How To Enable Stereo Mix On Windows 7/8/vista

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AButt3rKnif3: Holy crap, slowest downloads in the freaking world.

SovereignOfNight: just did this over and over again, like 7 times, and it still wont show up, i have windows 8, the 32 bit said it didnt support my driver, so i went for the 64 bit, and still nothing

BrciGamingChannel: I click show devices, but i dont have stereo mix

SekolbyDoesPvP: my left ear is so lonely

Jean-charles Matthey: Not working .... When I instal nothing change

T Requiem: i downloaded it and it didnt work


Evan Miklin: Thank you

Moxicity: Thank you.

BikePvP: my left ear.... i thought it was broken somehow XD

Nguyễn Hải: Good, thanks! :x

Kalina Hitana: This did absolutely freak all

Daft Studios: this didnt work for my windows 8 it still doesent show 4 me :(

Nabile Putri: But how if i dont have a mic?

Joseph V: now i can play bioshock on pc!!!!! yay!!!

ctoxiic: didn't work refund pls

EMHMark krycek: It worked for me perfectly. TY!!!

brent baldwin: on a dell use rec playback

ranjan arshad: thanks men.!!.

ob103ninja: Well I already knew that it was a driver thing, but thanks! Hey you down there, AButt3rknif3, clean your mouth and get over it.

TheAGKGenerations 2000: This FTP server requires login credentials 

Pupswolke1: Thank you so much!

SonicDXNero: Yes! thank you! it works :p Btw, if someone did this and it still doesnt work, you need to pre-set the mic before going in to a call, to change simply get out and go back in :) it's anoying but it works.

Ade Xtraordinaire: The real scandal is "Why is Stereo Mix disabled by default?" As always due to "commercial greed". I'm so sorry, I mean "commercial gain". Sorry my mistake, I mean "everyone's safety"

Maxfield DPT: Thank you :3

2pacblud: your dumb this is a good videa alex park dumbass

Ben Barnett: SmartMusic!

KyrKGameR: XD

Cly Mor: And this a like and favorite for you, thanks a lot.

LiveYOURlife2bEternl: makes a video about stereo mix, can't mix the stereo proper. i see what you did there :D

Talscar1: I knew about stereo mix but i lost it and never could get it again. That is cause of a new hard drive as the other one was almost full and my mum bought me WAY TOO MANY CHEAP MASSIVE GB GAMES and my hard drive filled up so she bought me a 1.5 TB Hard drive. He games installed added up to around 400 GB which was WAY MORE usage then i was using. So yeah... My other hard drive is 500 GB so i couldn't do nothing anymore.

kamikhadze: Dont install driver that arent meant for ur sound card this video is ONLY instaling drivers for a Realtek sound card

mixedgamer123: This is why I own both laptops AND computers... I test on everything and report as needed

dittocopys: how do you find out if you have rtm?


musichologist: I got windows 8 Just downloaded the new drivers from the realtek website. And hopefuly they wont messup my OS.. Should be fine , since it claims to support windows 8 now. Thanks

obazas: it worked thank u man

MESSAROUND: That might have been why he went on the freaking video

Jeeble: Is that also why your name is mixed gamer?

Shamus DMith: Im on win7 and when i hit show disabled it still isnt on there!

Luciano Rocha: Thanks, brother!

Austen Poole: I enabled stereo mix and it gives an annoying echo sound

misspicmovie: this method for windows 7 doesn't work for me... ): help..?

thespiderman1032: thank you my friend you are a life saver

obazas: it worked thank u man

armeen zeimaran: sorry bro

PS3TrickShoot: dont know what to do...

3DSnaps: :'(

apafia97: Hi, i tried to do it, and it didin't work for me, but also shot down m microphone, what should i do to reset everything? (i mean i want my microphone to work, and i don't want the stereomix) please help me.

OnAnAxle: RTM is for tablets and laptops, dude. If you're using them for desktop, you need to get a different version.
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How to enable stereo mix on windows 7/8/vista