How To Test A Lawn Mower Solenoid

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Solenoid Test Craftsman lawn tractor
Solenoid Test Craftsman lawn tractor
How to test a lawn mower solenoid
How to test a lawn mower solenoid

Mower Starter Solenoid Replacement – Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair (Part #532192507)
Mower Starter Solenoid Replacement – Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair (Part #532192507)
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Zak Jakubiszyn: If its refusing to crank, you could do what I did and cross the 2 top terminals with a screwdriver. If it turns over, then you got a bad ignition switch

Craig Arndt: Great video to help do it yourselfers diagnose electrical issues on tractors. Thanks for posting.

dno440: Thanks for the info; but hey are there solenoids with only two posts? I have a Craftsman 42A707 B&S engine/rider Mower Model # 9172565 and it looks like there is only two spots that wires are being attached too...

Darrell Miles: Thank You Metal in Motion!! I took the solenoid off cleaned the connectors and she works like a charm. Saved me $1000 from buying a new riding lawnmower.

MrB: Very Good!

imcruisin88: Hope no one shocks themselves using your method putting their hands in a tight space. The proper thing to do is disconnect power and ohm it out. I know it's only 12 volts but crap happens..

Robin Wrobel: I have replaced the solenoid and im still not getting any turn. Acts like no power at all. When I turn the key I hear nothing. What else could it be. I had battery checked also.I just put a new starter on last summer. You sound so smart I know you can help me. I want to tear out all safety switch but haven't found them yet.

littlebooks66: Thank you for the info.... After going back through everything we found the problem and it works like a charm now...    :)


KILLRBITE: "The Cable Guy" does lawnmower repair too?!

Hanna Thomas: proper description, well done

chad Fent: This guy is smart my riding mower was clicking when I tried to start it an he answered my question because I wanted to know why my lawn mower was Fiji g that an he said it could me the ignition an he was right I put my old on back on an it started right up with no problem at all thank you he kept money in my pocket 

fibreflex1: Great video!  Easy to follow and no wasted explanations.  Thanks Josh!

mark marcelis: that kid was good

jamarious gwyn: How do u put a ignition on

MrBlindmans: Silenoid?freaking silenoid?Wtf is that?

Robert Landrum: 2:30 to skip the blah blah blah

Anthony Banks: Thanks John..... Yeah "Phiberoptics" I have a Poulan now that I'm about to check.. When I turn the key it will halfway spin but then stops and refuses to turn over....

Dave: Question...

I am diagnosing this problem with my Craftsman GT rider. I am getting no voltage either connected to the small wire or connected to the second solenoid pole.

You say that the ignition should be in the "on" position. Do you mean just turned to the "on" position or should the key be turned all the way to the engine "crank" position and hels there?

Thank for a great vid.

Kenneth P: I have a Snapper RER RE130 that I've had no-crank issues since I bought it new summer of 2013. Most of time I do not any crank when I turn the key. I have to hold the key in the start position for about 15-20 seconds before it starts to crank. That battery has a full charge, all safety switches appear to be engaged. I sit motionless with the key engaged waiting for a crank.
I've even changed the key switch once and the solenoid twice, but get the same scenario every time I use the mower. BTW, the mower is still under the 3 year warranty, but since I don't have a trailer it would cost me $80 for the nearest Snapper service center to pickup/drop off the mower, but now think it's my only solution?

pearson28: Great video. Diagnosed my solenoid, got the new part at Sears and was back in business cutting grass the next day. You rock!
How to test a lawn mower solenoid 5 out of 5

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How to test a lawn mower solenoid