How To Test A Lawn Mower Solenoid

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Moose Pup: Thank you so much for the great video!

Groovy 1: Your pronunciation of "solenoid" is not correct. You are saying "sillinoid"

Tiny House Customs: If I have a 3 point can I use a 4 point and connect the black to that fourth point instead of the base of it??

bill sullivan: I am showing -12.54 on my little wire that comes off a 4 pole . Any ideas?

DerpyBird: my dad sent this video hoping that i will fix his stupid lawnmower

excavatoree: Your terns "three pole" and "four pole" are incorrect. "pole" is the number of switch sections - so most if not all lawnmower solenoids are single pole, or one pole. The coil wires, whether there terminals for both ends, or one is connected to the frame of the solenoid (sometimes called "grounded," ) aren't counted. You could call them four terminal or three terminal, but "three pole" or "four pole" is incorrect.

There are three, four or more pole solenoids, most typically called relays in that case, but I've never seen them used on a lawnmower.

Michele Gutierrez: Thanks! I tested my 4 pole solenoid and am now off to test the switches. Your videos are very useful and give a lot of information to help people with all different models or testing equipment.

Randall Carter: I have MTD lawn tractor. I replace solenoid and safety switch. it has spark and gas. the engine turn but does not start. I hope you can help me.

GrantNator: where's your shop at?

Brian Hintze: Thank you for taking the time to make this is appreciated.

Luis Avila: Nice job explaining the ins n outs. Thanks!

joe theboxertkd: Hey Josh My mower just clicks. I think my solenoid is connected to the fuel line. I own a Pollouan. Has a 19.5 HP Briggs and starton mower.

Lance W: Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available. We performed a web search for “Metal In Motion Shop” and here's what we found.

Hector Acevedo: Great video!

Michael Morris: Great video!

CavvyStudios: Oh cool, you're going to teach me about something you don't even know how to say.

Stan Wilhite: Good video......but it's SOLE-e-noid. :-)

Daniel Kirkman: I have 12.75 volts going into the solenoid. but 0 coming out, and have 0 on the small wire connected to the third pole. it's a 3 pole solenoid btw.

muffinglish: again excellent!

aries the English mastiff: so can any three pole work if the lawn mower is set up for a 3 pole
How to test a lawn mower solenoid 5 out of 5

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How to test a lawn mower solenoid