebuild or a solenoid problem. I don't have a code reader. I could tackle a solenoid job but not a total rebuild, Thanks

Daniel Munoz: i have 2002 ls impala my dad replaced the solenoids but it went into limp mode any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Diego Anzola: hi, i have a chevy impala with failure codes p0742 and p1811, if i change the TCC and the long shift I will can solve the problem? or i need i new transmision?

David James: I hope you all put dexron vi in your GM vehicles. This is especially true for the 4t65e and cadillac 4t80e. I have both and upgraded a few years back. 2002 venture, and 1996 Deville. Cold shifts are wonderful, and car shifts smooth. GM mentioned longed clutch life. Since all the other advertised benefits are teue, i bet the longer clutch life it going to happen also. Happy motoring!

Hai Shang: I have 2004 montana and when i accelerate to 113km and keep pressing
down the gas it will not go higher and the speed will start the drop
down to 106km and it will starts to go back up to 113km and then the
same thing happens. there is no engine light and when i use an OBD2
scanner nothing shows up, but when i slowly press the gas it can
accelerate to speeds of 125km and not drop, but if i press gas harder
after that it drops again. and when i get it to 120km and go to cruise
control it is ok until i go uphill and then the same thing happens
again. i have already changed all of the engine sensors, fuel pressure
is ok, i have even changed things like the fuel pump and a lot of other
things, i have changed the transmission oil and added in Lucas oil
stabilizer. so what is the problem?

mathew garza: I have an impala LS 2003 and mines having similar problems about the tranny, when I start off from a stop it has a hard shift but only when gas is being pushed so far but when taking off very slowly shifts a lil fine, also when going up hills on highways and any other place such as hills, it will feel like it has lack of power and rpm needle moves back and forth very little also when pulling into a free way and kinda giving enough gas to drive into a ramp engine light will then blink but only at high way speeds (odometer has 236k miles on dash) any info of help is very welcome please!!

Victor Simpkins: how long did it takes to you to fix

DaChiefn1: I have a lengthy question.. i done this job for the first time (actually my 4th time now).. i replaced the tcc solenoid (which was the code given) while doing this i removed the fluid pump which i broke and ended up replacing. i replaced both shift solenoids the pressure control solenoid and the fluid pressure manifold.. after it was all said and done the car will not shift all codes went away though.. some of my mistakes i think besides the pump was i used the transmission pan to hold up the engine and i broke 2 clips on the pressure solenoid and tcc solenoid.. they just snapped off the plugs seem to seat in there fine though... WHY WONT IT SHIFT? the shifter goes into all the gears but it wont kick in like its stuck in neutral.. also theres a rattle that wasnt present before coming from the transmission... i was just having a minor shift issue I should've left it.. im at a loss.. i replac ed some parts twice trying to figure it out... HELP

CHRIS NOLAN: I just want to say thank you very much for this detailed video I'm a mechanic but have always been skeptical dropping sub frames I just did this on my 2005 Buick Century with only 100k and also installed the TransGo shift improved kit wow what a difference!! Thank you once again you could have sold this video lol

Michael Bartels: Question for everyone have a 4t65e in a Volvo XC90 no first gear tries but nothing there, reverse works great. Pulled the pan off and looks like the forward band is not broken tab still there and can compress with my fingers through inspection hole. Removed both 1-2 and 3-4 shift solenoids and when power applied they both click. Any suggestions would be great before a full rebuild transmission is still in the car cover is removed.

ANTHONY THOMPSON: Great videos your have and very thorough! I have a 99 Buick regal thats Supercharged. Its taking a lil more time to shift between 1 & 2 and it jerks from time to time. So I changed the fluid and filter first, and its still doing it. Could it be that I would need to change the PCS and TCC solenoids that would remedy this problem? I'm going to attempt to do this and play the videos as I do this!

Dan Kingsley: I plan to replace my solenoids on my 2003 Monte carlo SS. I have the right solenoid set, i have the transgo shift kit, and a new filter as well as gasket. Can you give me some insight as to how to lower the cradle to access the side cover of the transmission? I'm a novist DIY mechanic and would like suggestions and tips to make the job seem more feasable
4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1 5 out of 5

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4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1