4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, Long Shift, Chevy, GM PT1

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Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)
Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)

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financeranger: Any issues with another brand of parts (Duralast from Autozone)? They sell a PCS solenoid with a lifetime warr ($70). Both shift solenoids r $20 ea. I
For now only symptom my car has is slipping (from dead stop) and and slip from 2-3 and 3-2.

centagg520: Thank you very much for this series on replacing the solenoids in this trans. Very well done. Because of your, EXCELLENT videos, and narrative, I was able to do this myself in the garage with a floor jack, pretty much like you did. I am just a backyard mechanic, took several hours over a few days. Had P0742 TCC solenoid, but replaced both shift sols, TCC sol (had to remove pump) EPC sol, and pressure switches assembly. Car has been running perfect now (2 wks) smooth shifts, no codes. Thanks,  I could not have done this without your help!...(2000 Grand Prix)

Eric Gray: Great videos! I dove right in a pulled the side cover w minimal problems! 02 Impala 120k. Changed both shift solenoids and PCS. This did not take care of my problem which is long shifts between 1-2 with over revving like the car isn't in gear at all. Sometimes it shifts just fine sometimes it does not. Car always makes a whining noise while in gear BUT not while in park or neutral.....what should I do next? 

Mark Gosnell: m ph thanks for time and effort,very cool

Miranda Kelly: M PH - Left you a note.  My 2002 monte carlo won't start........the cluster doesn't show any gear.  Before this problem it would start but wouldn't shift - shifter stuck.  Cluster showed "N".  Checked all fuses....found brake switch fuse blown and replaced it.  Now car won't start because it doesn't know what gear it is in.  Do you think it is the park neutral switch?  Any help would be appreciated.   

Miranda Kelly: Any way I could ask you a question about my 2020 monte carlo?

Chevymalibuls: Hi, I have a 99 Malibu with the 4T40E transmission. I just changed the fluid and filter, and it still feels like it may be slipping from a stop. But when going up a hill, the downshifts are REALLY SLOW! It takes like 3-4 seconds to go from 1800RPM to 2500RPM. Why is it downshifting so slow? I was looking at maybe an electronic shift kit, but do you think it would destroy my transmission with so many miles? You think maybe some Lubegard red would be okay? It has 218,000 miles. 

Dustin Mozader: You know I just yanked the driver's side bolt from the rack and that was enough. Left the passenger bolt in there still tight and never messed with the steering shaft.

James Mullis: I got a 05 malibu 2.2L is it around the same process?

vic hernandez: Thanks m ph, this is great vid on a subject few dare to post.  appreciate all your vids, keep them coming.  my 2001 monte carlo, 3.4L, is stuck what appears to be third gear, very slow acceleration but good going around 45-55 mph,  code says shifting solenoid, so assuming is just 1-2 solenoid.  should I replace other solenoids whle there - tcc, pcs, and 3-4 shift solenoid?  or does experience tell you to leave well enough alone and just replace 1-2 shift solenoid.  thanks again

BmikeCR88: Where you get that slid hammer axle puller

James Mullis: I forgot to unhook the steering knuckle before I drop the motor. Will this ruin my rack and pinion? 

Mr.Butler: This was very helpful.  I was quoted $1800 to rebuild the trany on a 2001 Buick Century with 127K.  I dropped the pan and changed the filter and fluid first with no luck solving the hard shift in each gear and the engine code.  Cut apart the old filter casing and the filter element looked good.  So I gave this repair a shot and we have been trouble free for three weeks now.  We ended up removing three of the four engine cradle bolts instead of the two shown in the video.  Re-hooking the steering shaft to the rack - yeah - patience -determination - wow - it took two of us about 45 minutes to re-engage that - very difficult. But now that it is done - saved $1700 - I am pretty happy to have done this in my garage.  I have about 15 hours (est) in the repair over two weekends.

Dartheomus: Very nice set of videos.  Thank you for posting them.  I'm trying to decide whether I should try this myself or not.  I have a 2000 Buick Century w. 60k miles that intermittently shifts hard.  The fluid is still bright red, and doesn't smell burnt.  There does appear to be a grey coating on the dip stick.  (clutch material?)  I took it to the mechanic for diagnostic.  He drove around town and said sees a 2-second delay on shifting.  His opinion is that the clutch is too far gone, and he recommends not replacing this solenoid.  He says to drive it till it dies, and decide what to do from there.  I'm not entirely convinced since it only starts shifting hard maybe once or twice a week.  I would think that if it's shifting 2 seconds late all the time, I would feel it... maybe not?  Since you obviously have a lot of experience with the 4t65e, what do you think?

Greg Czarny: What kind of drill did you use for this?

archaictext: Hey m ph, thanks for the great videos! Do you happen to know if this method would work for a 2005 Buick Lesabre?  

joe bolla: what am i looking at for price of labor i have the same car and same problem

lLarceny xX (Zelgoto): I get this code but only when its hot out. Hard crap from 1-2 and 2-3 everything else feels fine. I know if I bring it to a shop they will try to rape me. Are there any alternatives and what consequences can come from driving it w/o getting it fixed?

davedaman9: whats the cost for the parts and labor ? 
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4t65e PCS Replacement, P1811, long shift, Chevy, GM PT1