4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, Long Shift, Chevy, GM PT1

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4t65e P1811 Common Problems and How to Fix Them Transgo 4t65e
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Code P1811 fix on a 200 Buick LeSabre
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4T65E Trans-Go Shift Kit Installation in 2003 Impala
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1-2 Shift Solenoid of a 4T65E Transmission (2005 Pontiac Montana)
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2004 Buick LeSabre 4T65E transmission removal

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John Rankin: I just did this today on a 2005 Grand Prix.  First off, thank you so much for this video series!  Never even would have attempted it without your help!  This is a pretty serious job and isn't for the weekend oil changer.  If you don't have complete confidence that you can do this, don't.  This was an 8 hour job for me.  It took a lot of give and take between all the subframe mounts.  The actual replacement of the solenoids was less than 2 minutes.  I tried to find a way around completely tearing apart the suspension on that side but you can't.  It's all gotta go.  I used all the same tools except for the slide hammer...I used a large crowbar instead.  The swivels are a must and seriously, take your time on the bottom torx.  Also, take pictures of where the bolts come out of versus the studs.  In hindsight, there's a lot I would do different doing it a 2nd time.  Gotta have 2 floor jacks.  No way around it.  In the end, I feel good that I saved my mom a ton of money but this job really kicked my butt!  The video makes it look easy but you gotta really have skills to pull this one off.

Clint Stathis: Why exactly are Delco parts recommended? If that's what is oem then wouldn't it be better to try and find a part that doesn't fail? It seems that this is a common problem on these transmissions that are full of Delco parts. Maybe Delco parts suck?

J.D Mello: Do I onlyn need to remove the pinch bolt at the steering shaft? 1997 Lesabre

J.D Mello: Is this the same with a 1997 Le Sabre?

Uvweywey Diogenes: I have an '03 olds alero 2.2 that threw a p1811 and shifts very hard from 1st to 2nd. I couldn't find any issues with the transmission and the hard shift stopped on its own. Is there anything I should watch out for? 254,xxx miles all original parts.

bill waplington: When you take out that 15 from the steering is that the intermediate steering shaft it separate's from? I need to change out my intermediate steering shaft as well while I do the PCS

510Redneck: That was a healthy sounding fart you had their bro, the "camera cut out" was you having to go change them britches eh? lol
Yes i'm observant, forgive me. lol Subbed due to giving a crap for the viewers.. bahaha

Bernard Fitness: Good morning I just watched your video on 4t65e transmission teardown.. my question is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and I take a transmission out of a 2005 Impala SS and put it in my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix and now I'm getting a p1810 code when the transmission won't shift and I know for a fact that the transmission that was in the Impala SS didn't have any issues whatsoever because I drove it myself it was my car any ideas I still have the computer from the Impala SS

Andrew D: Have you ever installed a shift kit from Transgo?

lostshepherd87: '05 Impala 3.4 liter. Having to mash the peddle from stop to get going. Getting error codes P2761 P0753 P70758. How can all 3 solenoids go out? Thought it was that Ignition switch problem but I'm getting battery volts at the Solenoid circuit.Also im not having any problems on the highway with shifting. I need to change my Cat anyways so I'm hoping that will fix the acceleration problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

TamiyaExperienced: What's the red bottle? I couldn't understand you. Band and slip guard?

Dan Kingsley: Perhaps you can give me guidance, I have a 2001 Pontiac bonneville ssei that hard shifted and I replaced the fluid and filter twice for each and added the transgo shift kit and after each service the car would drive normally but after a little bit of driving around I'd lose pressure so my car would act as if it was in neutral but it moves when it's cold but doesn't when it warms up and it makes that infamous whine that I see in a bunch of videos on here. Would it need a complete rebuild or just a full solenoid replacement? The car has 120k

ALLEN CHUDLEY: Absolutely amazing taking time to explain the procedure of this job good thanks

Edwin White: Thumbs down, I did this same job on a venture 3.4 and didn't drop no frame, no rack n pinion. 4 hours start to finish

MrLipps17: I have a 2007 Pontiac grand prix. If I leave from a stop sign it seems to take a second to engage. And if you hit the gas too much it will bang into gear. Been doing this for over a year. After you get going you can go as fast as you want no problem. Now in the last 3 days it has a long shift between all gears. Do you think this will fix my issue? A check engine light came on also but I haven't read it yet. Thanks

Melanie Krivdic: i have impala 2007 if i put on D not driving if i shift manually will take every ger.so shift manually not automaticlly anybody can help me pleasse!!!

Supreme king: What the cost for a repair like this

Old Guy: Would working on my 4t45e 2005 cobalt be basically the same?
po974 & po700 (1-2 shift solenoid & TCM codes), seems like trans goes to 3rd gear and loads up engine causing misfire.
Lost 4th gear a year ago after a fluid change, only 1st through 3rd gears. TCM???
Suggestion on checking order to be economical or best chance for good odds on repair?
would be nice to have 4th gear back. 170,678 miles on vehicle.
No problem doing work, Ex Honda mechanic with trans rebuild experience in new car dealership & more.
thank you for your great videos!

Art W: Great video's. i have a 2000 impala old police car. Started up one morning,nothing happens in D or 3rd. 1,2 and reverse worked enough to get back in driveway. Do you think this is a rebuild or a solenoid problem. I don't have a code reader. I could tackle a solenoid job but not a total rebuild, Thanks

Daniel Munoz: i have 2002 ls impala my dad replaced the solenoids but it went into limp mode any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1 5 out of 5

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4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1